How do you improve search engine ranking?

I came across a few months ago and I’ve fallen in love with it.

It’s a great social bookmarking and pinging tools. It’s so easy to use and can provide your blog with the edge to rank better.

The first time I pinged my post with the tool, Google spider immediately crawled and indexed my article and within 24 hours, it was on Google first page. Wow!

Disclaimer: the keyword I was targeting wasn’t competitive at all. It had 230 searches locally according to Google and the competing webpages were 740 when searched with quotes (“ ”).

Bear in mind that ranking on Google first page takes time and you need to build quality links.

Writing isn’t enough

Publishing a new post is the first stage. You don’t have to stop there. It’s called “article marketing” not article writing. So, the marketing aspect has to come in. Google and other search engine spiders could miss-out on new posts, especially when your blog is new and has little or no external links.

Marketing effectively can take your blog to the next level. You’ve to have the guts to go out there and get fresh readers, external links and the right resource to engage readers.

But how do you do that?

Ping your new posts with

When you ping a new post, it’ll notify all major search engine spiders that a new and quality post has been published. The spiders would in turn visit the blog, read through the pages to determine what topic you’re addressing.

They need the right placement of keywords and how cute your content is. With, you can syndicate your post across 10s of social media networks like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Digg, Simply, Google bookmarks and so on.

When you register with this network, you’ll be given the opportunity to share your best and unique posts – and it’s 100% free.

Use anchor links to beef up

Let’s assume you’re reviewing htc phones on your tech blog. When you want to ping to social media networks and web 2.0 sites, hyperlink htc phones and link it to either the product page. Using anchor to syndicate your new post can make a great difference.

You’ve to do it discreetly especially now that Google is releasing Panda and Penguin to penalize over-optimized blogs.

Write Helpful Contents Always can work effectively if the contents you’re syndicating are helpful and valuable to the end user. It’s not enough to write crappy posts and expect Google spider to pick it up. Research extensively. Study the various aspects of your business to ensure you know the topic before writing.

Those who produce exceptional contents will benefit from organic traffic in the long-run. Even as Google frequently updates their ranking algorithm, you need to position your blog for better and legit ranking. Don’t use tricks or go through the backdoor.

If you’re a tech blogger, the android tablet is a hot market right now, and when you syndicate latest review and articles with, you would’ve better chances of ranking well. But pinging works both in the midstream and downstream niches – take action on this.

Get started with today and share your experience. See you at the top!