Top Tips for Travel Blogger Productivity

By: | Updated: December 23, 2015

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Blogging while traveling the world is a fun thing to do. One of the perks of being a blogger is the ability to enjoy the flexibility to play while working. Here are several ways to ensure that you work efficiently while on the road. Being a Travel Blogger is a rewarding career and can show you the world by sharing the experience with others.

Travel Blogger-Getting the right mindset


Treat you blog like a real business and take it seriously. Your co-bloggers, graphic designers and editors should be treated as the true business partners that they are.
Develop relationships with your associates by adding purpose to everything you do. Supportive partners can be so helpful in tough times.

Maintain distinct times for work and play

It is hard to separate work from play while on the road. It is very important to set firm boundaries between work and play while traveling as these two tend to blur. Productivity will suffer if you try to do both at once.

Concentrate and focus


Traveling does not always provide a convenient workspace, such as an office, so it is important to eliminate as many distractions as possible.
Some ways to accomplish this are by shutting down new email notifications, only check your email a few times a week and avoid checking social media every 15 minutes.
By following these guidelines you will boost your productivity. Most e-mails can wait, it is better to tend to important tasks first. Social media is great for staying in touch with family and friends, but it can definitely hinder production if you let it.

Ways to improve efficiency

At the beginning of each workday make a list and mark the tasks that are most critical. Get these finished first while your focus and energy is high.
It is also important to take short breaks regularly throughout your work day. This helps to maintain concentration and focus.

Travel plan

Make sure you have a definitive travel plan. Winging it on the road will cost you monetarily, and also in terms of time and energy.
Plan to have set working hours and deadlines in order to accomplish the most work efficiently. Take notes along the way so you won’t forget your experiences later on.

Headlines are essential


Most people only read headlines, so make them stand out. Focusing on a great headline will help you attract a stable following of readers.

Outsource and avoid burnout

You can become overwhelmed thinking you have to do it all. Find someone who can write or design some of your work for you.
It also helps to have someone you trust to look over your work and edit it. Do whatever you can to stay motivated by giving yourself time to recharge.
You may need to just chill in your hotel room for a day in order to be more productive in the long run. There will always be challenges to deal with, but don’t let a few setbacks deter you.

Technology is your friend

Use your smart phone as a workstation. This enables you to work anywhere anytime. Set up all the necessary apps and make sure it has access to a Wi-Fi connection.
Instead of manually posting to social media use apps that allow automatic scheduling. Limit subscribing to blog newsletters to see news and new blog posts as these cut down on efficiency. Tools like Feedly and Flipboard will compile it all in one place.

Exercise helps to achieve goals


To increase productivity, daily exercise helps with focus and energy. Meditation is another invaluable tool that helps to clear the mind; allowing you to focus and work toward your goals.

Remember to have fun

Once you have achieved a goal take time to celebrate. It can be something as simple as a walk on the beach or a get together with friends. Remember the whole point of being a in the field of a travel blogger is to have fun. What a life you will have being a travel blogger and making money from your travel website.


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