Take Control of Automated Twitter Spam with TrueTwitHave you noticed the amount of spam on Twitter lately? It seems to increase everyday and is really getting out of control. If you want to save yourself the trouble of having to self-analyze every Twitter user, then you should give TrueTwit a try. It’s a validation service for Twitter that separates the humans from the robots. It saves you time and trouble by helping you weed out automated Twitter spammers.

When you sign up for free, all of your new followers will receive a DM asking them to validate themselves. If you want to send your existing followers a validation DM you’ll have to do that manually after signing up. TrueTwit uses Twitter OAuth, so there’s no need to give out your password. They suggest that you go to your Twitter settings and uncheck the “email when someone starts following me” box, so that you only receive notifications from TrueTwit.

Once you sign up and sync TrueTwit with your Twitter account, you can now login and start managing your current followers. Here you can view and manage validation request and replies. You’ll be able to see how many validation request were sent on the current day and how many followers were verified. All of your followers will be listed and you’ll see 4 columns (pictured below) that will show you if that user is verified, if a message was sent to them, if you’re following them and if they’re blocked.

Manage your followers with TrueTwit.

As you can see, you can choose to manually send a validation DM to any follower you choose. Plus you can follow and block followers as well right from TrueTwit. There are also a few settings that you can enable/disable. One great things is that you can actually customize the text for the DM that is sent to each new follower. If you want to auto-follow those who validate and are verified, you can do that as well.

Customize your TrueTwit settings.

Even though TrueTwit can’t get rid of human spammers, it definitely does a great job of getting rid of robots and automated spammers. Now is a better time than any to go through your followers and weed out the junk. Have you used or do you plan on using TwueTwit to combat spam? I know I definitely plan on going through and sending validation DMs to those users without pictures.