So you’ve decided to build/create the next great blog. You’ve gotten several ebooks from the Big Guys giving you their step-by-step instructions on how to create a successful money making blog. You’re all set, right? Well, probably not. The one thing I’ve found to be lacking in these blogs is the mention of a learning curve.

I’ve read my share of blog building ebooks from the experts. The information is invaluable, so please don’t think I’m claiming it isn’t. What I didn’t expect, and maybe it’s my fault for being naïve, but I didn’t expect it would take so much time to learn the basics of the systems they use.


One of the main tips you find when starting your new blog is to capture emails–get a reader subscription list started from day one. Build that list right off the bat. It’s a great idea. What I haven’t found is the mention of “training” time this will take.

Yes it is simple enough to set up an account at Aweber or Constant Contact or other email marketing site, and it’s relatively easy to get your first form created and put on your site. But there is still a learning curve to get all the bells and whistles out of it. Maybe some people have the time and brain power to absorb all of this in one day. Some of us don’t. Some of us need to schedule daily “lesson” time to go through tutorials to find out exactly how all of this works.

My best tip here is, “Don’t expect to build Rome in a day.”


This is another great tip. I agree that you want a theme that jumps out at people while looking professional. What I’ve learned–and I’ve used WordPress for years–is that these themes come with a learning curve too. If you get a theme based on the Genesis or Thesis framework, there will be tweaks you need to figure out. I know a lot of readers here are just a whiz at these things, but since this site is to help newbies, it should be mentioned that you will also need to schedule time to learn the ends and outs of the theme you’ve chosen.

My best tip here is, “Don’t expect Rome to have perfect navigation and a road map.”


All the gurus suggest using social networks to promote yourself, your blog, your products, your brand–the whole nine yards. This is great advice. However, you will be busy learning all of this other stuff, so don’t expect to have a lot of time in the beginning to get overly social. Build the blog, learn your theme, learn about email marketing, and then concentrate more on social networks. They come with their own learning curve as well. Most are really simple to use, but it does take time to build followers.

My best tip here is, “Don’t expect the people of Rome to fall at your feet in groves until you can devote the time to being the Pied Piper.”

In Don’t Do What They Say, Do What They Do, Kevin gives some very good advice for following and “imitating” top bloggers. Yes, they give you a ton of great information, but remember in building your own successful blog there will be as much busy work in the beginning, as there is productive work. You will go through some learning curves, especially if you are completely new to building a blog of magnitude.