Tweedeogame combines Twitter with YouTube to create a quick, fun game that can be played by just about anyone. So how can such a game help you as a blogger? Offer it as a way to engage your site readers as well as your Twitter followers.

The game works by viewing a video on Tweedeogame, then guessing 5 words that have already been assigned to the video as tags. The more you guess correctly, the more points you earn. The videos come from YouTube, and the Twitter integration comes into play with the sign-in requirement. After signing in with your Twitter credentials, Tweedeogame will record your score and log your matches. For each video you play, you have the option of tweeting your score.

The tweeting of your score is how you spread the word about the game to others. If you have found something fun and of interest to you, your Twitter followers are likely to want to join in on the fun. Once others have viewed the video and maybe even participated in the game, you can discuss the game on Twitter. The Twitter sign-in integration makes this easier for other Twitter users to join in on the fun.

What would be additionally beneficial to you as a blogger is employing the concept behind Tweedeogame to your own videos or videos you find interesting on your own. So a video posted on your blog could be created into a “game” of sorts, where you invite your readers to guess keywords or merely offer up their own keywords via their Twitter account. You’re not only encouraging readers to watch your video content, but you’re providing incentives for them to move the conversation from your blog to your Twitter stream.

While submitting your own video isn’t yet an option for Tweedeogame, the ability to build your community on both your blog and your Twitter account for the purpose of connecting these two aspects of your web presence will help you grow your brand in the end