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Trello Vs Monday: Similarities, Differences & Which Is Best

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It’s not surprising that businesses ask for guidance when it comes time to adopt a tool for project management, given the sheer amount of such products and the fact that many of them provide overlapping features.

Atlassian’s Trello and Monday work management are two of the most well-known solutions in this space, and both will assist your company in keeping track of its many projects.

Is there a particular one that makes the most sense for your company?

Several elements are at play, so there is no simple solution.

Let’s compare Trello vs. Monday and see where they differ and where they overlap so you can make an informed decision for the needs of your company.

Trello Vs. Monday.com: An Overview

Let’s take a look at Trello vs. Monday.

We’ll discuss features, cost, and general uses, so you know which one fits your needs the best.


Trello is a task management system that emphasizes teamwork and makes work visible via its user-friendly digital kanban boards.

Trello has a simple user interface that makes it great to use.

It continues to survive in the face of intense competition because of its easy and collaborative features.

What is Trello?

Trello is a user-friendly collaboration platform that’s extremely popular.

It lets you group projects and everything associated with them into boards.

Trello is perfect for tracking and locating a lot of information, including:

  • The projects being worked on
  • Who’s working on what projects
  • How much progress your team has made for each project

What Makes Trello Stand Out?

Depending on your objectives and how you set up your boards, Trello may be an instrumental piece of software for the correct person or team.

For some, it’s everything they’ve ever wanted in a productivity tool, plus sprinkles.

Trello is a pretty straightforward app to love.

Trello is similar to an onion.

Although it seems straightforward at first glance, there are numerous facets to its promise as your preferred productivity tool if you get beyond the fundamentals of boards, lists, and cards.

Special Offers

Trello offers a nonprofit and an educational company discount.

To get these discounts, you can apply here:

Nonprofit community discount – Submit your application here: https://www.atlassian.com/software/views/community-license-request.

Education discount – Submit a ticket to their support team here:https://trello.com/contact.

Pros of Trello

  • Trello is accessible as you sign up. You can sign up with Trello for free and get access to practically all of its features. Although most functions are accessible with the free option, there is also a paid service.
  • It’s mobile-friendly. Trello has a user-friendly UI that closely resembles a smartphone application. It has the same functionality as the desktop program and is a very attractive mobile app.
  • You can view everything connected to the project on one page.
  • Creating tasks, adding new members, and assigning tasks are simple.

Cons of Trello

1. You must upgrade in order to have access to very powerful features.

Trello’s free version is different from the upgraded version.

However, it may still be used to do specific tasks.

Until you start paying, a lot of the very useful features, such as Trello’s Gantt chart view and Trello-Jira connection, are not accessible.

2. As projects expand, it becomes complicated.

For certain things, Trello is fantastic.

It works wonders when, for instance, a small number of users manipulate a small number of cards on a daily or weekly basis.

However, it becomes more challenging the more lists you have on a board, the more cards there are on each list and the more people you add.

Trello needs the use of extra layers if you have a multi-step process or require more than a few different color-coded labels in order to operate efficiently.

3. User permissions continue to provide issues.

User permissions are a perennial problem with Trello.

You must trust your employees to utilize the program ethically and skillfully.

That’s because, particularly with a free Trello account, there is no straightforward method to provide them access to cards while still preventing them from deleting them, changing their names, or altering other data.

With a small enough team and a small enough project, it’s on the honor system, which is OK.

But, the issue of how much more expensive premium categories are should have been handled better.

4. Technical Specifications

There are no technical requirements from the user’s perspective.

Trello boards are free and easy to make boards.

You can use them to create tickets and columns and position them to your preference while you add information to them. (name, description, tags, comments, etc.).

The minimum requirements are a device with a connection to the internet and either a browser or the Trello app.


While this project management application is named after everyone’s least favorite day, it’s one of the most well-loved project management systems.

Monday work management emphasizes processes over tasks and celebrates cooperation and clear communication.

It’s an entire suite of tools created to optimize your workflow.

Almost everything can be managed via Monday work management.

If your company needs a versatile software solution, Monday is the perfect fit for you.

Apart from being a project management tool, you can use it for bug tracking, customer relations, billing, and more.

What is Monday.com?

Monday.com is one of the most well-liked management programs among project managers.

Monday provides all the following advantages:

  • Task tracking
  • Ease of collaboration
  • Document storage
  • Progress visualization
  • And more!

Monday utilizes an easily navigated interface, in which you can view projects in whatever way suits you best.

Take advantage of Monday’s free trial, so you can have an idea of what you’re after.

What Makes Monday.com Stand Out?

Monday.com consistently achieves top rankings for project management tools.

The product contains many features and supports a broad range of use cases.

It includes time tracking tools, calendar views, timeline views, collaboration features, and other integrations.

It is adaptable and flexible enough to work for just about everyone, whether you’re a freelancer, an enterprise business, or anything in between.

Special Offers

Outside the featured plans, there are no special offers for Monday.com users.

Pros of Monday.com

Here are some of Monday’s best features.

Multiple Project Views

With just one click, Monday.com provides you with all the tools you need to visualize your projects.

It allows you to change perspectives quickly, dive down or zoom out as far as you need, and see the broad picture or daily activities at a glance.

Some views Monday.com provide are Gnatt, Kanban, timeline, and calendar.

Thanks to the vast array of views, including customized views, you can quickly and easily access all the data and information you want regarding project statuses.

Thus, you no longer need to waste time seeking what you need.

Built-in time Checker

One of the few project management applications on the market with built-in time tracking features is Monday.com.

Time tracking is often an add-on for project management systems, so obtaining it for free (on the Pro plan or above) is a great deal.

You can gain a more in-depth understanding of how long activities take and the complete schedule of your projects—down to the minute—and discover your most time-consuming jobs when both time tracking and project management tools work well together.

Users have the option of manually entering time or clicking to switch on or off the tracker.

With only a few clicks on the mobile app, you can even monitor time from any location.

Additionally, you can do away with tedious procedures like alerting your team or changing a card from one column to another using Monday.com’s automation.

Powerful Integrations

Integrating Monday.com with your existing business tools and applications allows you to turbocharge your project management processes and help your team accomplish more in less time.

You can save time and effort by avoiding switching between different systems by using integrations.

Automating routine administrative chores and keeping everyone in the loop can be achieved with a well-designed workflow automation system.

Slack, Dropbox, Zoom, Google Calendar, Gmail, Todoist, and forty plus more applications are just some of the many with which Monday’s project management is compatible.

Editable Templates:

Monday.com saves time and effort by providing a library of editable templates that work as a starting point for establishing procedures and project management systems.

Templates not only help you save time, but they also make it simple to get started.

Monday.com provides a wide variety of free templates for a wide variety of purposes, including but not limited to: project portfolio monitoring, team tasks, help desk tickets, campaign planning, contact management, customer onboarding, event planning, PMO project planning, product roadmaps, and more.

They provide a template that will work for you whether you’re managing a single project or a complex project with thousands of users.


The ability to automate routine operations is a crucial factor in why many businesses use project management software, and Monday.com is no exception.

But it goes beyond that by making automation totally customized to your team and simple for everyone on the team to adopt.

You can easily assign work to the next available team member, transfer it to the next available phase, and notify everyone involved through email or Slack by clicking a few buttons.

Although that’s just one instance, automation may significantly reduce the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks while also increasing the accuracy and consistency of the results.

Basic logic is used in the automation builder.

Therefore using it is simple even if you have no background with this kind of thing.

As opposed to providing another tool your team doesn’t know how to utilize, project management software should simplify your life.

Though not the most straightforward project management software, Monday.com is also not the most complicated.

Without spending money on expensive training, you and your team may become experts in less than an hour.

To aid with onboarding, issue solving, and skill development, their extensive knowledge resource includes hundreds of video courses.

Plus, the help desk is accessible around the clock through live chat if you ever have any issues.

Cons of Monday.com

While task dependencies are standard in the project management software industry, we found that Monday.com’s implementation fell short.

Unfortunately, their limited usefulness in practical contexts is due to the fact that they can only be configured using dates.

Dependent task cannot begin until its parent job is finished.

The supplied fundamental features guarantee the proper sequence of actions, but beyond that, customization options are limited.

Because dependencies are only offered on the two most expensive plans, they are out of reach for startups and other organizations on a limited budget.

Feature Limitations For Certain Plans

Monday.com is jam-packed with powerful features and a very adaptable project management system, but many of the crucial functions are only accessible on premium levels of the service.

However, even at $24/month, the basic plan lacks features like as Gantt charts and calendar views.

Time tracking, private boards, automation, dependencies, formulae, and even connectors are not available on the basic plan.

One disadvantage of Monday.com is that its basic plan lacks several capabilities that come included with other tools and for which you don’t have to pay extra.

Slow Support

Despite Monday.com’s user-friendliness and 24/7 support, the site’s response times have been a concern for some clients.

The website guarantees a response time of less than an hour from Monday’s customer support agents.

While not terrible, it falls short of the expectations placed on Live representatives.

For some, waiting an hour for a reply is intolerable. Seeking answers in the wiki could help you find them more quickly if you’re in a pinch.

Technical Specifications

You don’t have to meet technical requirements to use monday.com.

As long as you have some device that can connect to the internet, you’ll be able to use it to optimize your workflow.

However, you may not be able to access some of the software’s key features if you’re using the free version of the app.

Trello Vs. Monday.com: Detailed Comparison

Here are the main things you need to consider before choosing between Trello and Monday.


Here are some of key features that both management platforms have.

Features of Trello

You get a detailed overview of their cards, and their system is extremely organized.

The system is also extremely customizable.

You can add labels to your cards and personalize them to suit your needs.

Their editing system is easy.

Thor drag and drop editing and in-line editing features are intuitive and easy to operate.

Trello is optimized for collaboration.

You can have one-on-one conversations, or you can have a group conversation with your entire team.

It also allows you to share files directly from external sources like Google Drive, Google Docs, and Dropbox.

You can also share notes and comment on projects or assignments.

There is no limit to the number of team members you can add.

They use bank-level encryption to keep your information safe.

You can connect Trello to third-party software because they work with public developer APIs.

Features of Monday.com

Monday is extremely secure. They do annual checks to ensure that their systems are up to date.

They encrypt your data several times and use ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018 security systems to keep you.

Monday is extremely customizable.

It uses an open API, so you can use preexisting third-party software or create your own.

You can easily connect it to Google Drive and other software systems.

Monday has an executive board that displays the progress of your projects and allows you to tag team members.

You can easily assign tasks and set a to-do list for your team members. It’s also great for time tracking.

The Monday software uses lists that you can convert into boards or cards.

You can also view your information in the form of a Gantt chart which allows you to budget.


Larger organizations may find Monday more useful, but Trello is the better option for smaller organizations.

User Experience

You want a project management system with a smooth and simple user interface.

Trello User Experience

Trello is highly intuitive because it focuses on accomplishing a specific set of goals.

You don’t have to learn how to manipulate and navigate different views because Trello only has one.

It’s the digital equivalent of organizing your work with sticky notes.

Monday.com User Experience

Monday has a complex system because of its number of features.

Because of this, it takes a bit of time to figure out.

You’ll see a search bar, an inbox, a profile, and a dozen more options.

You may have to watch some videos and tutorials to understand the system fully.


Trello has a more user-friendly interface.


The right project management software for you may vary based on your budget.

Trello Pricing

Trello has four price plans.

  • Free – $0
  • Trello Standard – $5
  • Trello Premium- $10
  • Trello Enterprise – $17.

Monday.com Pricing

Monday.com also has four price plans.

  • Individual – $0
  • Basic – $8 seat / month
  • Pro $16 seat / month
  • Enterprise – You have to contact them


Trello is the more affordable option.

Service and Support

Customer service is considered one of the most vital parts of any product or service and for good reason.

Here is a comparison of Trello and Monday.

Trello Service and Support

Trello customer support is available through email on business days from 5 am to 9 pm EST.

Reports say that they provide feedback quickly.

Monday.com Service and Support

Monday has three forms of customer support.

They host daily webinars and have a written guide.

If you need assistance with a specific problem, they have a ticket system and offer 24/7.

Note that there have been complaints that their support system is too slow.


Monday has better customer support.

Trello Vs. Monday.com: Stand Out Features

Trello and Monday are incredible project management software, but they have different features that are better suited for different projects and people.

Stand Out Features of Trello

Here are `some features that make Trello noteworthy!

The Butler Feature

If you have repetitive work or repetitive tasks, you can use their Bulter feature to automate certain requests.

Custom Templates

You can create specific templates on Trello, which can help with organization and make the process quicker.


You can organize and optimize your workflow with their cards feature.

It’s an individual task that can have subtasks, descriptions, and a due date.

Stand Out Features of Monday.com

Here are `some features that make Monday noteworthy!

Bolt Switch

Their Bolt Switch feature also allows you to manage multiple projects for multiple different brands.


Monday has your back if you’re managing a project requiring a strict budget.

Their Collaboration System Mimics Social Media

Monday is great for teams because it has gifs, mentions, likes, and more, making it the perfect collaboration tool.


There are pros and cons to Trello and Monday, and which software is right for you varies based on the needs of your enterprise.

Use Trello if:

  • You’re a small business or have a small team
  • You value simplicity
  • You’re managing a simple project

If this sounds like you, check Trello out now!

Use monday.com if:

  • You’re a part of a large enterprise
  • You’re managing a complex project
  • You need a versatile project management tool

Take a look at Monday for yourself today!

We hope this helps you to figure out your perfect project management tool for your task management needs.

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