Liquid Story Binder XE is a fabulous software that I have only recently discovered. What I really like about it is its versatility and ease of use once you get over the initial learning process. The software is a shareware product which means you can download it for free and it will be fully functional with all the trimmings. However, after a period of 30 non consecutive days of use, Liquid Story Binder will cease to work. However, you can purchase a license if that happens to you for only $45.95.

What exactly is Liquid Story Binder?

If you are after a uniquely designed word processor, then Liquid Story Binder will delight you for sure. Ideal for novelists, poets, freelance writers, aspiring authors and all others who love to write with the help of a commercial like text editor and document tracking system.

With Liquid Story Binder you can create, outline and revise to your hearts content.

liquid story binder

Liquid Story Binder Features

This software has an amazing array of features that will make your daily life at the office so much easier. You can organize, access and edit anything you create and most likely you will find this tool so helpful you don’t ever want to go back to boring old Word.

1.) Word Processing:

If you are an aspiring fiction writer, you will love Liquid Story Binder. Designed for novelists, it includes all the usual standard features expected from a decent word processing system. You will find thesaurus, spell-checking, smart quotes, templates, font and paragraph styles.

2.) Chapter and Scene Based Writing:

If you have tendencies to write reports or long articles that might need to be pulled into an ebook at a later stage, you will like this feature as it can clean and combine many small documents into a single, font-unified manuscript. If you use a Chapter Builder, you can quickly arrange complex scenes.

3.) Organize your Multimedia:

With Liquid Story Binder you can sort pictures into Storyboards or Galleries. It allows you to also access custom built MP3 playlists and if you have a great voice you can even record yourself reading your latest chapter using a microphone.

4.) Organize yourself:

With the application’s flexible features you can select the file types that work best for you. Be free and imaginative as much as you like. You don’t have to use the files as suggested. Suit your own working environment by choosing applicable features instead.

If you create a book folder, Liquid Story Binder will sort, search and combine your documents in one place. You can also select your own writing color schemes. There is so much you can do with this, like opening many windows at the same time, save certain window positions and much more.

5.) If you prefer Full Screen Editing:

Then you can have it. To avoid major distraction through separate windows, icons and what not, you can select the Full Screen Editing feature within the application.

This will remove all distractions such as menus and title bars and you can no longer find yourself losing valuable writing time.

6. ) Advanced Tools:

You will find many useful tools that will make your work much easier, such as Timelines, Outlines, Dossiers, Sequences and Story boards. Also, with every chapter your write the software will create a backup file that is easy to access.

7.) Mobility:

If you go away or travel often, take Liquid Story Binder with you. It can be installed on a flash card or USB drive. Take your writing wherever you need to go. Use it on a friend’s computer, at school, or at work.

With only 4MB in size, it actually takes longer to download an MP3 file.

8.) Integrates with WordWeb:

WordWeb is a quick and powerful international English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows. Normally used to look up words from almost any Windows program, it shows definitions, synonyms and related words. There are also many proper nouns and usage examples.

9.) Universal Search:

If you can’t remember where you wrote that last important paragraph you can use XE’s Universal Search to find just about anything.

10.) Repetition Visualizer:

The Liquid Story Binder XE’s Repetition Visualizer allows you to find, at-a-glance, repetitive words and phrases. Helpful when you do keyword related articles.

11.) Supports Simple File Formats:

Liquid Story Binder XE uses basic TXT, RTF, and ZIP file formats guaranteeing future access no matter what software you use. Never worry and always be adaptable.

12.) Compatibility:

Liquid Story Binder is tested and developed on systems using Windows Vista. Liquid Story Binder XE is also compatible with Windows XP.

In closing

As you can see, Liquid Story Binder XE is a very promising software. You have nothing to loose by trying it out and playing with its’ features to make yourself more at home. I’m pretty sure that you will be as impressed as I am with this software.

I truly like the mobile function and the small download size since I can just carry it with me on my thumb drive wherever I go.

To read more about Liquid Story Binder, visit their website.