Understanding the General Settings of Your WordPress Dashboard

By: | Updated: December 10, 2015

The WordPress General Settings Dashboard provide’s a way to make specific changes to your WordPress website. This settings section contains a few different things you can change. Here’s what you need to know about the general settings section of the WordPress Dashboard.
First, you can access the general settings section by going to Settings>>General
Wordpress General Settings

WordPress General Settings-Title and Tagline

When you first installed WordPress on your domain, you were given the option to add a title and a tagline. However, if you don’t like the title or tagline you chose, you can change it within the general settings section of WordPress.
Title And Tagline
Depending on the theme you are using, the title and tagline may be displayed in your header. If you don’t want to use a tagline at all, you can leave that section blank.

WordPress Address and Site Address

The WordPress Address and Site Address sections are only used if you want the address of your website to be different from the WordPress Address. Often, these two sections will be exactly the same. However, if you want to change them, you can, but make sure you understand what you are doing before you make this change.
WordPres s Address And Site Address

Email Address

The next section you can change under general settings in WordPress is the email address. This is the email address used for admin purposed, such as notifying you of a new user or a new comment. If you want to change the email address just delete the old email address and add a new one.
Email Address

Membership and New User Default Role

The membership option allows you to keep registration to a minimum or allow anybody to register on your WordPress website. Along with this selection, you can also set the new user default role. This will be the role assigned to any new user when they first register with your site.
Membership And Default Role

Time, Date and Language Settings

The rest of the settings found under the general section are time, date and language settings. You can adjust the time zone to fit your specific time zone, change the format the date and time will be displayed in, decide what day of the week you want the week to start on and set the language of your site.
Time Date Language
Make sure you use the “Save Changes” button to save any changes you have made. Along with these general settings, there may be settings found here for certain plugins. Check with the plugins you install to find out if they add anything to the general settings section of the WordPress Dashboard. Find out more about the different tabs within the WordPress Dashboard by reading our tutorial called, Getting to Know the WordPress Dashboard.