If you are reading this post, you are no doubt a blogger… or at least want to be one. It takes a special type of person to be a blogger. You have to be open to letting your opinions be heard, have a passion for the topic which you write about, and also treat your blog like a small business, in that it’s a serious means of communication and will build over time.

In this post I’m going to document three reasons why blogging is important and how it can be seen as a small business, even if you are just blogging for fun or for non-profit.

You are What You Blog

The saying goes, “you are what you eat“, but when you are a part time of full time blogger, there’s a good chance YOU ARE WHAT YOU BLOG. Let’s take Gary Vaynerchuk for example. Gary spent his life becoming one of the world’s most intelligent people when it comes to wine, then he created a blog about wine and his brand and business just blew up… Gary is essentially, “The Wine Guy”!

Blogging is all about writing about what you love or have an interest in, while communicating with others interested in that same topic. As your blog continues to grow and you build a larger readership, your name/brand will continue to grow, along with your knowledge on the topic that you continue to write about.

Blogging Takes Time… A Lot of Time

For anyone who has tried to make money from blogging, I’m sure you already know the frustrations of how long it can take to bring in new readers and actually start making money with your blog. If you are writing from a passion and interest perspective, in the beginning phases of your blog, you will be writing for yourself. It won’t be til the search engines index your content and others start to share what you are writing about, that you will start to see a communication through your blog. Even at these stages it can be complicated and tough to earn money with your blog.

Some of the most successful blogs out there are ones that never planned on making money, but they just kept writing content and built a huge readership over time. It’s this type of content and passion behind a blog that will lead to bigger success down the road, and maybe even financial success!

Turning a Blog into a Business

Looking ahead… you now have a successful blog with thousands of visitors reading your content every day. How can you start to monetize your blog and start turning a profit. A quick answer is to start selling advertising on your blog, while a smarter answer is to build a product or service around your blogs topic. By selling advertising on your blog, you can bring in a monthly revenue source month after month, but depending on your blog niche, you may find your advertisers aren’t relevant or not making any sales. By focusing your efforts on creating a product or service around your blog, you will not only be providing a premium service to what people are already looking for, but since you own the product/service, you will also be 100% behind the product, while making nice margins on all sales.

Be sure to check out a few other posts I previously wrote, about how to monetize a blog without jeopardizing your readers or page space.

The Future of Blogging and Small Business

Blogging has changed the way the world does business online. Ten years ago I was a die hard internet marketer, creating ad campaigns and HTML based web sites. Now I create the majority of my sites in the WordPress platform, and only started blogging four years ago, yet I now have a large presence and following in the blogger space. Blogging isn’t for everyone, but if you have the writing skills, passion for a topic and really want to make a go at building something great, blogging is a great place to start!

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