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By: | Updated: May 10, 2021

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Twitter is one of the most powerful ways to build your following online and connect with the right audience. There are over 200 million users on Twitter and what makes them different from Facebook users is that when you send out a tweet to these followers, all of them actually see it. When you setup a Facebook account or fan page, only around 20-35% of your followers will actually see the status update or message.

For this reason and more I’ve been focusing a lot of effort on increasing my personal Twitter following, along with the Twitter accounts for each of my popular sites. One of the best ways to increase your Twitter following is through the use of Twiends. Twiends gets your profile in front of the the three million plus users that are on their site and it’s up to the user whether they want to follow you or not. I have to make it clear that Twiends DOES NOT sell followers to your account, instead they are pushing the eye balls to your profile and allow people to follow you in exchange for “seeds”, which are the reward system that runs the Twiends web site.

How does Twiends Work?

I gave a simple explanation of how Twiends works above, but now I will show you some visual and video examples as well. The site is extremely easy and free to use. Once you visit their site at, you can sign up for an account by syncing up with your Twitter account.

When you are logged in you will see a nice page of the most followed and newest members on the Twiends service. You will also notice a “SEEDS” count on the right side of the page. You can follow more people to earn seeds for your account, or you can purchase them in a bulk amount so you don’t have to keep following people to get more seeds. You will notice that I have 6,813 seeds in my account, along with a graph of how many followers I am receiving daily through their site (this is a new feature they just added).

While screenshots are always nice for visual examples, video is even better. If you aren’t currently familair with Twiends, be sure to check out the fun video below that best describes how you can increase your Twitter following through their site.

How to Find the Best People to Follow on Twiends

Besides looking at the recommended Twitter accounts on the main page when you log in, you can also search by category or keyword. Using the word “blogging” I was able to pull up a list of some of the most followed and well known uses on Twitter that are also bloggers.

Get More Seeds, Get More Followers

As mentioned earlier, I have a few thousand seeds in my account, but it’s usually over 20,000 seeds because I will purchase more seeds through Twiends every few months. The more seeds you have in your account, the more followers you will get. When you have a lot of seeds you can reward other users with more seeds to get them to follow you. Obviously the more seeds you offer, the more likely you are to get featured on the main login page of Twiends and get more followers.

You can see the different seed packages below. The more you buy, the cheaper they get. If you are going to give out 4 seeds per new follower, this would equate to around .06 – .12 per new follower depending on the amount of seeds you buy.

Whether you want to bring more exposure to your personal Twitter account or your for your blogs, I highly recommend you take a look at You can sign up for free and start getting new followers immediately.

by Brett Helling
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