With a boast-worthy user base of more than 70 million people globally, Pinterest dethrones Twitter to become one of the fastest growing social platforms in the second-quarter of 2013.

As per a study by Rich Relevance, the value of Pinterest exceeds than of Facebook and Twitter. In other words, an average order placed by Pinterest users is $169, compared to Twitter ($70) and Facebook (95). Moreover, 70% of the user base belongs to the US so if you’re planning to target the US market, it’s time to be on Pinterest.

Top Pinterest Tools for Brand Engagement

The purpose of this article is to acquaint you with the topmost Pinterest monitoring tools. Whether you’re a blogger or an Internet marketer, you need tools to gather the value of your work.

These Pinterest monitoring tools are equipped with latest data mapping software to help build your online brand. Start using them right away! Don’t wait.

11 Pinterest Tools for Brand Engagement

Here are your top 11 Pinterest monitoring tools for brand engagement.

  • HelloInsights

HelloInsights, a product of HelloSociety, is a Pinterest analytics tool that helps you enhance brand engagement, drive traffic to web pages and get loyal consumers.

The powerful toolset helps you to optimize the Pinterest presence. This Pinterest tool gives you latest statistics of what fans are sharing, detailed traffic analysis chart, top brand influencers and customizable comparison charts.

  • Pinalytics

The Pinalytics tool is like a mini-search site for the social networking site users. It is a search engine that lets you search Pins, Boards and People. The results show specific pinned posts, the name of repinners, visits coming from the searched pin, average visit time and so on.

If you are a brand owner, the Pinalytics is an interesting platform for you to understand the brand’s reach ability and optimize social media strategies. You can actually see the brand influencers and connect with them.

  • Reachli

Formerly known as Pinerly, Reachli is a brand valuation tool. Instead of analyzing your current usage of Pinterest, it gives you space to add new Pins from within the Reachli too.

Once done, this tool analyzes the uploaded pins in terms of likes, clicks and repins. It also gives additional data related to the best days and times when certain pins performed better, enabling you to time manage Pinterest usage.

  • PinAlerts

This Pinterest monitoring tool is like Google Alerts. Sign up with them and receive an email alert every time someone pins something directly from your site. You can actually see who pinned images from your site.

This is a great free tool to build an awesome Pinterest community.

  • Cyfe

Cyfe is an all-in-one business monitoring dashboard that will analyze all the linked social media profiles for data and give you real-time reports. The basic version with five widgets is free.

To use Cyfe for as a Pinterest monitoring tool, you need to add the Pinterest widget on the dashboard. The widget will track likes, pins and number of followers. Thereafter, create an RSS feed of the Pinterest source URL and link it with Cyfe.

Start using Pinterest and monitor your brand reach ability on Cyfe.

  • Piqora

Piqora is a complete marketing suite for Pinterest, involving analytics and promotions. You can use this service to customize, deploy and track sweepstakes, contests and promotions on Pinterest. Their intuitive software tracks trending pins and lets you know about prominent brand influencers.

You also get to measure your brand’s ROI through data like follower growth, visits per pin, revenue per pin, reblogs, repin rate, and likes. The software also lets you engage with competitors’ trending pins and boards.

  • ViralTag

Formerly known as Pingraphy, ViralTag Pinterest monitoring tool helps you to schedule pins. A very simple service but useful for every active Pinterest user.

You can upload images in bulk with their handy bookmarklet. Not only this, you can enhance the images like adjusting brightness and adding custom text.

Once the pins are live, you can track every thread of data like repins, comments and like. Integrate the account with Google Analytics for deeper insights. Lastly, you can have multiple accounts with a unified dashboard.

  • Pinvolve

Pinvolve offers a simple function but no doubt, a very effective one.  It syncs Pinterest and Facebook together. A separate tab is created on the Facebook fan page to arrange all the shared content in Pinterest style.

The Pinterest monitoring tool also pulls all the comments and likes from Facebook and linked to that post. To post any content directly to Pinterest, hover over the image and a ‘pin it’ button appears. Click that button and share.

  • Pinwoot

You need followers when you’re starting with Pinterest. You can gain seminally targeted followers by using the Pinwoot tool.

The tool works with a simple premise. You follow others; gain ‘seeds’, offers these ‘seeds’ to others for following you. It’s similar to retweeting sites like JustRetweet.

  • TailWind

Formerly known as PinLeague, TailWind integrates with Google Analytics to gives you a dedicated campaign management tool to discover popular pins, brand influencers, track brand engagement and monitor competition on Pinterest.

Most of these Pinterest monitoring tools are free to use. Some come with a limited trial period while yet others are paid tools.

Each of them is useful for your brand engagement. As one of the fastest growing image-based traffic site, you should not ignore Pinterest.