The 7 Best YouTube Gallery Plugins for WordPress

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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When you are on YouTube, it’s easy to share your videos individually to WordPress. You can embed the code into the post by using the YouTube Gallery Plugins. When you want to include a gallery of videos then it will take a little bit more. Don’t worry it’s not that much harder, but you will need a plugin. Here are some of the best ones for you to choose from. The great thing is they are all free.

1.YouTube Gallery Plugins

This plugin uses a custom post type for videos specifically. You can put tags and categories on the videos to make them more SEO friendly and to show them in a way that the people on your site can see exactly what each video is about. There are two separate widgets so you can feature certain videos on one and show recently posted videos on another one.

2. WordPress Video Gallery

The WordPress Video is another great plugin that has a built in HD flv player so you can see the videos with HD quality. It’s easy to use and the default settings work well or you can customize your skins for the videos. This is a great option if you like to change your website up often.

3. Envira Gallery

The Envira Gallery is a great way to display your YouTube videos in an attractive display. It even gives you the option to open videos in a light box. The widget is simply with a drag and drop feature that allows you to put it on your site wherever you would like.

4. YouTube Simple Gallery

The YouTube Simple Gallery is one of the easiest to use and allows you to categorize the videos you put on your site. When you put it on your site it will create a page for the gallery with the short code so you can easily edit it how you would like. This is a simple and easy way to display your videos.

5. TubePress

TubePress is a plugin that will allow you to control the display and how it shows up on your website. Creating a fun gallery that fits your site is a lot easier with TubePress. TubePress offers some more stylish options for your gallery display.

6. The Ultimate Video Gallery

The Ultimate Video Gallery gives you a compact display with thumbnails to show each video. It also includes a playing now video space at the top for currently playing videos. This way you can always have a video showing on your website.


The uTubeVideo Gallery lets you create multiple galleries of videos if you’d like. It grabs the thumbnails automatically and displays them so your visitors can easily find what they want to watch.

These are some of the best plugins that will allow you to show your own videos or pick out videos to display that go along with the theme of your website. They are all free and easy to use without any type of web programming knowledge. With these seven options, you should have no trouble finding one that works well for you.

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