I don’t need to tell you that people are spending more time on their mobile devices that ever before. From smartphones to tablets, we’re using these mobile devices to play games, enjoy apps and surf the mobile web. This represents a huge opportunity for affiliate marketers and this opportunity is continuing to grow at an astronomical rate, but how do you cash in?

Most of the affiliate networks that you’ll find on the Internet are geared toward more conventional web traffic, but that’s not the case with YeahMobi. Based out of Arizona, YeahMobi is exclusively dedicated to the mobile space, allowing you to effectively monetize your mobile traffic.

For Mobile Sites and Apps

You can tell right away that YeahMobi is focused on the mobile world, as their entire website is designed to look as if you’re viewing it on an iPhone-like device.


As far as how the affiliate program works, YeahMobi says that you can expect to “get the highest payouts and develop a long term relationship with famous advertisers.” They’ve worked to build up these mobile advertising campaigns with well-known brands and, if you find the same campaign on another network, YeahMobi will beat the payout that you may find elsewhere.

The campaigns can be integrated directly into your iPhone or Android app, as well as being deployed on your mobile websites. You can choose to run the affiliate offers that you’d like to promote, but YeahMobi will “fill your inventory 100% with our unlimited campaigns” too.

Key Features and Highlights

There are several features offered by YeahMobi that can prove quite valuable to a mobile affiliate. For instance, there is a unique tracking and optimization tool called YeahMobi Optimizer that allows you to track by device, OS, carrier, screen size, brand, referrer, site and model. This way, you can know whether you are having greater success with Verizon customers or AT&T customers, for example, or if you should be paying more attention to Motorola Android users over Samsung Android users. You can custom cater your targeting using this kind of data for your apps and mobile sites.


Since you are able to see what is converting well and what isn’t based on the tracking tool, it also helps that you can easily whitelist and blacklist the campaigns accordingly. This way, you can maximize your income, taking a careful look at your click and conversion rates. This can help to significantly increase your ROI as you can cut out the clicks that aren’t converting and focus on the ones that are converting. That’s how you make your money, after all, as YeahMobi is a performance-based mobile affiliate network.

Another important thing to note is that while most other networks tend to pay on a monthly basis, YeahMobi will issue its payments weekly. The minimum threshold for payment via PayPal is just $50, but you can get wire transfers if you hit the minimum threshold of $1,000. If you are a much larger affiliate and you are earning over $2,000 a day in revenue, then YeahMobi can also offer you daily payments so you can improve your cash flow.

What Campaigns Are Offered?

As mentioned, YeahMobi strives to work with recognizable brands that can offer the best possible conversions and level of income for you. The mobile campaigns page provides a small sample of what is available on the network.


Some of the top-performing offers include Battery Defender for Android, for example, as well as the Play World of Goo offer and the one for WhatsApp. Many users will already be familiar with these products and brands, so you should have an easier time earning trust and getting them to convert. The effective earnings per click can get as high as $0.72 and the top-performing offers are bringing in revenues in the five figures. Other campaigns include those that involve iTunes, EA Mobile, Badoo and Gamevil, among others.

Monetize Your Mobile Efforts

If you have a mobile app, you run a mobile site, or you have mobile traffic, it only makes sense that you’d want to maximize how well you are able to monetize these mobile properties. Since YeahMobi is dedicated entirely to this space, you can be sure that their experienced affiliate managers can work with you to maximize your revenues too. The sign-up page is short and straightforward, making it easy to get started.