Last week I gave you a preview of the upcoming Personal WordPress Theme. I’m please to tell you that the theme can now be seen online in the BloggingTips Demo Area (and my personal blog too).

The theme has a large options area where you can change lots of things including the design, the way the home page is displayed and the sidebar. For example, you can choose from one of the colour themes or you can choose your own background image or just set a solid background colour instead.

Personal WordPress Theme

It also boasts a host of extra features:

  • Choose what font the header, sidebar and body uses.
  • The ability to set the search box on the left, the right or remove(so that it can be added to the sidebar).
  • You can add a bio and upload a picture of yourself in the admin area to be displayed in the sidebar.
  • Choose whether the sidebar is displayed on the left or right.
  • You can set which social media icons are displayed on the sidebar.
  • You can determine whether full posts are used or excerpts and how many posts are displayed via title only.
  • Choose whether the subscription area at the top of the site is displayed or not.
  • Add additional code to your header and footer directly via the options area. This is handy for adding trackers such as Google Analytics.
  • Exclude pages from the top navigation menu.

The theme is complete though it won’t be released for another week or so. Why the delay you ask? Well, we are adding more functionality to the theme.

  • More colours to choose from: In addition to the existing blue, black and white and red designs, we are developing another 7 colour schemes. This will bring the total number of colour themes to choose from to 10.
  • 2 sidebars: At the moment you can choose whether the sidebar goes on the left or the right. However, many people mentioned that they would like the option of having 2 sidebars, so that is exactly what we are developing. Once it’s released you will be able to choose whether you have one sidebar on the left or right, or whether you have 2 sidebars. If you choose to have 2 sidebars you will be able to put two on the left, two on the right, or one on the left and one on the right. All sidebars will be widget ready.

It’s impossible to please everyone but I think that we have developed a WordPress theme which is incredibly versatile and perfect for personal bloggers. Beginners will be able to get their blog the way they want using the admin area though designers should be able to edit the theme to suit their needs too.

If you are looking for a good design for your personal blog then be sure to check out BloggingTips over the next few weeks for the announcement.