If you want to retire to a life of travel through blogging or if you want to become a full time blogger from home you likely need to make a shift.

I thought about this shift earlier today at the manse in Doha, Qatar. My wife Kelli and I are house sitting here for the next month. A few weeks after this sit we have a 6 week sit in Thailand. 6 weeks after that sit we have a 2 month sit in Penang, Malaysia.


We both earn active and passive income streams through our blogs. We can travel anywhere and earn that sweet blogging chedda.

But how was I able to earn a full time income through blogging, so I could circle the globe?

I understood that blogging teamwork makes the dream work.

More importantly, I shifted from solo employee to community building entrepreneur.

That shift makes the difference between successful and struggling bloggers.

TOM – The Old Me

The Old Me was an employee. Lone Wolf. Someone told me what to do. I did it. Got a paycheck weekly. I looked out for A1 because even though I was part of a company or business I still clung to the traditional employee’s mindset; do it on your own. Fly solo. Lone Wolf it.

Me cruising around Doha, Qatar today. Team work made the blogging dream work for me.

I spent years struggling like mad with my blog because I acted like an employee. I looked for someone to tell me to do something with my blog. I tried to fly solo. I flopped.

You cannot succeed with your blog by doing it on your own. No way can you live your dreams if you attempt to fly solo. Too much work. Too much resistance. Too much fear. Too much struggling.

The Shift

If you can understand that blogging teamwork makes the dream work you will:

  • promote other bloggers on social media
  • feature other bloggers on your blog
  • interview other bloggers
  • comment on other blogger’s blogs

because taking these actions build friendships. Building friendships makes the dream work.

All that blogging good will you put out there by helping others builds a team, or community, around you.

That community will take you to places you could never dream of.


I published this guest post today on Blogging Tips. I could have published the post on my blog. The old me would have. Because I tried to force everything through my blog. Because I tried to do everything by myself.

Instead of leveraging my presence by posting here I’d close myself off to helping this awesome audience. Opportunity lost.

Of course, I had to establish a relationship with Zac before receiving the offer to guest post here.

Ditto with my guest posts on The Huffington Post. I gained an invite from a blogger I’ve known for years.

Teamwork makes the blogging dream work.

Challenging Shift

Making the shift from solo flyer to community builder may feel uncomfortable at first. Helping people without looking for anything in return may seem wrong if you only looked out for yourself in the past.

With practice, and patience, you will see how freely and easily the love you dole out flows back to you. Like a mirror.

Make the shift.

Even if it feels uncomfortable at times.

Living your blogging dreams is well worth it.