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Successful Blogging Tips: Befriend Pro Bloggers



Pro bloggers teach successful blogging tips.

Pro bloggers cut your learning curve by years.

Established, pro bloggers offer you courses to cut your learning curve by years.

Pro bloggers move you up in blogging circles, as high as I was in the featured image, 2 miles above sea level in Cusco, Peru.

Successful Blogging Tips

Top bloggers:

  • teach you
  • inspire you
  • uplift you
  • influence you to move your attention toward success

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your attention and energy to success to see success expand in your life. Increased blog traffic and blogging profits follow because you energetically become the person who helps people from a generous energy. Pros teach you to do that. Pros also keep you focused on successful blogging tips versus anything else.

See the Wins

Successful bloggers focus on wins, or, successes. Learning from their example goads you to list your recent blogging wins which allows your wins to expand.

Examples of Blogging Wins

  • buying your domain and hosting
  • writing and publishing your first blog post
  • writing and self-publishing your first eBook
  • making $1 online
  • making $100,000 online
  • making $1,000,000 online
  • getting your first blog visitor
  • getting your 44,000th blog visitor monthly as I achieved a while back

Count every positive as a win. You feel awesome. You feel success. You move into chill, peaceful, fun actions of creating and connecting that promote greater success.

Living in Costa Rica for months was a win for me, as you see below. Include your offline wins too, guys.

Re-read the past few paragraphs. Who would offer such advice but a successful, professional blogger? If you do not appear to be succeeding you dismiss all your wins, all of your success. Pros know you need focus on your wins and successes to see both expand in your life.

Pros wake you up to the brilliance in you. Yes….you. Since pro bloggers do such a fine job firing up bloggers and helping bloggers see themselves as successful bloggers, pros receive platforms for speaking to huge groups of people, showing you that you, too, can succeed.

Writing for Millions of Readers

I write for Positively Positive. Mark Cuban – the Shark Tank Guy and billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks – writes for Positively Positive too, and its million member community. So you see this island hopping, pro blogging Ryan Biddulph, the Blogging From Paradise guy, who writes for Positively Positive alongside fellow inspired people, then you see Ryan Biddulph telling you that you, too, are a success and will see greater success. Doesn’t that feel amazing? Doesn’t that feel inspired? All success flows from within – as we discussed yesterday – but it helps to have successful, loving, inspired people see success in you, too.

We also discussed that it pays to see blogging success. Literally. So you see your wins, from earning your first dollar online to earning $30,000 per month. You feel good. So you seek out good-feeling bloggers; pro bloggers who blog from the heart. You befriend these pros by helping you out. These pro bloggers open all types of doors for you that you never see until you befriend pro bloggers. Pro bloggers bleed success out of their pores, teaching you, inviting you into exclusive tribes, offering you premium courses that accelerate your online success.

Invest in Success

You have experienced great success online as a full time blogger. You befriend me, buy my blogging audio course, and after listening to fundamental #10 – Clear the Inner World with Daily Practical Techniques – you uncovered and release mental blocks to greater blogging traffic and profits. You had been working harder because all of these bloggers with little success told you to work hard. None of these people had the prosperity consciousness, the clarity and the success focus to share practical techniques for finding and clearing mental blocks to wealth.

Blogging genuinely gets easier and easier if you focus on success and surround yourself only with successful people because these people show you how to succeed and move you into inspired action. These folks teach you that all success flows from within. You are the key. You are the breakthrough. Your job is to feast on their success. Gobble up their inspiration.

Here I am during one of my 6 trips to exotic Bali.

successful blogging tips

Doesn’t that photo just feel inspiring?

Imagine living there for a month, like I did, in a villa sitting in the rice fields?

Look at the flowers. Brilliantly colored. Peaceful setting too. Nobody lived within 5 minutes. Just me and nature.

Either you bought my audio course immediately or after seeing this image and feeling my inspiration, you said to yourself, “I gotta buy that course to live that life,” and you make the purchase.  Then, after listening to the course, and studying the 11 fundamentals, whether you make $1 a month or $10,000 a month, you feel inspired, move into action and see even greater success because all successful blogging is focusing on success while re-visiting simple fundamentals.

Sure you may feel a little uncomfortable or afraid to move forward but you just see the success through the fear and follow the example of pro bloggers. Success is yours.

How to Befriend Pro Bloggers

Help them. Comment on their blogs. Share their content. Incredibly easy thing to do, when you focus on your success and helping your readers succeed. Being positive and helping people is our natural state.

Give Your Attention to Success

Tell me your wins. Tell me your successes. Share your dreams with me.

Here I am sharing my dream in brilliant New Zealand.

If you appear to be struggling just see through the struggle to your success. Do not make a big fight of it. No drama. Feel some discomfort if fears arise and shift to see your success, your blessings, your wins.

Top bloggers reading this post and wanting to take their game to the next level of success; learn from fun-loving, free bloggers. Learn from me. Million dollar bloggers email me, asking how I do it, how I circle the globe and succeed. I am as free as a bird.  Learn from me. Buy my course. Listen to me. Get on my radar screen. I am happy to promote success if you reach out, shout me out and grab my attention.

Keep it chill, generous, fun and positive.

Promote your blogging success.


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How Can You Write Content Like a Pro?



Write your butt off. This is the way to write content for your blog like a pro. No simpler or more direct way exists for writing content like a professional blogger because writing practice is the way to writing like a pro. Of course, most bloggers only write when publishing posts so get little practice and write like amateur bloggers.

I wrote and continue to write millions of words between my blog posts, guest posts, e-books and in the past, through my blogging writing practice. Open up a Word document. Write. Write 500 to 1000 words daily. Close the document. Trash the document. Simply writing regularly makes you write like a pro because your confidence and clarity mushrooms quickly with writing practice. Do not be like bloggers who only write for publishing posts. This crowd gets little practice and never becomes pro bloggers because they do not practice their prime skill, writing, enough. Imagine if LeBron James only shot baskets and dribbled during official games? He never would have made the NBA. He practiced for tens of thousands of hours in private, with nobody looking, in a gym by himself, to become the top pro basketball player who shines in a public, pro setting.

Practice in private. Shine in public. That is the way it goes with any skill in life. Writing like a pro blogger also requires you to carefully observe professional bloggers for their pro writing cues. Do you notice how these folks seem to write in crisp, clear fashion? Emulate these professionals by following their lead and you too will give off a more professional, serious, clear energy. Start with reading posters on this blog. Every blogger is a professional or on their way to being a professional blogger. Study how these pros and aspiring pro use formatting and other tools to allow their blog posts to flow freely. Exposing yourself to professional bloggers simply gives you an example to emulate. Plus, following professional advice allows you to be yourself, giving you permission to write in your one of a kind voice on your way to being a pro blogger.

In my eBook:

How to Find Your Writing Voice

I give you permission to be a brilliant writer by simply writing how YOU write. This writer is unlike any writer who ever lived because we all have unique stories and styles to share with the world. The tone of this eBook is one reason why it spent a spell being the top-rated eBook for its category on all of Amazon. Writing like a pro is mainly a practice thing leading to a confidence thing.The more you practice writing, the more confident you become writing-wise. This process is quite simple but at times, highly uncomfortable to put into action. Keep writing. Keep churning out helpful content.

My neck feels incredibly stiff now but I know it is writing time so I write and will take a nice little break after getting the job done. Write, write and write some more. Gain the confidence and clarity to know you are writing like a pro blogger, even well before you become a pro through your blogging efforts.

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Can You Make Tons of Money Blogging?




Just spend the next 10 to 15 years of your life everyday generously helping people and building bonds with both your readers and fellow successful bloggers. If you are prepared to do that then you will make tons of money blogging. I just do not know what amount of money you mean by tons of money. Do you mean hundreds of thousands of dollars? Do you mean millions of dollars? Do you mean tens of millions of dollars?

Only you know the specific answer to that question but independent of the amount, anything ranging from tens of thousands to millions of dollars requires thousands upon thousands of hours of generous service before oodles of money flow to you. Think 10000 to 20000 to 30000 hours of creating content, building friendships by generously helping top bloggers, and opening multiple streams of income before you begin seeing large sums of money flow to you freely, easily and frequently. Most bloggers who ask this question do so from an energy of scarcity and poverty. Most bloggers only want to make huge sums of money because they have $0 now or $15 now and they have hundreds to thousands of dollars of bills piling up. 99.9% of the time, these bloggers dive into blogging being dominated by fear so they act from a scared energy and do stupid stuff that guarantees their online failure. Forget making millions of dollars. This crowd makes $0 or maybe a few cents or ten bucks doing really unintelligent things because people terrified of losing all of their money do stupid things that lead to failure. Being desperate leads to being a dingbat.

People who blog from an abundant, loving, confident and trusting energy generously create content and build connections over years of their lives, spending 10000 to 20000 hours or more doing these things until huge sums of money flow to them. I have seen a handful of 7-figure earners explain how they blogged for 15 years before the huge sums of money, like $30,000 in a day, flew to them freely. Massive wealth takes time to accumulate because the amount of creating and connecting you need to do to accumulate massive wealth requires tens of thousands of hours of helping people to increase both your skills and exposure to the point of making millions and millions of dollars. This basic law of wealth rings true for all entrepreneurs. Jeff Bezos is worth 180 billion dollars now as the owner and founder of but he made very little when working out of his garage on a cafeteria table. He could not make tons of money through his venture until he generously created, connected, scaled and put in an amazing number of hours to build up his iconic empire.

Do not be intimidated by the amount of work, time and energy you will need to put into blogging to earn a significant income. Why would you care if you plan to be here anyway 5, 10 and 15 years down the road? Do you want to waste your life working for somebody else just to get a paycheck or would you rather work for yourself, make a firm impression on humanity, serve a large amount of people and earn a significant amount of money? Think it through before you get intimidated by the amount of generous effort and time you will put into blogging to build something special.

Remember that blogging gives you what you give to blogging. Blogging always serves as the perfect mirror for the attention, energy, effort and time investment you put into this amazing medium.


Do you feel confused about how to grow a loyal community?

Buy my eBook:

6 Tips to Grow a Rabidly Loyal Blog Community

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What Is Your Blog Post Publishing Frequency and Why?



From time to time, assess how frequently you publish blog posts. Ask yourself why? Sit. Wait for an honest answer.

I publish 4-5 blog posts daily. Sometimes I publish 6 posts. Why? I share oodles of helpful videos, podcasts and articles but on a deeper level, I intend to get my 124 eBooks in a billion hands or more. Yes; I wrote and self-published 124 bite-sized eBooks. Publishing 6 posts daily allows me to promote 6 different eBooks daily on my blog. I also publish 3 or more guest posts daily to share value and promote my eBooks in more spots. Note; that is 3 or more eBook promotions, in addition to all of my eBooks I promote on social media.

Promoting 124 eBooks daily is no joke. I needed to raise my vibe, practice writing and video and podcasting and get clear on upping my post frequency to drive traffic and business through an approach. I see my blog more as a high volume, blogging news portal, like CNN or Fox News, and less a blog for publishing weekly and leaving it at that. Hey; that is just me, though.

You may be different because all bloggers hold different intents and vibe at different frequencies. Imagine blogging once monthly. Today, you set an intent to publish 5 posts daily between videos, articles and podcasts. Seems foolish, right? Few humans make this quantum leap without putting in years of writing practice and also giving substantial attention and energy to energy management, or, mindset work. Never raise your blog post frequency from energies of fear and delusion; burnout and failure await.

But do bump up frequency if it feels fun, relaxing, prospering and generous to publish more frequently.

On the flip side, pull back on blog post frequency if your current schedule feels heavy, tiring, exhausting and overwhelming.

Only you know how frequently you post and why you post at that clip. You know the honest answer. Be straight with yourself.

Optimal Blog Post Frequency

None exists.

Follow your fun and relaxation.

What feels really good and fun and relaxing, but maybe a bit uncomfortable, to you? Run with it. Daily? Awesome. Weekly? Cool. Twice daily? Great. One post, one day, and 3 posts, the following day? Why not? If readers enjoy your content they read your content, keeping up with what they can keep up with. Trust your gut.

I advise publishing at least weekly in most cases unless you publish a long form post monthly ranking well on Google, genuinely knocking folk’s socks off. Why? People forget you as you vanish from the stream for a month at a time. Blogs are news portals for your niche. News should not be published monthly. Weekly at a minimum works fine for news updates.

Making Money and Frequency

In my eBook:

How to Find Buyers Online

I break down how you find buyers for your business online.

Pondering post frequency, money flows to frequent posters and less frequent posters. Everything money-wise depends on your clarity with receiving money and following your frequency strategy because your energy dictates your income. Feel good, and at peace, and relaxed, about your blog post frequency. Success will find you based on your money energy and life energy, independent of your blog post frequency.

Do the inner work and the outer results expand freely and easily over time.

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