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By: | Updated: March 28, 2021

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An understanding of Theme Matcher software is presented here to give you a better idea on theme selections. 

Finding the right theme for your WordPress website isn’t always easy. However, Theme Matcher provides a better solution. This is an instant way to get the right type of theme for your particular website in just three easy steps.

All you have to do is enter your website URL, select where you want to put content in each of the areas and download your theme. Theme Matcher does all the hard work, matches images and styles to your needs and gives the perfect theme for your new WordPress website.

Wanting to set up your own WordPress Theme or have to convert an already existing one but don’t have any idea as to how to go about it, than the perfect solution to this is the Theme Matcher HTML to WordPress conversion service.

It will in a very convenient way help you to set up your theme without any hardships being faced. Just provide the Theme Matcher with the URL of your desired website along with your different layout plans and you will instantly get your results.

As impressive as it sounds to you, in theory, we can assure you that the practicality of it is even more wonderful and rewarding.

To know more, you can read the following review of Theme Matcher. I have tried to mention the details in a detailed manner so that you can make up your mind regarding Theme Matcher.

#1 Theme Matcher User Experience

Step 1.  First and foremost you have to provide the URL of a website to the Theme Matcher which you wish to convert along with the various components that correspond to the WordPress Theme. This includes the content area of your selected site which help in the display of various posts and pages for your theme.

Step 2. Second step is highlighting the sidebar area consisting of the theme’s widget. And finally you are given the liberty to edit and remove the various elements including login area, the search box or adverts from your page which you don’t want in your theme

Step 3.  A final preview is provided to the user to show them of what the final theme would look like and the user can than decide if any changes are required.

The preview also makes the user aware to change the fonts, colors and other styles according to their own choice as the service takes the CSS from the used source site.

Weren’t the steps mentioned above easy?

What If I am not a Tech Savvy Person?

Not a tech savvy person and feel that you would not be able to set up the theme using the online tools provided???

No worries. You can simply the give the responsibility to Theme Matcher team to help you create your theme. Just  use the assistance form by proving in that all information regarding the site you wish to be converted into your theme and our team will do the needful.

The preview page gives the users the option to either start afresh or move towards downloading it.

If you choose to download it than you are asked to select the pricing option which suits you or you can provide the receipt code in case of using the included revisions to be able to have the option to download the theme again.

Once you reach the download page, you are provided with all the information and instructions as to how to install your theme and WordPress for the new users.

The theme installation is done either by uploading the zip file with the help of WordPress admin or simply by uploading the folder of the theme using FTP.

After the downloading gets overs, you with the support of WordPress dashboard can activate and set up your custom theme. You might have to make some modifications to your theme depending on the source material used.

Although theme matcher has been consistent in porting of page elements from HTML site to WordPress theme. This service has been able to identify the menu, the logo area and then lead to incorporating the various elements of the WordPress theme.

Why Use Theme Matcher??

The answer to this question is very simply.

Theme Matcher is very easy, user-friendly and can easily build up a WordPress theme on the basis of any existing site layout. You must be wondering that why to use theme matcher and instead just purchase one.

The thought is easy, but many situations arise while we use them, and the solutions to those problems are not ideal. Theme Matcher helps provide all the support and guidance for proper set up of your themes.

Theme Matcher easily converts HTML sites to WordPress and helps to maintain a fresh yet same look for your desired site.

Theme Matcher makes it easy for users either working on the migration of their clients or for their use to easily migrate to WordPress without having to make any alterations in interface design or the overall appearance of your site.

Theme Matcher also blends perfectly for a company wanting to add a blog to their already existing non-WordPress site.

The same theme matches with the already existing site of the enterprise without having to change the way it looks.

How Website Designers can take help from Theme Matcher?

Website designers can also find the Theme Matcher of great value when having to make their sites by only developing a prototype of their desired theme layout in HTML format and then simply generate the WordPress Theme.

The designer has to just draft a mock-up in HTML by using the tool thus helping in producing a WordPress Theme.  This is not just time saving but also cost effective and effortless to use. Thus, if you are a designer, it is a must!

How Resellers can take help from Theme Matcher?

Resellers can create wordpress themes quickly with Theme Matcher. Also, the cost incurred to them would be less and these created themes can be sold off at a higher profit. The customers who wish to convert their simple HTML sites to WordPress are always eying for such themes.

Theme Matcher Affiliate

You can make $30 per sale by sending customers to their site by using your affiliate link. For doing so, simply fill in your name and email id.

Use the Affiliate Link wisely to earn money! Believe me there are hundreds of thousands of people looking for impressive themes matching with their niche. Thus, submit your details and begin earning.

Pricing of the Theme

Everything comes at a cost and what can be better when you can get all this at a low cost and save on a lot of manpower and time duration to form various themes by simply using the Theme Matcher.

After being convinced with the final preview of your theme, you are needed to pay to access the theme files. The various pricing are as under.

Three pricing points are available:

  • # At the cost of $47, you will get one theme along with two free revisions and standard support. We also give you a custom theme to help you migrate to the WordPress platform.
  • # Pay $67 and get one theme, five revisions and premium support along with CSS tweaks by the team.
  • # Pay $297 for ten themes.

Along with the pricings the company provides all their users a search engine optimized theme, HTML5 and CSS3 foundation.

Money Back Gurantee

The company has a  60 days money back service if you are not satisfied or convinced with the results. Thus, there is nothing for you to lose.

Will Theme Matcher Work For You??

Anything can work for you if you have the will to experiment. So, Theme Matcher has been a hit with thousands of our customers, and I can guarantee you that you will start loving it too because of its user-friendly feature which helps you to keep all your menus, logins and subscribe boxes intact.

The Customer Support System

Their team is always there to provide you with all the assistance by replying to your queries as soon as possible. All you have to do is mail them your questions on their website or on their email ids provided.

For more information and details about Theme Matcher, you can visit them on the official website at and email them at They will not disspoint you as they reply back to the queries at quickly as possible.

Theme Matcher Review- Cut Out The Expensive Designer

If you were to hire a designer to create your perfect theme, it would take hours of coding and you will spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Whether you are a designer, reseller, start up or established business, Theme Matcher can cut out the expensive designer for you. It’s an easy program to use and provides you with the right theme for your needs.

Reviewing The Theme Matcher Process

After you enter your URL into the box on the Theme Matcher website, you will be taken to Step #1. This step allows you to select areas you want to put the content on your website. Make sure to watch the 40-second video so that you do this correctly.

You can go through each section and create the content areas for your new theme. Once you are done, click the “Preview Theme” button, which will appear in the right-hand top corner of the page.

If you like what you see, just click the “download theme” button and you will be taken to a page to get your new custom WordPress theme. This page will give you two choices, which will fit for most:

Theme Package Options

There’s also an option for Reseller, which is a bit more expensive, but will allow you to create 10 themes instead of just one.

Why Is Theme Matcher A Great Tool For Your WordPress Website?

Yes, you can find a free theme and use it for your website. Yes, you can find cheaper premium themes than what Theme Matcher offers. However, you won’t find a completely unbranded, custom WordPress theme that is fit specifically to your needs with cutting edge code for a better price.

Every theme comes with free revisions, saves you money and gives you high priority support. Hiring a freelancer to create your theme will cost at least $250 and may cost even more. It will take much longer and there’s usually no refund period.

When you choose Theme Matcher, you can get the most popular package or just $67 and you get your theme instantly. They also offer a 60-day refund period if you’re not satisfied.


Theme Matcher is a very user-friendly, cost effective tool which helps to get the work done at half the time as compared to hiring website developers or using other alternatives. Although website layouts and WordPress can sound too complicated to the new users but this is the easiest way to convert one form into another just in a matter of few seconds.

We give you the choice of moving to WordPress with your existing designs.  Our preview option guarantees that we give you full time to think before paying for our themes. So, try this service for building a new theme or migrating to WordPress

If you’re sick of dealing with the time-consuming process of matching a WordPress theme to your website, use Theme Matcher. You will save both time and money with this incredible program, along with getting a WordPress theme that fits perfectly with your website.

If you still have any doubts , questions or remarks, please drop them an email at

Do write to us, how did you like the review and was Theme Matcher useful to you.

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