Understanding the Your Profile Section in the WordPress Dashboard

By: | Updated: October 9, 2015

The Your Profile Section is found under the Users tab and under your username found in the top right-hand corner of the WordPress Dashboard. This section allows you to make change to your profile and how the Profile Section WordPress looks for you.
Your Profile
When you go to the Users tab and you click on the “Your Profile” section, you will arrive at a page like this:
Profile Page
This section will allow you to customize your profile to fit your needs and wants.

Your Profile Section WordPress

Your Profile Section WordPress
The first section you will see is the personal options section. This allows you to make some changes to the way the WordPress Dashboard looks and functions for you.
The first option is the Visual Editor. If you check the box labeled, “Disable the visual editor when writing,” you won’t have the option to use the Visual Editor in the post or page edit screens.
The second option found under Personal Options allows you to change the color scheme for the WordPress Dashboard. You can choose any of the eight options and you will have a new color scheme for your dashboard.
You can also enable keyboard shortcuts for comment monitoring, along with show the toolbar when you are viewing your site. Clicking the “More information” link for the keyboard shortcuts options will explain everything you need to know about this option. The Toolbar option will be checked by default, but if you uncheck it, the toolbar at the top of the page will be gone when you view your actual website.
The Name section will allow you to change many things. You can add your first and last name, a nickname and change how your name will be displayed publically. This section will allow you to set the author name you want with each blog post by selecting from the dropdown menu next to the option, “Display name publically as.”
Contact Info
The Contact Info section will allow you to change the email address for your profile and add a website for your profile.
About Yourself
The About Yourself option will allow you to add a bio for your profile. With the right plugin, this bio will be used and displayed after every blog post you write.
Account Management
The Account Management section will allow you to change your password and log out from any other places you might be logged in. Some will see a “Generate Password” button, which will generate a new password, while others may have boxes to enter a new password. This depends on the version of WordPress you are using.

Other Things you May Find in the Your Profile Section

Above, we went through all the basic sections you can change within the Your Profile section of your WordPress website. However, many others may be added by plugins. If you use a plugin for an admin theme, you may have options to change the colors found within the Your Profile section. Some social media plugins will also add a section allowing you to add your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ links to this section of your WordPress site.
It’s important to note, if you make changes to the Your Profile section, it won’t make any changes for any other users. Once you click the “Update Profile” button, your changes will be saved, but they won’t affect anybody else on the site.
Now you know how to use the Your Profile section within your WordPress Dashboard. If you want to learn more about the WordPress Dashboard, you can read our tutorial called, Getting to Know the WordPress Dashboard.