Keyword researching is basically choosing the targeted keywords to your articles’ contents. If this is done right, then it could be a benchmark to your articles being on top of the results page on search engines. Thus, this connotes that you will need to place the keywords right in the entirety of your article. If you have chosen the right words and the right keywords, then your article will definitely land the results page and you will then increase the traffic of your website.

A generic broad keyword that has been modified to long tail keyword phrase could help your website garner more traffic. Say for example your targeted keyword is “Hair”, and then your keyword phrase will talk about this in a specific manner through your very own topic, which could be “How to take care of your Hair”.

There are many SEO tools on the internet that can help you optimize the keywords of your article more. These tools will help you analyze the keywords that most potential visitors would search for in search engines.

This tool will be a medium of your monitoring in your website. This will help you analyze the different competitions that you are in virtually and thus will let you see the traffic and engagement metrics in a specific site.

Google Analytics


This tool is a great help in looking out for other keyword phrases that have already been garnering much traffic on the internet. You can have your insights about those long tail keyword phrases that you solely need to optimize so that you can garner if not as much, but more than the traffic the website shown has been gaining.

SEO Book Rank Checker


This tool is very handy when it comes to monitoring what rank your articles are in different search engines. This is actually a Firefox plug in that will help you check your website’s rankings in Google, Yahoo and even in Bing.

There are many other SEO Keyword Optimizing tools that you can find on the internet. Some of them are free while others have payments. Nonetheless, they work really well and are worth every penny. What you should just remember is that your main goal is to gain traffic to your websites. Most SEO articles are not really directly relevant to the topic of the article to the keywords, but do work well in link building  On the other note, there are also SEO articles that directly give a topic about the specific keywords and would link back to the website. These methods usually work depending on usage. This also means that you have to research and be knowledgeable about Search Engine Optimization in general first before engaging on such online businesses.