How do you differentiate passionate bloggers from the heap of dollar-chasers around?

These days, it seems as if laziness has crept into our business lives.

A lot of bloggers no longer research the topic before jamming the keyboard. How pathetic?

They prefer the easy route. They can write 2,000 words article without studying the market. But doing this has its negative effects.

It doesn’t make you exceptional – the content you put out on your blog may not ‘hook’ the reader, which is your primary goal.

Blogging as we know it today has evolved. Recent market research shows that over 100,000 new blogs are hosted on daily basis. These blogs need fresh contents and I know you do too.

So, how do you differentiate and stand out from the crowded blogosphere?

That’s a tough question, but I got you covered. Listed below are 2 professional ways to hone your blog’s value and pique the right readers. Stick to these proven marketing activities and your blog would build you and funnel BIG profits into your bank account.

1.    Research, Research, Research

To be honest with you, there is no alternative to market research. Before you put a pen to paper or your hands to keyboard, do your research first.

If you want to write about search engine optimization, for instance, Google has made it clear that you need to write quality content. And with the changes going on with search algorithms, including webspam penalty policy, writing from your head or brain will not impact prospects or make any difference.

Even if you’re an expert, there are important search engine processes you don’t know. And this applies to other industries. When you research, you gain upper hand to strike and craft exceptional article. This article will be different from the stacks already indexed by search engines.

Whatever you do online that has a nexus with contents, research is the first step – take this advise to heart. As part of your research assignments, read other blogs and niche-specific whitepapers. “Study to show yourself approved” – The Bible

2.    Craft, Don’t Churn Articles

Blogging is hard work and writing is an art!—Michael Chibbuzor

I know there are prolific and creative writers around, but you can’t produce more than you know. It takes extra knowledge to write 5 quality articles every day. And if that’s your limit, don’t struggle to write more. If you do, the juicy aspect would be gone.

Honestly, a lot of bloggers churn articles, instead of crafting a masterpiece. Off course, you can’t be perfect but try to publish what others want to read – if your blog doesn’t put smiles in readers’ faces, you’ve wasted a rare gift from Mother Nature – TIME.

To craft means to do a task with skill, thoughtfulness and focus. How thoughtful are you and what skills have you acquired to help in crafting top notch contents? If you’ve little knowledge about social media marketing, how can you blog about it?

To churn means to ‘move violently.’ To pursue someone or run to win prize – As a freelance writer, there were moments in my life when I was churning articles to make more money. I thought I was smart.

I wasn’t producing quality contents and this impeded my freelance writing journey and was about ruining my career.

But I’ve learned to take things easy, give attention to extensive research and work on perfecting my craft, instead of churning, padding and stuffing articles just to make money.

You’re Exceptional!

Success begins on the inside. Knowing you’re ‘exceptional’ would help you reconsider, when doing a task. You don’t want to complete a task that makes you regret or demean your brand. Know who you’re and how unique your work should be and pursue this vision with all your might.

An exceptional blogger isn’t perfect, but he or she is continually working towards appearing perfect. – Michael Chibuzor

An exceptional blogger is a person who knows how to craft articles, write catchy headlines and invests quality time in market research before writing a word. Are you exceptional in your blogging career? Share your comments. I can’t wait to read your views.