As a blog owner, one of your many tasks is to increase the traffic and get a great good ranking in the search engine results. Increasing the loading time and speed of your website will allow your visitors to view more pages in a short period of time. You only have a second or two to convince a visitor to stay on your site, and if it’s taking too long to load… you’ve already lost them!

Here are some of the top WordPress plugins being used to increase loading time and speed issues on sites.

  • Speed TestW3 Total Cache. This is one of the best WP plugins when it comes to increasing website loading speed and reducing loading time. It will cache every portion of your site and therefore increasing the loading page of your site. It will increase the download speed through fast delivery.
  • Lazy Load Plugin. This WP plugin configures your site to load the images only in the portion visible to your visitors or user. Hence it will increase the loading speed in visible areas and will load the image slowly in the invisible part. Because images are the main portions of the page that pulls the loading speed, the Lazy Load plugin can be used to enhance the loading speed of your website.
  • Plugin Organizer. This plugin will allow you to organize other plugins that are installed on your site. You create a list of order in which the plugins are loaded and arrange them in a way that the primary plugins will be loaded first and the rest will be loaded in progression. Also, you can disable a plugin from the loading list therefore increasing site speed and reducing loading time.
  • WP Minify. As the name suggests, it minimizes the size of files. This plugin is playing an important role in reducing the loading time of your web pages by combining the CSS and JS files. The combined files are compressed, improving the loading speed of the site. WP Minify combines your blog with the Minify engine and reduces the files.
  • WP Using this plugin you can integrate WordPress with, improving the loading speed of your site. The images that are uploaded into the media library runs automatically from and will get compressed. Image compression reduces the size of the page and therefore reducing the load time of the page. If you want to compress an image that has already been uploaded using, you can simply do that on WP media library and click

The more plugins that you use, the more time it will take to load the page. But these plugins are designed to increase significantly the loading speed of your website. To install any of these plugins on your blog, simply search for their name from within the “PLUGINS” area when you are logged into WordPress on your blog.