With the rapid development and popularity of Internet, more and more people zealously rush to start a blog of their own. Indeed, blogging is one of the best and more popular ways to share your daily life, thoughts, ideas and any other content with the world. In fact, creating and maintain a successful blog is really complicated and difficult.

However, before you even start to think about going live with a blog of your own, you will first need to consider your options with web hosting. In the following, we cover the top 5 hosting mistakes that many bloggers make, while giving you key pointer on how to avoid these errors and get set on the right path for success.

Web Hosting

Starting a Site with a “Free” Hosting Service

This is the most common mistake new bloggers will make. In addition to paid hosting, there are many free hosting services and free blogging tools available to allow people create their site. We must say that tools like Tumblr or WordPress.com are really great ways to publish content and get blogs socially, but that’s all. If bloggers want to go pro and take their blogs to the next level, they need to get their own domain name and a reliable WordPress hosting solution, you can find a list of valuable web hosting resources for WordPress here.

Wordpress Installation

Now let’s cover the main reasons why we do not recommend free hosting service.

  • Lack of Independence and Control

On free hosting platforms, bloggers cannot have the total control over their hosting environment, settings, backend setup and site designs. Instead they just get free space to publish content, in which they do not “own” anyway. Besides having web space, site owners may need to have certain advertisements in the blogs that will probably annoy visitors and make them leave immediately — hence why their sites are “free”.

  • Terrible Google Rankings

According to many SEO specialists, Google does not effectively rank sites with free domain names and blogs hosted on free hosting platform in the search results. This makes bloggers have little to no advantages when it comes to ranking their sites in the search results. Once bloggers switch from free to the paid hosting, all of these issues will be sorted out. However, in order to avoid these complications and transfer problems effectively, we suggest bloggers to choose a reliable paid hosting service for the very first time.

Once bloggers switch from free to the paid hosting, all of these issues will be sorted out. However, in order to avoid these and transfer problems effectively, we suggest bloggers to choose reliable paid hosting service for the very first time.

Unlimited Resources and Features that You Can Rely On

WordPress hosting is the best choice when it comes to creating a blog. When bloggers decide to go with a paid hosting service, they will find that there are tons of options available and most WordPress hosting providers claim to offer unlimited resources and features. However, in most cases this isn’t true.

Web Site and Server Monitoring Services

If you take some time to read the Terms of Service carefully, you may see that most web hosts actually have an excessive resource policy. Sites can be affected if bloggers abuse or overuse the unlimited resources. Should this happen, most web hosting providers will take action in the form of account suspension or even shutting your site down.

This can become a unexpected surpise for bloggers, should their site rapidly grow in size and traffic. Take the time to look at the many advantages of professional review websites like HostUCan.net, to see the different levels of traffic, bandwidth and support different hosting services are offering.

Go with a Web Host without Live Chat Support

Just like hosting features, performance and price, the quality of support service is also very important. Actually, most bloggers are just beginners and have no coding or programming skills. Blogging is complicated in the beginning and should things go wrong, you will want to choose a hosting solution that has a support team on standby at all times.

HostGator is well known for their many different levels of support. You can see a screenshot of the “Live Chat” support below.

HostGator Online Support

Consider Hosting Solutions from Top Blogs in Your Industry


Another great way to find popular web hosting services is to look at some of the top websites and blogs within your industry. Many sites will talk about their web hosting solution as they may receive a commission from any referrals to their host. You can also look at the bottom of their sites to see if you find a link that says “Hosted by”.

WPBeginner.com is one of the top WordPress resource sites in the industry. At the bottom of their page you can see a list of all of their recommend tools, solutions and hosting that powers their site.


Select a Web Host that Provides Daily/Weekly Backups

Nothing is worse than the thought of losing your website or blog due to a technical error, hacking or data disaster. To help alleviate these issues, we recommend you go with a web hosting provider that has built in daily or weekly backups. This way there is always a previous data backup that can be restored should your site be lost for any reason.

If your current host doesn’t have a backup system in place, you can also try any of these independent backup solutions.

No matter if you already have a web host or looking to sign up to one for the first time, make sure they follow each of the key points highlighted in this article and also have positive reviews and testimonials for other sites within our industry. Good luck!