In the world of affiliate marketing, it’s always a never-ending competition to be the best and try new things. Striving to differentiate itself from the rest of this continually growing market is TerraLeads, a new affiliate market player calling itself a hub with a completely innovative view at the industry as a whole. That’s because they align three main constituents — the merchant, the network and the publisher — all into one. But what does that really mean for you as the end user? What benefits will you enjoy? Let’s take a closer look.

TerraLeads – Changemakers, soon-to-become Giants

The breakneck pace of the Internet dictates that you need to stay on top of the latest trends and developments if you want to have any legitimate shot at success. You may not have ever heard of TerraLeads before this review and justifiably so, as the platform only launched to the public in late January 2017.

As a merchant, TerraLeads offers products of their own production, passing all clinical tests and meeting all European standards. As a network, they work only with experienced partners for demonstrated success for all parties involved in the transaction. And as a publisher, TerraLeads has its own arbitrage team responsible for creating all sorts of educational material for partners. That’s why they’re a hub. They’re more than “just a network.”

While you can certainly work with TerraLeads for practically anywhere in the world, the hub focuses its efforts on the European market. When you go through the list of offers and check out the marketplace (which we’ll discuss in just a moment), you’ll find that it is geared toward Europe. Target countries include Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Czech Republic and Bulgaria. However, TerraLeads also makes note that they have ambitious plans in place to cover all of Europe, and are also quickly expanding to the USA, Latin America, and Asia throughout 2018.

Into the Dashboard

To learn more about that TerraLeads has to offer, it’s best to visit their main site at, where you can also sign up as an advertisers or affiliate. You can glean some information via the TerraLeads Store, but it’s only after you’ve signed up and been approved for the network that you get a better sense of what you can expect.

The main dashboard consists of quick stats along the top of the screen, navigational links along the left sidebar, and the core information in the middle. By default, the navigation menu is hidden, so you will need to click on the three horizontal lines to expand it. Once you do, you’ll find sections to access your leads, streams, offers, statistics, purchases, API, profile, payments, and so forth.

And while TerraLeads is being positioned as a hub, the affiliate network portion certainly features prominently and rightfully so. This is how you’re going to make your money as a publisher.

Affiliate Offer Details

As TerraLeads is still a very young network and is still early in development, there aren’t too many affiliate offers being put forward just yet. As of this writing, there are a total of 16 offers, each of which is being promoted in multiple countries. Typical payouts get as high as the $20 to $25 USD range.

The range of offers will hopefully expand as the network matures and attracts more partners and publishers.

For now, the offers are featured across four main categories: diet, beauty, health, and adult. They are all physical products, like powders and creams, largely approaching a mostly similar kind of demographic. These are health and beauty conscious individuals who want to look and feel their best. Some of the more adult-oriented products may or may not be completely appropriate for all audiences, so you will want to keep this in mind for the niches you approach.

In the offer listing, you’ll get a small thumbnail image for the offer, the geographic locations where the offer can be promoted, the approval rate, the payout rate, and the T-coins you can earn. We’ll get to the T-coins as a unique feature of TerraLeads in the next section.

TerraLeads is also coming out with new offers of their own on a monthly basis. With the launch of various new offers going live on the network every few weeks, it’s important to make sure affiliate stay active on the platform to make sure they don’t miss out.

When you expand an offer, you get the more detailed payout for each geographic region. For example, in the screenshot above, you can see that payouts range from $15 to $19 depending on the country. The cost to the end consumer can also vary and is shown in the local currency. You’ll also notice the very handy line graph along the right that shows more detailed information for each geo.

To promote the offer, you can generate the API or create a stream. The latter lets you choose which landing pages and prelanding pages you would like to use to promote the offer.

The URLs are provided, so you can easily preview the look and feel of the landing and prelanding pages accordingly. For the most part, many of the prelanding pages are formatted as blogs in the local language. It is also here where you can really dig into the specific parameters for the stream, leveraging the tools to improve conversion.

These include URL postbacks, redirect URLs if the offer is disabled, any sub parameters you may want to configure, and UTM parameters you want to include for statistical and split-testing purposes, as well as instruments like a Facebook pixel ID for the prelanding, landing and thank you pages, as well as the iframe URLs for the same. This can all be as simple or as advanced as you’d like.

What’s the Deal with T-Coins?

When you look at some of the other affiliate networks online, you’ll find that they may offer bonuses for successful affiliates. For some of these, there is a lottery-type system where affiliates who bring in at least X dollars in commissions are entered into a draw to win an iPad, for example. TerraLeads is a little different.

Each of the offers in the network has an associated T-coin value, usually 1 or 2. These T-coins can then be spent as in-network currency via the TerraLeads store for a variety of different products. For instance, the MacBook Pro highlighted above would take require a redemption of 30,400 T-coins. This means you would need to rack up somewhere around 15,000 to 30,000 conversions to get your “free” laptop.

Thankfully, there are rewards within easier reach too. You can get a USB power bank for 300 T-coins, a camera drone for 3000 T-coins, or a PlayStation 4 Pro for 5600 T-coins, among a variety of other possibilities. Think of this as an added incentive and as a bonus gift for a job well done as an affiliate.

Should You Join TerraLeads Today?

Key perks of TerraLeads include instant payouts upon request (via PayPal, WebMoney, Paxum, e-payments or wire), the TerraStore system of bonuses, high conversion rates, high approval rates, top payouts in Europe, personal account managers, and a wealth of ready-to-go landing and prelanding pages.

They still has a lot of room to grow. The homepage should have a lot more information available for prospective partners, advertisers and affiliates. The network could stand to have a lot more offers available to promote. But what this also means is that if you sign up, you’re getting in on the ground floor of what could be something great.