A couple of days ago, Chris Garrett asked if we should edit or delete old posts. It reminded me I needed to do a little blog maintenance and review old posts, check links and make sure everything is still relevant. Will I edit or delete old posts? Well, it depends. Since one of my blogs, Freelance Writing Jobs, lists leads to gigs, I deleted those that were months or years old when I switched from Blogger to WordPress several months ago. It only made sense to do a bit of pruning in that area, I mean, why have lists of dead links?

Would I delete or edit old content? Nope. I use it to make new content. Instead of updating the post, I create new content directing my readers to the older post while explaining why I’m changing my way of thinking. This serves two purposes. The older articles are kept on hand as sort of a historical archive and the newer posts continue to inform, while showing how things change over the years. More content, more pageviews.

The person who helped me make the switch and redesign for my blog, did leave many articles out and one of my missions is to put them back in again. While a lot of my older writing makes me cringe, I think it’s important to look back, see where we were, how we changed, and what we can do better in the future.