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I don’t need to tell you that video has absolutely exploded onto the online scene these past few years.
It’s easier than ever before to share your video content on such platforms as Facebook and YouTube, but these platforms were never designed for you to sell access to your premium videos.
That’s where Uscreen can help, as it is being positioned as the “#1 video on demand platform on the market.”

What Is Uscreen?

Let’s say you have some videos you’d like to sell, either as individual outright purchases or — the increasingly popular option these days — as a monthly subscription. While it may not be overly technical to set up a premium membership website, the matter of hosting and encoding video content can be much more challenging.
You might consider hosting your videos on YouTube, but that means anyone can watch them for free. You might consider putting them as “unlisted,” but that’s not going to prevent people from freely sharing it either.
You need to have a secure video-on-demand platform of your own. Netflix, Hulu and MasterClass don’t host their videos on YouTube and neither should you if you want to be able to sell that content.
Enter Uscreen.

The main idea here is you gain access to a fully white label video on demand platform that makes it super easy for you to sell videos online. You can create your own video platform that is advertising supported, you can offer a subscription-based video on demand service, or you can sell videos on a pay per transaction basis.
The first is similar to what you see on YouTube, the second is like Netflix, and the third is like buying a movie on iTunes… except it’s all your content, all under your brand, and completely under your control.

The Biggest Features

Instead of having to turn to multiple vendors to handle the various aspects of running a video-on-demand website, the biggest appeal to Uscreen is that it is effectively a comprehensive solution that can take care of practically everything you need, every step of the way.
The list of features is truly extensive.
This starts with content management and video encoding. You can upload almost any kind of content (not just videos), including access to a bulk web uploader, FTP, Dropbox or Google Drive. It can also handle live streaming and webinars, which can subsequently be sold as video on demand after they’ve finished airing.
Uscreen guarantees that viewers of your content will experience no buffering whatsoever, as the service utilizes the Akamai and EdgeCast global content distribution networks (CDN).
These are the same CDNs used by big services like Netflix and YouTube, connecting viewers with the closest possible server for instant, high quality playback.

The monthly fees include unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth, so it doesn’t matter how many videos you have or how many viewers you have. It’s an all-inclusive price, so there will never be any surprises.
And remember that Uscreen is offfered as a fully white label solution, so there is absolutely no Uscreen branding on any of your video content. It’s all under your brand for that super professional presentation.

Perfect for Online Courses

In addition to quality entertainment and any number of other possibilities, one of the more popular ways that Uscreen is used is to power online video courses.
Perhaps you have a video series on preparing gourmet meals or on how to use a certain set of tools. With Uscreen, you can offer a professional online course for your students.
The platform goes beyond simply hosting, encoding and playing your videos for your students. With Uscreen, you can organize your content into chapters, set up a course track so viewers know what workflow they should be following, schedule content to be released at a certain time to correspond with your course schedule, and even add quizzes and tests to make sure they’re understanding what they’re watching.
There’s even a community aspect that supports collaboration, comments and more.

Design, Sales, Marketing, Payments…

The video on demand (VOD) features of Uscreen are obviously their greatest appeal, because they are what you will be using to sell and share your premium video content to your customers.
As mentioned, though, Uscreen really is a comprehensive solution in this area by taking care of every other step in the process too.
It’s not just about hosting the videos. Use Uscreen to design your whole website by leveraging the point-and-click themes that look beautiful on all devices.
The site designs are fully customizable, come with a built-in blog, and support custom domains. You can build custom landing pages, utilize advanced code editing, and offer a full product catalog to your prospective customers.

From a sales and marketing perspective, you can easily sell subscriptions, rentals, and one-time sales. You can offer free content to entice new customers, put together packages, offer special promotions, set up coupons and more, just like the bigger players in the industry.
And when they’re ready to open their wallets, Uscreen offers a built-in payment system with fully customizable order forms. You can even accept payment via Bitcoin if you want!
This all comes backed with comprehensive metrics and in-depth reporting too. It’s a true business in a box. You just have to bring the content.
Uscreen never takes a commission or a revenue share; you simply pay the monthly flat fee to use the platform.

How Much Does It Cost?

Considering that you could easily spend a fair bit of money elsewhere for all the non-VOD features of Uscreen, the monthly fees for Uscreen are remarkably reasonable.
Remember that your storage capacity and bandwidth are never limited or throttled too.
The basic monthly plan starts at $99. This gives you access to drip content, email support, integrated email marketing, and support for up to 200 users.
If you need to handle up to 1000 users and want more advanced theme customization, learning tools, and a fully white label solution, you’ll want to step up to the $199 pro plan. Or you can unlock it all with the $399 luxury plan, which includes affiliates, royalty tracking and video advertising.

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