Tips for Bloggers in Need of InspirationNot so long ago, tables, iPads, Twitter, and Facebook came on the scene, and changed the way people have been recording and sharing their thoughts and stories. People like to share their interesting stories, but they can actually earn money to express them online. That’s one of the major factors motivating people to take advantage of blogging. The only problem for beginners is that they don’t come with right topics/directions or inspiration to keep on updating their blogs.

In case you have been in this blogging business, you will definitely understand the importance of finding a way to inspire yourself. Inspiration comes and goes, but it’s generally because you have too many ideas and have difficulty filtering some to roll out your next post. The following tips will help spark some blogging inspiration that will make writing easier for you.


  1. Always start by scanning for sources of ideas, as this will help you to find a number of ideas on a variety of hot topics. For this, you can start by checking some popular aggregators and portals – there are some custom aggregators in WordPress to help you in this regard. While checking new places, you should also take time to rummage through your archives – there will always be something you have written in the past but needs updates or some sort of follow up.
  2. To keep yourself motivated, make sure you work within a particular niche. It will not only be inspiring, it will also help to establish expertise. Doing this is encouraged also because this will turn you into a rich source of ideas for others. To find ideas within your niche, you can always consider what your readers are saying, or you can actually spend some time alone to look within yourself for an interesting idea.
  3. Once you have many ideas, you need to filter suggestions to find one or two interesting topics. Always remember that you’ll feel inspired when you’re focused, and to feel focused, you need to work on only one or two ideas at a time. Moreover, your writing will transfer that inspiration to your readers when you have your focus fixed on a particular topic or idea.
  4. In order to filtering ideas properly and maintaining your inspiration, you should follow some mechanisms. For instance, make sure you work on topic themes and take advantage of editorial calendars – these calendars help organize and plan for ‘evergreen’ content. Moreover, you can spend some time identifying certain trending topics – they will always work and help to maximize your blogging efforts.
  5. Once you have one or two ideas, you should also work on other things that directly affect your mood and inspiration for blogging. For instance, you may want to change your environment – move into another room or backyard if working at your desk is no longer exciting.

The crux of the matter is that you can be a good blogger if you know how to inspire yourself for writing interesting posts, and for inspiration, you need to organize things well and move in a systematic way.