You’ve probably thought about it and eventually said NO to yourself. You are scared because you think you probably would screw it all up. You ask yourself; “I have done so much to build this blog, I have invested a lot and worked through thick and thin to see this blog to this stage. What if I just ruin everything with only a few words?” Yes, that is what you probably think; that an ‘About’ page on a blog means just a ‘few words’. But I have to tell you this, it doesn’t. It goes way beyond just the few words you have to say about you or what you want people to think. Neither is it about what the blog’s mission is or even what you’ve set out to do with the blog; it’s more than meets the eyes.

A Personal Testimony

Personal TestimonyAn About page is one of the most critical and delicate features of a blog; it is usually the first page (second to the Homepage) that most visiting readers go to when they enter a blog. I for one didn’t think this phenomenon meant anything serious until I stumbled upon one emotionally inspired About page. Instantly, like an enchantment, I knew what I had to do. I immediately logged into my blog’s account and wasted no time in updating the About page. After this, I actually thought it was over (done and dusted); but it was far from it. I still kept having that feeling that I had not done enough to satiate the initial feeling I got when I read that blog’s About page.

I decided to listen to my conscience (trust me, that’s a lot coming from me). So, I did and got to learn that not only was I meant to derive useful counsel from that page, but that I was also meant to disseminate the message across throughout the blogging sphere. I immediately got to work. I thought of doing so on my blog, but I smartly thought it would be better to guest post it on another blog so that I would canvass more readers than I could possibly get on my blog. So, here goes…

The Message

Firstly, I must confess that one major reason a lot of bloggers get scared about including an about page on their blog is because they believe the page has to necessarily be About Them. This shouldn’t be; I know you have a lot of secrets, I am not asking you to let them out and trust me… no one wants to know. All you have to do is tell your readers only a few things About You; like when you started blogging and why you created the blog. Then use the rest of the page to talk exclusively and elaborately About The Blog. There are a lot of things to talk about a blog; which have to come from you and you alone. The only thing I can tell you is Be Creative!

Page Title

About UsThis is the one that captivates the readers the most. My blog’s About page is title; About The Blog (In A Nut-Shell). That, obviously, is very creative; but yours doesn’t necessarily have to be like that. You can create your own style (straight from your heart). Trust me… the human brain is capable of streaming millions of ideas in seconds (if only you would just let it).

Tips (and don’t get too comfortable with them): I would use, as an instance, this particular blog I visited a while ago for research. On the home page; my eyes just wandered to this link titled; Who Are These Guys? At first, I thought it was all about some guys who did something wrong which the blog was writing a story on. But when I clicked it, I was stunned. Besides that About page that I earlier said changed my whole conception about the phenomenon of About Pages, I had never seen an About page so expertly crafted and created. But you know the irony? I wouldn’t have known or witnessed this awesome creativity if I hadn’t initially been enchanted by the title.

So, yours doesn’t have to be Who Are These Guys; you could make it Who Are We? (if you are a team), if not, you could make it Who Am I? some real smart readers will probably know you are talking about yourself or your blog; but will still visit the page out of sheer curiosity. That curiosity is what would turn to TRAFFIC and eventually PROFIT for you. This is because getting people to learn more about you and the blog makes them more comfortable and also gives them more reason to visit the blog again and even more regularly; I don’t think I ought to tell you what that means…

The Smart Blogger

The Smart BloggerHe won’t click the back, homepage or ‘X’ button just to eagerly get out of this post. What he would do is immediately log into his blog’s account and do everything as told in this post. And after that, he would tell fellow bloggers either by word of mouth or through a post on his blog or another host blog. The smart blogger wouldn’t turn a blind eye at everything he has learned in this post; a smart blogger would be hungry for the satisfaction he would get from being a part of a growing blogging world and of course; the profit he would get… hahaha!!!

Are you that Smart Blogger? Only One Click would tell!

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