Article marketing is a great way to get exposure for your personal blog or website business because it fulfills several of the needs you have for online exposure by:

  • generating the traffic that you want by the keywords and links that you can supply in the resource section at the bottom and,
  • positioning you as an expert in the market where you’re trying to make a dent.

You might be reading this now and thinking that I’m taking the day off and just rehashing some hackneyed old ideas but you need to read on here. I put this article together after I dealt with a client who insisted that the articles that I write for him talk exclusively about his company (something that’s better left to the resource section at the bottom of the page) and that I write in that zippy tone that’s the domain of ad writing.

Neither was a good idea and here’s why.

First off, the real purpose of writing the article that you want to distribute is to supply the reader with some useful information that will attract them to your website. You want them to feel that you’re the expert in the white lab coat telling them something they need to know rather than the salesman in the cheap polyester suit. There’s nothing wrong with that guy and he works quite well in blogs, but it’s better here if you turn your focus on information rather than sales.

Why? Because the reader has been plastered with websites trying to sell him something in the text and bright graphics that wink and drop right into their way while they’re trying to read. Give them a break and something useful to read and they’ll be grateful and you’ll be rewarded with the kind of interest that can generate traffic to your site. Give them a break from all the bells and whistles on the web and they’ll remember you as someone with something to say.

No Sales Copy Here

You need to focus on teaching to accomplish this. That means that you need to have a new angle on each article and they all need to leave the reader with something they didn’t have before. Submitting formula articles won’t get you a loyal following if people are reading the same old thing time and time again.

Finally, remember that you need to be yourself. That means that you need to write the articles in a conversational style since you don’t  want to sound like you’re talking down to anyone. Make sure that you check your work over thoroughly as well. A few missed spelling and grammar mistakes can ruin the whole effect when you’re trying to position yourself as an expert.

To be that, however, you need to have a good tone. To make sure that the people who are reading your article take it seriously, you want to be knowledgeable without being too flippant. Article marketing will bring you good results in only a few months if you stick with a regiment.