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Udemy Coupon: How To Save On The Cost Of Udemy

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Udemy rocks the online learning community.

As one of the best platforms for flexible learning, you can learn anything, anytime, and anywhere by accessing over 180,000 different courses.

In a world where knowledge is vital, Udemy is a valuable resource for specific content for any area of interest.

Udemy’s paid courses for individual users range between $10 to $200, which makes learning reasonably affordable.

Team plans for businesses are also available at $360 per user per year.

But if you’re looking for ways to save even more, here are some Udemy coupons.

Does Udemy Have Coupons?

Udemy often does coupon codes and promotional pricing from time to time.

For example, approximately nine times a year, they offer a $10 discount promo.

Some of these codes are good for almost any course on the entire site, as long as the course creator has opted into the promotional offering.

Since the course creators and instructors manage their courses, they can create coupon codes themselves.

Likewise, they can opt-out of any promotional or discount Udemy.com chooses to run.

Codes can be found on coupon sites such as RetailMeNot and Groupon.

In addition, sites like Business Insider and Forbes may also have coupon codes.

Many of these codes will be for new users, but some can apply to existing users.

Types of Udemy Coupons to Look For

Udemy.com has several types of coupon codes depending on the user type.

Be sure to look at the coupon code to determine if it is for a new user, existing user, or student user.

image showing a udemy coupon on a computer screen

1. Udemy Coupons for New Users

Generally, new users can expect to receive a significant discount on their first course when they create an account with Udemy.

Those discounts can range from 80-97% off.

New users can often get a free class for signing up.

2. Udemy Coupons for Existing Users

Not to be left out, existing users receive notifications for future promotions via email.

In addition, some instructors and course creators will send their followers special codes when they have a new course or a current one relevant to studies in which they have previously enrolled.

3. Udemy Student Discounts

Students enrolled in school can find codes for free courses once their enrollment status is verified.

Broke Scholar is one such site to find Udemy coupons for students.

There are a few hoops students have to jump through to get the codes, but those hoops are worth it.

4. Udemy Gift Codes

In addition to promotional coupon codes, Udemy.com offers Gift Codes for the avid learner on your Christmas and Birthday shopping lists.

Apply the Gift Code at check-out the same way as any other code.

How Do You Get a Coupon on Udemy?

The obvious way to find Udemy coupon codes seems to be through a quick Google search.

Make sure you check out the fine print, though.

For example, some links may be to expired or restricted codes.

Udemy has a YouTube channel dedicated to previewing courses.

The Udemy coupon codes can often be found in the videos.

However, they may be old and expired.

Besides coupon sites or Udemy.com, there are other ways to find Udemy coupon codes.

Some Udemy hacks include checking out the instructor’s social media page and subscribing to their email list.

Best Udemy Coupon Codes for 2022

A quick Google search will land you a massive list of sites offering Udemy coupon codes.

Udemycoupons.me and CouponScorpion are two sites dedicated to Udemy coupon codes.

In addition, they have tabs labeled Latest Udemy Coupons.

While other sites do the same thing, these sites are super user-friendly.

How to Apply a Udemy Coupon

image showing a udemy coupon on a computer screen

Redeeming a Udemy coupon must be done on a computer.

Unfortunately, their mobile site doesn’t allow that option, but they are working on it.

Udemy codes can be applied on the Course Page or Shopping Cart.

The box to add the code sits under the purple Checkout button.

The coupon will be applied to the course purchase if the code is valid for that course.

Click “Apply Code” before clicking the “Checkout.”

For more information about Udemy Coupons, check out their FAQ page.

How Udemy Pricing Works

Udemy’s course creators determine the pricing of every course they own.

Each instructor can offer promo codes anytime and choose whether they wish to accept Udemy’s promotions.

It is entirely at the discretion of the individual instructor.

What Is the Lowest Price for Udemy Courses?

Udemy has around 600 free course offerings.

In addition, a lot of quality courses start as low as $10.99.

Unfortunately, coupon codes may not be valid for those.

Why Are Udemy Prices Different?

Udemy allows each instructor to determine the price for the course.

Therefore, many of the instructors will have multiple studies with different pricing.

If you find an instructor you like, follow them for returning student discount codes for additional course purchases.

Also, follow them on social media and subscribe to their email lists for special offers.

How Do I Get Free Udemy Courses?

Some courses are accessible for free on Udemy as set by the instructor.

Check out this latest list of Free Courses on Udemy.

From time to time, either Udemy or the course instructor will have promos for free courses.

Free Udemy course codes can be found on reliable coupon sites, Udemy, the instructor’s page, and social media pages.

Is Udemy Free for Students?

With verified student status, many courses on Udemy will be free or significantly discounted.

Periodic re-verification will be required to maintain the student rates and pricing listings.

Wrapping Up

Learning improves all areas of life.

Being a lifelong learner has many health benefits, from improved brain functions to positive mental health and well-being.

Udemy provides millions with value and relevant learning opportunities at affordable price points.

With Udemy coupon codes and promotions available, there is no excuse not to extend your horizons.

Find a new course and a new passion today.

Interested in learning even more? Check out the courses and education section on our directory and browse even more valuable content.

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