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Superb Hosting Review: A Wide Range of Hosting Plans

Superb is one of the few hosting companies that still offer a wide range of hosting services to its customers. Aside from the shared hosting plans, this Superb hosting review also offers anything from a dedicated server to reseller hosting. In this Superb hosting review, however, we are going to focus more on the shared hosting plans from this tremendous hosting service provider.
Superb Web Hosting Plans
Superb offers its shared hosting plans as Grid, with three major plans to choose from. The most basic shared hosting plan is known as GridLITE. It includes 20 GB of storage space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, 1,000 email addresses and more than 30 scripts that can be installed with a single click. If you are fairly new to managing a website or you are starting your first one, this is a good plan to consider.
Upgrade to the GridPRO shared hosting service package and you will be able to enjoy 200GB of shared hosting space and 2,000 email addresses. The upgrade is also worth considering since you get SSH access, support for cron jobs, 25 MySQL databases (instead of just 5 included in the GridLITE service plan) and many other features.
The top-of-the-line service plan is called GridMAX. Instead of a limited storage space, you can now enjoy unlimited data storage and unlimited monthly data transfer. The hosting plan also supports unlimited MySQL databases to fulfill the need of even the most extensive website. If pure flexibility is what you need, GridMAX is the most suitable Superb shared hosting plan to opt for. You can also host as many domain names as you like with this particular hosting plan.
Superb Pricing and Offers
Superb is pricing its hosting plans based on the billing cycle you are choosing. Paying on a monthly basis will generally make the shared hosting plan of your choice more expensive when making a long-term commitment of 1 year or more. The GridLITE, for example, costs $8.99 a month if you choose to pay on a monthly basis; opt for the standard 1-year payment term and the service cost is reduced all the way to $5.99 a month. Other plans are offered with the same pricing structure.
The GridMAX is priced at $18.99 a month or $15.99 if you opt for the annual billing cycle. Superb also allows customers to choose a 2-year contract and offers an average of $1 in additional discount – per month – when they do. Free domain name is given to those who use the 1-year or 2-year billing cycle; interestingly, you get the free domain name for the duration of your contract, so going for the 2-year hosting plan means you also get the free domain name for 2 years.
Use the correct coupon code and it will also be possible to claim free 6 months of hosting when signing up for an account. The additional months are added to the end of your billing cycle; you can use the shared hosting services for additional 6 months after the current contract expires without having to make a payment or extend the account.
Advantages and Disadvantages
Superb, as the name of the company suggests, is working hard to provide superb hosting services. The company is offering a 100% guaranteed uptime and a very strict Service Level Agreement to support it. You can expect your website to be fully operational at all times when you choose to use one of the shared hosting service packages we discussed earlier.

On the other hand, Superb review hosting services are not exactly affordable. For as little as $4.67 a month, you can get a shared hosting account with the same (if not better) features as the GridMAX from FatCow. You can actually save more than $10 a month on hosting services alone; it is clear that FatCow is the better option if affordability is your primary concern, especially with other special offers and additional discounts also available.
Bonuses and special offers from Superb could also be better. The 6 months extra added to the end of the first contract is indeed attractive, but it is not as good as what other hosting companies are offering. FatCow, for example, is offering $100 in Google AdWords credit; the voucher can be used as soon as the sign up process is completed and you can attract more visitors to your website instantly. You will also get $25 Yahoo! Search credit and an additional $50 Facebook Advertising credit to jumpstart your internet marketing campaign.
Whether the shared hosting plans from Superb is suitable according to your needs and personal preferences is yours to decide. However, after completing this Superb review we are honestly leaning towards FatCow with its better pricing structure, straightforward approach, extra bonuses and more features to enjoy. Be sure to compare the two options extensively before making any purchase decision.
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Cheap VPS Hosting Using Superb Hosting Discounts
Superb is offering a wide range of hosting services, including VPS hosting for those who need the flexibility of dedicated servers without the extra charge. VPS hosting plans from Superb are not only affordable thanks to Superb discounts but also very valuable due to the long list of features. To help you choose the best VPS hosting to use, we are going to review some of the best plans from Superb and the equivalent plan from HostGator as a comparison.
Superb VPS Standard Hosting
The most popular VPS hosting from Superb is known as VPS Standard; it is rated as the most valuable option, offering a nice balance between features, server capabilities and affordable price. You can start using the VPS Standard service package for as little as $55 a month (with a normal price of $70), making it one of the most affordable options on the market.
Superb uses CPU units and weight to determine the processing power included with every plan. 1 CPU unit equals to 1 MHz on an Intel E5405 core, and the VPS Standard plan includes 49,000 CPU units. You also get 1,5 GB of RAM burstable to a whopping 3 GB when needed. 90 GB of storage space, 2 TB of monthly bandwidth and 2 dedicated IP addresses are also included as part of the plan.
You get a wide range of operating systems to choose from as well. Unless you choose to use Windows Server 2003, these operating systems (including Windows Server 2008) are available at no extra charge. A wide selection of frameworks and database software are also offered as part of the VPS Standard plan for maximum flexibility.
Whether you are hosting a series of websites or a resource-intensive application, the VPS Standard service package may just be the cost-efficient solution you are looking for. The discounts added to those who choose yearly contracts are indeed very tempting plus you can chose between East Coast and West Coast data centers for maximum performance.
Superb VPS Ultimate
Aside from VPS Standard, Superb also offers VPS Ultimate as the top VPS hosting service package you can use. The service package includes a staggering total of 720 GB in storage space along with 10 TB of monthly bandwidth. If you need to store a lot of important files safely, this may just be the suitable VPS plan to use. You also get 12 GB of guaranteed RAM as well as 380,000 CPU units running on 8 cores.
The plan costs $475 a month if you choose to pay on an annual basis. The normal monthly price before Superb discounts is $545, so the special offer is indeed worth pursuing. You can also enter Superb coupons to claim additional discounts or benefit from bonuses and other special offers.
Although the VPS service plans from Superb are valuable, there are issues with its pricing structure. The way processor usage is defined in units and weight might make it difficult to determine just how much processing power we get with the VPS service plan. Features such as Parallels Plesk and cPanel come with additional charges to cope with as well; to get cPanel and Fantastico installed, for example, you need to pay an additional $14 a month.
Superb Compared to HostGator
The easiest way to determine if a VPS hosting plan is valuable is by comparing it with other options available on the market; this is something you need to do before making any commitment, especially if you want to sign up for 1 year of VPS hosting to claim the maximum amount of discount. For this Superb review, we decided to compare Superb VPS hosting with VPS hosting plans from HostGator.
For the same $55 a month service charge, you can get a HostGator VPS hosting with 1.98 GHz of CPU power, 1.344 MB of guaranteed RAM, 59 GB of disk space and a little over 1 TB in monthly data transfer limit. On the plus side, you don’t have to commit to a full year just to be able to enjoy these features; HostGator specifically offers the company’s VPS hosting plans on a monthly billing cycle for maximum convenience.
In terms of reliability, HostGator is still the more reliable option. It has years of experience in managing VPS to dedicated servers for large clients and HostGator’s customer support is much more responsive. You will be surprised by just how many other special offers and coupons you can benefit from as well; as one of the leading hosting companies, HostGator regularly makes special offers available to new and existing customers alike.
All you have to do now is compare these options of managed VPS hosting and pick one that suits your needs and purchase budget best. You will be able to enjoy valuable VPS hosting services without a problem.
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Use Superb Hosting Coupons to Make Your Shared Hosting Affordable
More web hosting companies are competing for new customers today, which is why there is an endless supply of deals and special offers; Superb coupons are offering you a chance to reduce the cost of shared hosting services from this company and make them even more affordable. You can find exclusive deals and valid Superb coupons easily before signing up for an account; by entering the correct coupon code, you will get up to 25% in additional discounts. Before you decide to claim one of the available Superb coupons, however, let’s take a look at the shared hosting plans this company is offering.
Superb Shared Hosting Service Packages
The shared hosting plans from Superb allows you to choose from three different packages: the GridLITE, GridPRO and GridMAX. These three plans are specifically tailored to meet the needs of every customer perfectly; all you need to do is choose a suitable service plan to use.
The GridLITE is the most basic shared hosting plan from Superb. Thanks to the Superb price reduction, you can now use GridLITE shared hosting for just $5.99 a month with a 1-year contract. You get 20 GB of storage space and unlimited monthly traffic by opting for this particular service plan, along with the ability to host up to 11 different domain names, an integrated domain manager and advanced web statistics. These features can be accessed easily through the control panel interface; you also have access to a number of web scripts and applications that can be installed with just a single click.
GridPRO is more spacious in terms of disk space; instead of just 20 GB, you get a whopping 200 GB of storage space. The plan also comes with support for up to 50 domain names. Hosting a larger group of websites is much easier to do with the GridPRO. Since the plan can be used for as little as $7.99 a month using valid Superb coupons, you can start making your websites accessible without having to spend a lot of money on shared hosting or setup costs.
The best plan from Superb hosting is known as the GridMAX. If you choose to use this shared hosting plan, you don’t need to worry about running out of disk space or reaching the maximum limit of allowed domain names; both elements are set to be unlimited as part of the GridMAX service package. You also get a free dedicated IP address to use along with other extra features.
Superb GridMAX and Unlimited Hosting
The GridMAX shared hosting plan is available for $15.99 after discounts and special offers. Although there are a lot of features to enjoy from this particular service package, the cost of getting them is essentially not cheap. Compared to the leading unlimited hosting solution provider, FatCow, GridMAX from Superb is relatively expensive.
For the same unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth, support for unlimited domain names and tons of other features, you only need to spend $4.67 a month if you choose to use FatCow’s unlimited shared hosting service. That’s a difference of more than $10 a month or a staggering $120 a year.
Reliability and good customer support are two other factors that must be considered when choosing a shared hosting plan.While Superb is known for being fairly reliable, FatCow uses clusters of green-powered servers and offers 24/7 phone and online support to all its customers.
Bonuses are also yours to claim. You can get an additional $100 in Google AdWords credit and a free listing when you choose to use FatCow shared hosting. $50 in Facebook Advertising credit and a bonus $25 Yahoo! Search credit is also included as part of the special offers.
Shared hosting is meant to be affordable even when you have a fairly limited budget for starting your website. In this case, FatCow is the better option for those who need unlimited hosting but don’t want to spend the extra money to get a suitable and highly reliable plan.
Making a Purchase Decision
You have complete freedom to choose whichever shared hosting plan you like the most. One of the Grid plans from Superb may suit you best; be sure to use the best Superb coupons and take advantage of all available special offers if you choose to use one of these shared hosting options so that you can lower the service cost of a more affordable level.
For true reliability and affordability, however, FatCow is the better option. You still get unlimited disk space and monthly data transfer but you only need to spend less than $5 a month to pay for the hosting services. Additional bonuses – including $100 in Google AdWords credit – will also make FatCow unlimited hosting even more valuable. Compare alternatives of shared hosting you can find as well and settle for nothing but the best. So what do you think of this newest superb hosting review? Tell us, we want to know.

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