pen Japan’s Samurai were known for the powers of their mighty sword. Feared by many, they were not afraid to sharpen the blade and fight for what they believed to be the right cause.

Like the Samurai who was proud to carry the sword that glistened in the setting sun, writers are also proud of their mighty pens. There is some kind of honor code amongst writers. An unwritten law that is followed by many and this code is to own and use a pen often.

For a writing blogger, the pen is merely a synonym for the keyboard and in today’s age and time we seem to use the actual pen less often, than we use the keyboard.

The sign of the times

Most things related to writing these days are done with the help of the computer. Writing letters is a thing of the past, especially for younger generations. Today we have email, instant messaging, word documents, mobile phones and blackberry’s.

The mighty pen has lost its meaning for many people, but not for me. Even though I spend many hours in front of my computer every day, I can’t imagine a day going past without touching and using my pen at least once.

Ever since I was a child I had a fascination with pens. While working as an employee I even collected them – just because I could. I’m a real sucker for stylish and expensive pens that glide over the paper when I doodle or write.

Those $0.10 pens we so often see in shops are an insult to writing in my eyes. They simply don’t feel the same as a more upmarket pen and quickly perish after only a few uses.

I wonder how many of you choose a stylish pen over a cheap one?

A creative movement

Do you remember back in school when you had to write by hand? I still remember when I had to write the same sentence for like 100 times because I had been naughty. I guess in those times this wasn’t so much fun for most of us, because we simply had to do it. Teachers didn’t give us much choice and in the days I went to school, the computer wasn’t even invented. Much less the Internet.

Nowadays, the fact that I’m holding an actual pen gives me some special power, I feel some primeval pride by writing neatly into a journal, diary or doodling on my phone pad. Somehow I consider myself to be a modern warrior of the mighty pen and I’m proud of it.

In reality, writing by hand is a creative process that nourishes our mind and soul.

By being creative, we engage our right hand side of the brain. The side that is often overpowered by the more linear, logical left side. By thinking too much with the left hand side of our brain, we shut out phantasy, creativity and intuition. Attributes that were part of life back in the Samurai days. Attributes that helped us survive.

While we are not in immediate danger of dying by neglecting to use a pen more often, our spirit dies in some ways, because we neglect the inner child within.

Using a pen daily allows me to indulge into my inner child and dream of the Samurai days.

But what if you absolutely hate writing by hand

In that case, try some doodling instead. If you are not sure on how to doodle, then you might find Nick Cernis ebook quite helpful. It is called "Todoodlist" ands offers some creative ways to have fun with a pen once again.

In the end there is no pressure for you to grab a pen and become the next modern "writing Samurai". Since we live in a free world (or so we’d like to think) we can do whatever we please.

I’ll leave you with this thought since I suddenly had this urge to… (guess what)