As bloggers it’s important for us to have business cards as your blog may be your main source of income (as a business) or a way for you to connect with other people online. No matter what, having a business card is an excellent way to differentiate yourself from those who don’t, and it’s also a great way to get people to visit your site after you have a conversation with them. With all of that said, there are many different types of business card designs out there, here are a few ideas for your next business card.

Silk Cards

You have the ability to customize your business card so it will stand out from the rest of the competition. Try a silk card, which is a thin laminate coating to protect and enhance the card. This is done on a thick, high quality card stock. Your customers will notice the quality, especially if your card has added features like embossing or rounded corners.

Sil Laminated Business Cards

Foil Cards

A nice foil business card can sure catch someone’s attention. You can use it to accentuate your logo or lettering. One type is stamped foil, and the other is a cold foil or inline. It adds an eye catching shine and brighter emphasis exactly where you want it.

Foil Business Cards

Plastic Cards

Did you know you can get a business card made out of plastic? It can come in shades of frosted, white, or clear. This type of card will last longer, and you can even add metallic foil colors. You will definitely make a business statement using a plastic card. It proves you are serious about your work and will encourage customers to call.


Another great card type is a magnet business card. All your company information can be positioned and mounted on almost any sized magnet, from 2 x 3.5 to a larger 4 x 11 size. A great design or photo will help too, because it will most likely be displayed on a refrigerator or filing cabinet for all to see.

Greeting Cards and Postcards

Yes, you can use a greeting card as a business card. It’s a more formal approach. It lets customers and clients know that you care enough to send something to them personally. Postcards are also helpful and convenient. Use them as a coupon or shopping incentive to hand or mail out any time.

Other Options

Don’t forget that there are other ways to drum up more business. You can giveaway notepads with your company symbol as a gift with purchase, and even envelopes and presentation folders have great potential when you need to introduce a new product or sales event.

This post was written by Steven Wendt, who is the Internet marketing manager for – a leading provider of professional business cards online. Some people might think that business cards are not necessary now because of the Internet.  Online social media capabilities do a great job when it comes to advertising, but business cards are still an essential part of any successful business. Here are a few business card options to consider using for your company.