We as a website owner and blogger need to generate lots of high quality links for our website pages to make them rank well on Google and other search engines for their targeted terms. From the latest algorithm changes Google is doing in the recent times, lots of link building techniques seems to be losing their effectiveness. But the trend for guest blogging as a technique to generate lots of targeted and high quality backlinks is increasing day by day. Now lots of SEO experts and bloggers have started giving great importance to guest blogging as a medium to generate targeted backlinks, for increasing traffic to their websites from search engine and for speeding up awareness about their brands in the blog sphere.

But the biggest question that we face in our campaign to use guest blogging as an effective link building method and for improving overall SEO values for our websites is how to find targeted and top blogs in our niche that accept guest posts. If you are looking to find answers for similar questions or want to know how to find blogs in your niche that accept guest posts, I’m going to solve this problem of yours with this special guest post:

1. Guest Post Accepting Blogs List

Internet is flooded with lots of list around various topics. If you want to know how to build targeted backlinks for your website, you can easily find a list in one place that will share you 100’s of methods to build high quality backlinks for your website. The same thing applies to guest blogging. Here is an ultimate list of 100 plus blogs that allows guest blogging. When you make search on Google using search terms like ‘List of guest blogging websites’ or ‘List of blogs that accept guest posts’, you will end up seeing many more such lists.

2. Finding More Niche Specific Guest Post Accepting Blogs

Next thing you could do is making search on Google for guest blogging related keywords in combination with some broad terms from your niche. Suppose you are looking for blogs in health niche that accept guest posts. So in this case, you need to make searches using search terms like submit guest post health, guest blogging health, write for us health, contribute an article health etc. By using such combinations, you will end up getting many more blogs in your niche that are accepting guest posts.

3. Blogs You Are Aware Of

If you have a list of top blogs in your niche or you have subscribed to some of blog in your RSS Aggregator, you will surely have an idea about the blogs where you can submit your guest posts. On lots of blogs, you will not find ‘Submit a Guest Post’ or ‘Write for Us’ kind of links in their header or footer navigation. In case such links are not available, you need to make decision about whether they are accepting guest posts or not, by seeing some of their recent posts. In case, you notice other bloggers are able to contribute their guest posts on those blogs, you can also do the same thing. You can confirm the same thing by writing an email to their blog owners through their contact forms available on their blogs.

4. Technorati Blog Directory

Technorati is the leading search engine and directory for blogs. Millions of blogs are indexed in Technorati database. So you can get lots of targeted blogs for guest blogging by browsing relevant categories matching your blog niche. Who knows you end up getting the list of hundreds or even thousands of blogs matching your blog category. Now you have to do is browse these blogs and see if they accept guest posts. Through this method is a bit time consuming, but you may end up collecting lots of hidden treasures in your niche through this method.

5. MyBlogGuest Marketplace

According to me, MyBlogGuest is a marketplace for finding blogs that accept guest posts and bloggers who are interested in guest blogging on open opportunities. This website has an active discussion forum where lots of threads are created around guest blogging on daily basis. With some threads, blogs owners would be requesting other bloggers to contribute their guest posts and while with others, guest bloggers will be making request about their wish to guest post on blogs based in their niche. In either cases, interested bloggers replies to these threads.

Do you know any other solid technique to find targeted blogs for guest blogging, if yes please share in the comments section below?

This post was written by, Anil Agarwal, the CEO of Bloggers Passion blog where he writes about variety of topic related to blogging tips like how to blog.