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Top Money-Making Blogs in The World & Why They’re Successful

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There is no shortage of aspiring professional bloggers in the world nowadays. However, it’s also not surprising to find doubt regarding this career in their minds.

Suppose you want to establish your career as a professional blogger. In that case, it’s only natural that you might want to know about some blogs that have been extremely successful and generated a lot of money.

After all, writing about your passion alone when it doesn’t generate any substantial value for your life will not motivate you as a hobby blogger forever.

We understand this, and that’s why we will look at some of the most successful blogs in this article. Let’s begin!

Who is the Richest Blogger in the World?

Ariana Huffington is the richest blogger in the world, with a net worth of $250 million. She is a co-founder of Huffington Post, which focuses on world news.

She started blogging back in 2005 and rose to fame in 2011. Their main source of income is banner advertising.

How Much Money Does a Blogger Make?

The answer to this question is highly subjective and depends on many factors.

Bloggers typically make between $38,000 to $51,000 annually after paying blogger taxes, depending on several factors, such as the period of blogging, the size of the audience, and the quality of content.  

However, even new bloggers can initially start with an income of $500 per month, which will gradually increase with time and effort if their content is unique and they are investing in marketing the right way.

What Type of Blogs Make the Most Money?

If you are planning to start a career in blogging, you need to choose the best blogging niche to make the most money.

Because niche selection also plays an important role in determining the profitability of your blog.

So here are 6 great niches that are known to provide a high ROI for blogging:

#1. Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogging is the perfect match if you have a great sense of fashion and want to earn from it.

These blogs are highly engaging due to fashion’s important role in our society and lifestyle. After your blog has gained some recognition, you can partner with some brands to monetize and earn from it.  

After blogging successfully for a year, a fashion blogger can earn about $500 to $6,000 per month, depending on their blog’s success.

An example of a successful fashion blog is Atlantic-Pacific. Blair Eddie started it in 2010 to show her fashion sense and guide others regarding the same.

By now, she has worked with many top brands, such as Sephora, Gucci, CoverGirl, etc., and has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

#2. Food Blogs

Food blogs have gained huge popularity in recent years. So, if you have a passion for cooking and sharing your recipes, food blogs are the perfect choice to earn money from your passion.

However, food blogging is not just limited to cooking and sharing recipes alone. You can also talk about the best restaurants, cooking tips, or anything concerning food or the kitchen on your blog.

On average, food bloggers earn between $12,000 to $100,000 monthly.

One of the famous food blogs is Love and Lemon, which started in 2011. It was founded by Jeanine Donofio and her partner, Jack Mathews.

They generally focus on vegetarian food and have been featured in several prestigious food magazines. The name comes from Jeanine’s love for her food, finished with a dash of lime.

#3. Travel Blogs

Travel Blogs turn out to be an excellent choice for people who love to explore new places. You can pen down your traveling experiences and share some photos and videos from your journey to start your travel blog.

Bloggers can make an adequate income in this niche, starting at around $1,000 monthly after a year of effort. With consistent efforts, the earnings may increase gradually and cross thousands of dollars.

One of the highest-paid travel bloggers is Matthew Kepnes, whose blog is named Nomadic Matt. Since the inception of his blog, he has traveled to more than 100 countries in 15 years.

Today, he attracts over a million visitors earning more than $100,000 annually. He has been featured on several popular media websites, including the likes of Forbes and BBC.  

#4. Lifestyle Blogs

If you want to document your personal life through writing, lifestyle blogging is your thing.

Being a lifestyle blogger, you can write about beauty, fashion, home decor, and basically everything that makes your lifestyle.

The lifestyle bloggers also review new products and share their opinions on various things related to lifestyle, which helps their readers choose effective products and life hacks to improve their lifestyle.

You might earn around $5,000 annually if you are new to this. However, some successful lifestyle bloggers earn up to $100,000 in a single month.

It all comes down to how effective your strategy for blog content is and how much investment you’re making in the marketing of your lifestyle blog.

An example of a successful lifestyle blog is Wit and Delight. It’s a successful lifestyle blog started by Kate Arends in 2014.

On her blog, she talks about fashion, decor, career, relationships, and parenting from a woman’s perspective. The target audience for her blogs is women in different adulting stages. On average, the revenue of Wit and Delight is expected to be more than $4 million.  

#5. Health and Wellness Blogs

If you are a fitness freak who wants to share his knowledge with the world, a health and fitness blog might be a great start for you.

You can cover everything under the sun that is related to health and fitness, from a healthy diet to daily exercise.

On average, fitness bloggers with a highly engaged audience make between $5,000 to $100,000 monthly.

Mark’s Daily Apple is an example of a highly successful fitness blog. The blog focuses on fitness, primal lifestyle, keto diet, and recipes.

It earns through ads and product recommendations generating revenue of more than $14.7 million per year.

#6. Parenting Blogs

The final profitable blogging niche on our list is parenting. If you want to share your experiences as a parent, then a parenting blog can be a good way to do that while also earning some money at the same time.

You can write about your experiences starting from pregnancy to childbirth and about child-rearing as well.

On average, parenting blogs earn about $3000 per month. However, the income varies depending on monetization methods adopted (i.e., affiliate marketing, display ads, product reviews, etc.) and the traffic you receive.

The Realistic Mama is one such successful parenting blog that brings around $20,000 in monthly revenue.

This blog was started by a mom named Alida, who covers all topics on bringing up a child. She also talks about how a stay-at-home mom can become financially independent.

Owing to the blog’s success, her husband left his full-time job and started helping his wife to run the blogging website.

What is the Best Blogging Site to Make Money On?

We have already explored the most profitable blogging niches. But choosing the right niche alone is not enough to set up a blog.

You’ll also struggle if you don’t choose the right blogging platform. Every blogging platform has unique features that may or may not resonate with your needs.

That’s why we are listing some of the best blogging platforms below, along with their key features. These platforms can cater to the needs of most bloggers:

#1. WordPress

WordPress is a popular blogging platform among new bloggers that’s easy to set up, customize, and scale.

It provides several ways to monetize your content as you retain total control of every aspect of your site. Almost 43% of all websites use WordPress.

The best part about it is its large number of free themes and plugins that can be used for doing almost anything on your blog without the need to write code.  

#2. Medium

Medium is a long-form blogging platform that can be a great choice for beginners because of its ease of use which allows anyone to create and publish a post quickly.

You just have to create an account on it, and then you need to submit your blog post for publishing on the platform.

With over 85 million monthly active users, this platform has emerged as one of the best places to quickly create a blog. People who blog on it can also get paid for their posts with its Partner Program.

#3. Squarespace

Squarespace is not a blogging platform per se but a website builder instead. And it’s famous for its amazing designs, which help you to set up and manage your website easily, but you can also use it to create a blog easily

It has a market share of 3.1%, and its cost-effectiveness and easy-to-use interface make it a great choice for individual users and business owners.

#4. Ghost

Ghost is a great blogging platform for journalists, writers, and creators. It’s used by more than 3 million users worldwide, and the various SEO tools and plugins offered by it help bloggers to optimize their content easily.

Apart from this, newsletters, membership sites, and gated content are other features offered by the platform.

#5. Wix

Like Squarespace, Wix is also not exactly a blogging platform. It’s a website builder that can be used as a blogging platform.

It allows its users to customize their blogs using a drag-and-drop website builder and free templates. It has a market share of 3.7% in the blogging space.

Also, if you upgrade to its paid version, you can add eCommerce functionality and several other plug-ins to your blog.

#6. Blogger

What started as the first blogging platform in the world is still surviving in this WordPress-dominated world.

If you don’t know much about blogging, Blogger can perfectly match your blogging needs. It can be used by anyone having a Google account, and it has a market share of 1.07%, with more than 45,000 bloggers using it.

#7. Substack

Many blogging sites require subscription nowadays. If you want to run a blog based on subscriptions, Substack is the best platform to do so.

Less than 0.1% of all websites use Substack, but it’s the perfect platform for running a subscription-based blog. It also offers features to help you easily transform your blog into a full-scale media business.

Top Money-Making Blogs

There’s no shortage of successful blogs in the world. Some of them have even transformed into full-fledged media businesses even though they started only as blogs.

We’ve already explored examples of at least one successful blog from all the top blogging niches.

Now it’s time to look at some of the most successful blogs regardless of their niche. So here are a few of them to give you some serious inspiration:

#1. Timothysykes.com

Timothyskyes.com talks about penny-stock trading, which Timothy Skyes run.

He is a successful entrepreneur and stock trader who gained recognition by flipping the $12,000 Bar Mitzvah gift into $1.65 million by trading penny stocks.

He started this blog to teach people about penny stock trading so they can also replicate his success. His blog receives as many as 5,000 visitors per day and helps him earn between $1 million to $5 million per month.

#2. Engadget

Engadget focuses on various tech topics, from smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, and other consumer electronics to robotics and many more.

It was founded in 2004 by a former Gizmodo (another famous tech blog, by the way) editor, Peter Rojas. In 2011, AOL acquired it, and now it is a Verizon Media property.

It’s speculated that it generates annual revenue of $21 million, placing it at the top of the tech media space, not just the tech blogging space.

#3. Perezhilton.com

Perez Hilton is a big name in showbiz journalism whose gossip blogs are wildly popular among people. By now, Hilton has written several blogs on US-based celebrities, namely, Johnny Depp, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga.

The main reason behind such high traffic and engagement is its use of celebrities to promote the blog and its content, which has, over time, helped it build a large base of audience and subscribers. Perezhilton.com has a revenue of nearly $8 million

#4. The Blonde Salad

The Blonde Salad is a personal style blog founded by Chiara Ferragni in 2009. She is an ex-law student who started her journey by documenting her style and cross-eyed faces.

Over the next decades, she acquired about 7.2 million Instagram followers, all thanks to the success of her blog.

She also launched her own fashion and styling brand in 2011. Chiara and her team generate nearly $4 million annually from the blogging and brand business.  

#5. Moz.com

Moz.com is a well-known full-service SEO suite to help bloggers and website owners with various SEO-related tasks.

However, here we’re not talking about the software but about their blog, which talks about the latest SEO and inbound marketing trends.

It has emerged as one of the leading publications in the search engine marketing space.

Founded by Rand Fishkin in 2004 as SEOMOZ, it later rebranded itself as Moz and launched dozens of SEO tools and features to become what it is today.

With annual revenue of $61.2m, it has become one of the most influential companies in digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Become a Millionaire by Blogging?

Yes, you can become a millionaire by blogging if you choose the correct niche and publish unique, high-quality content that can attract a large audience.

Also, you should have deep knowledge of SEO (or hire someone who has that knowledge) to help improve the visibility of your blog.  

Which Blog is Best for Earning?

We discussed some of the top money-making blogs in the previous sections.

Combining a profitable niche, high-quality content, and robust digital marketing activities (i.e., SEO, SMM, email newsletter building, etc.), any blog can be the best blog for earning.

Wrapping Up

So, this was all you needed to know about some of the top money-making blogs and what it takes to build one.

We have covered the top money-making niches along with some famous blogs earning millions of dollars every month.

If you still have any questions, shoot them in the comments below, and we will try to answer them at the earliest.

Also, share this post with your fellow bloggers or beginners so that they can learn something from here.

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