Where would you look to find a professional blogging job? At a big job board site that covers everything? Or at a job board just for blogging? Turns out the answer is a little of both. And I do mean little.

Why? Because after a pretty healthy search, I couldn’t find very many–only five. There were more that passed themselves off as blogger job boards or said they had blogging jobs, but for one reason or another, I felt that they weren’t accurately representing themselves. Some of them didn’t seem very trustworthy. Some had blogging jobs, but had no category for them so you can filter them. So what I’m really saying is these six represent quality blogger job boards that feature only pro blogger jobs. They are listed in no particular order.

  1. Jobs.WordPress.Net

    jobswordpressnet.jpg Jobs.WordPress.Net comes to us from Automattic, the parent company of WordPress. There are job categories such as blogger positions, designer positions, and programmer positions. Categories are RSS feeds. It’s looking a little bare right now, but these things change frequently. Part of the reason for this is because the jobs are only listed for a duration of 21 days. The site says that it’s in beta, and that while it’s in beta it will be free.

  2. ProBlogger Job Board

    probloggerjobs.jpgThis is the biggie. Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger blog needs no introduction, but if you’re looking to land a professional blogging gig, this blogger job board seems to have the most listings. You can subscribe to feeds for everything or by category. The categories are: blog networks, co-blogging, corporate/business, and podcasting. Jobs hang around here for 30 days. Darren’s blog network, B5 Media, seems to be doing a lot of hiring.

  3. Performancing Blogger Jobs Forum

    performancing.jpgPerformancing is a pretty active resource in the blogosphere, and their jobs forum is no exception. It’s active, but a little messy. Although you can sort the listings by column header, there are no categories and only one general RSS feed. There’s a search box, but you’re searching the entire Performancing site, not just the job forum. What I find interesting is that since this is a forum, people sometimes reply to a posting and rip on it good, belittling low-paying offers and such.

  4. BloggerJobs.Biz

    bloggerjobsdotbiz.jpgBlogger Jobs isn’t so much a job board as it is a blog about blogging jobs. It’s a blog jobs blog (try to say that 10 times real fast). Jobs are announced in the form of blog posts, rather than listings in a regular job-type of board. Hey, makes sense to me. In addition to posting jobs, you can also post info about yourself if you are a blogger for hire–which is totally a great idea. They got rules for how to do that, so make sure you follow ’em. Being a blog, of course there are blog categories, but there’s only one feed available. It certainly is possible to create category feeds for a blog, so it would be nice if they did that. Finally, BloggerJobs.Biz is a companion blog to Performancing, so you might see some overlap between the two.

  5. Jobster

    jobster.jpgJobster is a general job site, but seems to hold its own with blogger jobs. The blogger jobs category reveals 38 available jobs as I’m writing this post (though some of them appear to be duplicates). There are several features that big job boards tend to have, such as email alerts as well as an RSS feed. Since blogger jobs is itself a category within the larger Jobster site, there are no subcategories for feeds. You can also refine the search by time period so that you’re not looking at old job offers, which is a feature I like. One really interesting little feature is that you can look at general pay scale information, although I’m not sure how accurate it is (there is a category in it for blogger).

Get a Jobby-Job

Props to anyone who knows what “jobby-job” is from! 🙂 If you’ve been thinking about going pro in 2008, nothing can stop you. As you can see, there are plenty of pro blogger jobs available. So go get one!

If anyone knows of a good quality blogger job board that I missed, please tell us about it in the comments, thanks!