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Best Online Survey Tools for Gathering Feedback

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Gathering feedback is crucial to any business because it helps to understand the pain points of employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

A popular way to gather feedback is the use of online surveys.

These surveys can be designed and distributed easily, and you can collect a large number of responses quickly.

However, with the availability of various online survey tools, it may become difficult to choose one.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the leading online survey tools for conducting market research, collating customer feedback, and more.

The Best Online Survey Tools (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Sogolytics – Best Overall
  2. SurveyMonkey – Runner-Up
  3. Typeform – Best for Conversational Surveys
  4. Qualtrics – Best AI-Powered Survey Tool
  5. Qualaroo – Best for Serious Marketers
  6. Zoho Survey – Best for Beginners
  7. Google Forms – Best Free Survey Tool
  8. Jotform – Best for Survey Template

The Best Online Survey Tools for Gathering Feedback in 2023

Whether you want feedback on employee satisfaction or your company’s products or services, using the right survey tool can make a significant difference.

Here’s our list of the best online survey tools to ensure overall customer and employee satisfaction.

1. Sogolytics – Best Overall

screenshot of the sogolyttics homepage

Sogolytics, previously known as SoGoSurvey, is an online survey tool and experience management platform for businesses and large organizations.

The tool offers over 20 question types and media features for customizing complex surveys.

You can choose to start from scratch or use one of Sogo’s pre-designed templates.

With advanced features like piping, branching, and question display logic, you can create professional-looking online surveys.

Sogolytics allows you to distribute surveys through various channels, such as social media, email, QR code, and website while tracking responses from a single dashboard.

Besides tracking who responded to your survey, you can also see the details of people who opened your email, partially participated, or didn’t respond at all.

Also, you can assign a key to prevent one participant from answering your survey multiple times. This ensures the accuracy of your data.

With Sogo’s contact manager, you don’t have to worry about creating a new contact list each time you want to send online surveys.

The feature stores your list for future purposes and tracks the response rates for grading the quality of your contacts.

This way, you’ll know the right set of people to contact for each type of campaign.

Additionally, Sogolytics allows you to embed net promoter score or smiley rating in your email invitations to boost response rates.

The scheduling features of this survey tool help you save time as you can create multiple surveys and schedule them to launch at a particular date and time.

Also, the platform can send reminders to people who haven’t responded after a certain number of days.

Surveys from Sogolytics are mobile-friendly, and participants can share the link with their friends to increase your brand’s reach. You can also set an expiry date for the survey link.

When it comes to data analysis, the survey tool utilizes standard statistical measures and presents reports in real-time using various customizable graphs and charts.

Experts will also find this tool handy as it offers advanced tools, such as comparison and conditional reporting, for in-depth data analysis and interpretation.

And if you have data from previous surveys, you can import them from Excel to Sogolytics for analysis.

You can also export survey data to HTML, CSV, Microsoft Word, and Excel, while reports can be exported as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel for presentation.

Sogolytics offers a free version for basic projects and 3 paid plans with a 10-day free trial:

  • The Plus Plan costs $25 per month
  • The Pro Plan costs $66 per month
  • The Premium Plan costs $99 per month

There’s an Enterprise Package for larger organizations, consisting of Salesforce integration, multiple-user access, closed-loop feedback, and more.

For this, you’ll have to contact the customer representative for a quote.


  • Simple and modern user interface
  • Highly compliant as it allows people to opt out of future surveys
  • Offers advanced analytics and reporting tools
  • Has time-saving features like templates and survey scheduling


  • The free version doesn’t support skip logic

Key Takeaway

Sogolytics offers more functionalities compared to other online survey tools on our list.

It’s ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with a sizable survey need.

You can start with the free version, but the paid version will give you access to more customizations.

2. SurveyMonkey – Runner-Up

screenshot of the surveymonkey homepage

SurveyMonkey is among the best online survey tools available.

It offers a rich library of templates with several use cases, including questionnaires, online polls, and mobile surveys.

And you can send targeted surveys using its market research solutions to employees or customers.

Whether you prefer multiple choices or star rating, the tool helps you choose the perfect question type for your online survey.

SurveyMonkey utilizes machine learning, artificial intelligence, and survey experts to identify errors in your online survey and recommend fixes.

It can also automate tasks, predict the performance of a survey, and recommend the best channels for sending surveys and collecting feedback.

Additionally, SurveyMonkey has an in-built reporting platform for analyzing survey responses.

It’s customizable and can be shared with team members.

You can also export data to an external analytics tool.

SurveyMonkey integrates with MailChimp, Google Drive, Zoom, Hubspot, and Microsoft Teams.

It also provides free survey tools for creating unlimited surveys, but these can only get you 40 responses per survey.

If you want to get rid of response limits, you can opt for the paid versions.

The Individual Advantage Plan starts at $34 per month for 15,000 responses per year.

The Team Advantage Plan starts at $25 per month per user for up to 50,000 responses per year.

For the Enterprise Plan, you’d have to contact the support team for the price.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Creates bias-free surveys
  • Offers a comprehensive list of questions
  • Team plans accommodate multiple users
  • Provides tools for analysis and reporting


  • Only the higher plans offer advanced logic and exporting reports as PDF, CSV, or XLS

Key Takeaway

SurveyMonkey has many advanced features to offer, but you’d have to purchase a plan to benefit from them.

Regardless, its free survey tools can serve a small business efficiently.

3. Typeform – Best for Conversational Surveys

screenshot of the typeform homepage

Typeform allows you to create informal surveys, forms, and polls.

It features a modern interface with an in-built media library that adds style to your surveys.

Typeform doesn’t require coding skills; you can either pick a template or create it from scratch.

You can also customize its survey templates to match your brand colors.

Typeform utilizes conditional logic to help you ask relevant follow-up questions immediately after you set up the first one.

The surveys can be embedded in a website, sent as an email, or shared as a link, depending on your target audience.

Additionally, Typeform provides an analytics dashboard so you can see not just responses but also the rate at which customers complete your online surveys.

You can also export data and send it to other tools for further analysis.

For a more streamlined process, the platform integrates with Google Sheets, Zapier, Slack, Airtable, Salesforce, and more.

Although you can start using Typeform for free, it has 3 paid versions: Basic, Plus, and Business.

The Basic Plan costs $25 monthly. It’s for a single user and enables the receipt of 100 responses per month.

The Plus Plan accommodates 3 users for $50 monthly, and you’ll receive 1,000 responses per month. It features everything in the Basic Plan, plus removing Typeform branding from your online surveys and a custom subdomain.

The Business Plan costs $83 per month for five users and 10,000 responses monthly. It offers everything in the Plus Plan, conversion tracking, drop-off rates, and access to live chat and priority support.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Offers survey templates for a quick start
  • Provides logic jumps for automated customization
  • Uses images to make questions appear more visually appealing
  • Integrates with several tools
  • Customer support via email, live calls, and resource guides


  • Question and response limits on the free version
  • The paid versions are expensive

Key Takeaway

Typeform is excellent if you want something different from the traditional method of creating surveys.

However, the online survey tool is expensive, and its customizations may be too much for simple online surveys.

4. Qualtrics – Best AI-Powered Survey Tool

screenshot of the qualtrics homepage

Qualtrics is a sophisticated online survey software for enterprises, enabling them to collect feedback on customer experiences, measure customer satisfaction, and obtain insights for making better business decisions.

The online survey tool has a drag-and-drop builder for creating surveys within minutes.

You’ll also find survey templates designed by professionals and over 100 question types to match your target audience.

And if you’re building your online surveys from scratch, the platform’s AI feature, ExpertReview, offers recommendations to improve the quality.

It eliminates questions that may appear biased, unprofessional, or result in legal issues.

With Qualtrics, you can engage your customers and collect feedback on different platforms, such as social media, SMS, messaging apps, email, offline apps, and more.

You can also convert your website, order form, appointment reminder, and mobile app into a survey distribution channel.

Qualtrics integrates with Salesforce, enabling you to import your contact list without hassle.

However, if you’re utilizing multiple channels to send online surveys, Qualtrics creates a link for each respondent so you can keep track of their responses.

Additionally, you can set up automated follow-up actions for people who haven’t answered your survey.

The online survey software has a powerful reporting tool with visuals that shows the best audiences to contact and channels to utilize.

The reports can be shared with team members automatically or exported to PDF, Word, or PowerPoint with a single click.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert analyst, Qualtrics analyzes feedback data and makes predictions based on the previous behavior and responses of the survey respondents.

As a result, you don’t have to spend time on SPSS or Excel trying to identify trends.

You can start using Qualitrics for free, but it has a response limit of 500 per survey and you can only have 3 active surveys per time.

However, if you want to conduct in-depth market research with access to advanced tools, you should go for the paid version.

You’d have to contact the company for pricing information, but you’ll get a 30-day free trial.


  • Offers a comprehensive tool for survey creation, distribution, and analysis
  • Provides multiple channels for sending surveys
  • Real-time response monitoring
  • Utilizes artificial intelligence for creating surveys, predicting behavior, and analyzing responses


  • Because of the complexity of the online survey tool, beginners may find it difficult to use

Key Takeaway

Qualtrics handles both simple surveys and complex market research projects.

It’s ideal for large organizations that want to engage customers via several channels and increase customer satisfaction without using many tools.

5. Qualaroo – Best for Serious Marketers

screenshot of the qualaroo homepage

Qualaroo is an online survey tool that captures customer feedback using nudges.

It integrates with your website or mobile app to get real-time feedback as customers scroll through your page, place an order, or leave without making a purchase.

There are other advanced targeting options that tell you who your customers are, where they’re from, when they visit, and the frequency of their visits.

These pieces of information will help you make informed business decisions.

Besides using Qualaroo nudges on your site, you can also use them on competitor sites.

They’re non-intrusive and will ensure you ask the right questions at the appropriate time.

And you don’t have to start from scratch; you can create an online survey with templates.

They’re highly customizable, allowing you to use your business logo, colors, and fonts.

Additionally, Qualaroo uses sentiment analysis to identify keywords and moods across customer responses.

It integrates with several tools like Zapier, Slack, MailChimp, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and HubSpot.

There’s no free version for this online survey tool, only 3 paid plans.

  • The Essentials Plan costs $69 per month
  • The Premium Plan costs $$149 per month
  • The Business Plan costs $299 per month, or more if you want extra features

Each plan offers multilingual surveys, data export options, branching and skip logic, email notifications, and reports.


  • Easy to use
  • Supports branded surveys
  • Uses question branching to ask the right questions to the right users
  • Gives instant insights on feedback data
  • Qualaroo’s code is asynchronous and won’t slow down your website or mobile app


  • Limited functionalities in the free trial
  • Quite expensive plans, making them unsuitable for small businesses

Key Takeaway

Qualaroo offers advanced survey tools for gathering and analyzing feedback.

It’s pricey and may not fit into your budget if you’re a small brand.

Although there’s no free plan, you can try its features for free for 15 days.

6. Zoho Survey – Best for Beginners

screenshot of the zoho survey homepage

Zoho Survey is an online survey tool for conducting simple market research and collecting customer feedback.

It even offers to help users find their target audience if their response rates have been low.

The survey tool utilizes a drag-and-drop builder to easily create online surveys within a few minutes. You can also invite your team to collaborate when completing the surveys.

Zoho Survey offers 250 templates, 25 question types, piping, and skip logic so you can ask questions like a pro.

You can also apply themes to surveys to match your brand’s colors.

And when it comes to sharing the surveys, Zoho Survey allows you to do so via email and social media. In addition, the surveys are automatically optimized to suit the respondents’ devices.

Additionally, Zoho Survey is available in over 30 languages, including Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

The survey tool offers visual reports, enabling you to see trends and derive business insights.

Zoho Survey integrates with Google Sheets so that you can transfer data for in-depth analysis. Other integrations include Slack, Tableau, MailChimp, Eventbrite, and Shopify.

The company offers free survey tools, including access to unlimited surveys.

However, subscribe to one of its paid plans to access premium features such as spam protection, export data to SPSS, and priority support.

  • The Plus Plan costs €35 per month
  • The Pro Plan costs €49 per month
  • The Enterprise Plan costs €109 per month


  • The user interface is simple and easy to navigate
  • Offers multilingual surveys
  • It integrates with Zoho CRM tools and Webhooks for connecting third-party apps
  • Optimizes surveys for mobile devices


  • The free version offers 100 responses per survey, which may be insufficient
  • The user interface needs to be upgraded to match its modern counterparts

Key Takeaway

Zoro Survey’s tools are basic, which makes them ideal for beginners.

They’re also great for small businesses that want short surveys for their customers.

7. Google Forms – Best Free Survey Tool

screenshot of the google forms homepage

Google Forms is a completely free online survey tool for individuals and corporate organizations.

It offers unlimited surveys and responses with collaboration features that allow team members to create and edit multiple surveys simultaneously.

Also, you can customize an online survey using your business logo, themes, and images, a feature you can only access from paid online survey tools.

To get started quickly, Google Forms provides multiple survey templates and various question types, such as multiple choice, checkboxes, and dropdowns.

It also provides skip logic so respondents won’t have to go through all the questions on the list depending on their responses.

You can embed the form on your website or share it via email and social media.

Google Forms will notify you via email when someone responds to your survey.

Also, you can easily export responses to Google Sheets for analysis.

Other data analysis tools you’ll find are automated summaries, graphs, and charts.

Google Forms are mobile-friendly, allowing your online survey participants to access them from several devices.

They’re also secure, so you don’t have to worry about data protection.


  • Simple user interface
  • Offers collaboration tool
  • Survey questions are secure and saved in the cloud
  • Offers real-time data analysis
  • Exports directly to sheets for in-depth analysis


  • Doesn’t offer integration with third-party tools

Key Takeaway

Google Forms is an easy-to-use online survey tool.

It’s free and offers basic reporting and advanced analytics features that you can only find in paid survey tools.

If you already own a Google account, you can sync collected data with other tools in Google Workspace.

8. Jotform – Best for Survey Template

screenshot of the jotform homepage

Jotform is one of the popular online survey tools, offering over 10,000 free templates for several industries and professions.

With its advanced form features, you can create offline or conversational surveys with multilingual support.

It also offers conditional logic, answer piping, and skip logic to make your surveys appear more intelligent.

There are other options for pre-populating forms, displaying a Thank You page after a respondent has completed the survey, and collecting images from users.

Jotform integrates with CRM tools like Zendesk and Salesforce to automatically import your contact list so you don’t have to spend time entering contacts manually.

You can share surveys on social media using QR codes or embed them on your website.

Also, your surveys can be accessed on any device, whether it’s a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

The platform can send reminders to people who have received your survey but haven’t taken action.

When it comes to data analysis, Jotform integrates with Google Analytics and Tag Manager to provide valuable insights.

You can also analyze traffic data on your survey and on-site behavior to improve response rates.

Jotform’s report builder transforms boring data into appealing visuals using charts that you can export as Excel or CSV.

You can also customize the layout and share the report with colleagues and stakeholders.

Jotform offers free online survey features, but you’re limited to 100 monthly responses.

However, there are 3 paid plans that you can consider, including an enterprise plan for larger teams:

  • The Bronze Plan costs $39 per month for 1,000 responses
  • The Silver Plan costs $49 per month for 2,500 responses
  • The Gold Plan costs $129 per month for 10,000 responses


  • Integrates with popular third-party tools for seamless workflow
  • Offers the largest number of templates for building surveys
  • Allows users to upload images when answering surveys
  • Allows you to create basic and complex surveys
  • Offers multilingual surveys


  • The number of templates may overwhelm new users
  • The storage space may become insufficient if your survey requires image collection

Key Takeaway

Jotform is one of the best online survey tools that you can rely on.

It has powerful data gathering and analytics tools with integrations for information management, perfect for conducting surveys.

In Conclusion

A survey creation tool provides several features for conducting market research and customer feedback surveys.

From simple surveys to complex, these online survey tools can help you create the most presentable surveys to send to your customers and other stakeholders.

Most platforms offer a free version and paid plans. However, if you want to get unlimited survey questions and unlimited responses for free, Google Forms wins hands down.

If you want a tool that offers basic and a few advanced features for free, you should check out Sogolytics.

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