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Vegan Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 25 Examples

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As more people start to follow a vegan diet, more people visit vegan blogs!

If you’re not familiar with vegan blogs, you can read all about them here, as well as check out 25 examples of stellar vegan blogs, learn how to start a blog, and more!

Consider this your comprehensive guide to vegan blogs.

You can learn everything you need to know about starting your blog here.

The Best Vegan Blogs (Examples)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

What Is a Vegan Blog?

A Vegan blog is an online blog that focuses on plant-based recipes, vegan-friendly products, and the general lifestyle of a vegan!

These healthy food blogs can be excellent sources of ideas and products for vegans, but can also offer information to people interested in veganism and plant-based foods.

What Does a Vegan Blogger Blog About?


Vegan bloggers typically speak straight to vegans and discuss how to follow a vegan diet that is still tasty and nutritious.

Most vegan bloggers will offer readers delicious and easy recipes that are plant-based.

Recipes are an important aspect of most vegan blogs, but bloggers also give recommendations for vegan products and tips for making veganism fun and yummy.

What Is Included On a Vegan Blog?

So what can you expect to find on a popular vegan blog?

Most vegan blogs include the same items and pages.

The most popular features of a vegan blog are below.

1. Recipes

Practically every single vegan blog will feature a bunch of vegan-friendly recipes you can try!

While many people feel strongly about the importance of following a vegan diet, it can be hard to constantly come up with scrumptious and innovative meals with only plant-based ingredients.

Vegan blogs are a major resource for vegans looking for new recipes.

2. Products Recommendations

Finding and buying decent vegan products can be challenging.

Common products vegans look for are vegan butter, nut milk, and protein alternatives to meat.

Vegan products can be expensive, and some don’t taste amazing.

Vegan bloggers do some legwork for their readers, trying various products and greetings ratings, or recommendations.

3. Vegan News

Vegan blogs that lean toward pop culture may have a stream of vegan-related news their readers can check out.

Celebrities going vegan, new vegan restaurants, and similar news can show up on vegan blogs to keep people informed as the vegan movement grows in popularity.

4. Discussion Forum

Some vegan blogs will have a discussion forum where vegans can chat, and share recipes, tips, or product recommendations.

These forums can create a supportive and engaging vegan community and give the blogger a chance to interact directly with their readers and create an inviting environment.

5. Cookbook Recommendations

Like vegan products, excellent vegan cookbooks can take some effort to find.

Vegan bloggers often post their favorite cookbooks and links so you can easily buy them.

They may even be promoting their own cookbook, but they usually post about their favorite ones too.

Other Things That You Can Find On a Vegan Blog

Vegan blogs can include a few other items to engage readers and stand apart from competitors.

Below are a few things some vegan blogs include.

  • Videos: Most vegan blogs have recipes, but some take it a step further and make video tutorials so you can easily copy the recipe with a visual aid. These videos add a personal touch to the recipes, so you feel like you’re cooking along with the blogger!
  • Subscriptions: Vegan blogs often have subscription services where you can receive exclusive recipes or blog posts. These vegan subscriptions can fill your inbox with mouthwatering recipes and help you make your vegan meals exciting rather than repetitive.
  • Vegan Explanation: Some vegan blogs target newbie vegans or potential vegans, explaining what veganism is and how it can benefit individuals and the planet! Many people think vegans only eat lettuce and carrots, but vegan blogs help debunk silly myths like this.

Types of Vegan Blogs

Below are five types of vegan blogs you can find online!

  • Vegan Blogs for Baking: If you’ve ever baked a cake, you know it takes many non-vegan ingredients, like milk, eggs, and butter. Vegan baking blogs focus on helping readers make their favorite baked goods with only plant-based ingredients.
  • Vegan Blogs for Healthy Eating: Even though eating vegan consists of mostly plant-based ingredients, some vegan recipes can use highly caloric ingredients. Healthy eating vegan blogs help people find the healthiest recipes.
  • Vegan Blogs for Diet & Nutrition: It can be difficult to ensure you get enough protein and other nutrients when following a vegan diet, but diet and nutrition blogs can help you balance your eating to take excellent care of your body.
  • Vegan Blogs for Desserts: Many vegan blogs focus on breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, but vegans want dessert too! Some blogs focus on vegan desserts to satisfy vegans with a sweet tooth!
  • Vegan Blogs for Religion: Some vegan blogs emphasize the role of religion in veganism. People even view veganism as a religion sometimes, so religious vegan blogs will discuss how a faith views the vegan lifestyle.

Do Vegan Blogs Make Money?

Vegan bloggers can make good money if they generate a significant following and take advantage of promotion opportunities and affiliate programs.

While some vegan bloggers may do it just for fun, other bloggers turn this into their primary source of income! You can take a few avenues to make money

How Do Vegan Blogs Make Money?

Vegan blogs can make money via affiliate programs, product promotions, advertisements, email marketing campaigns, or band deals!

Bloggers can use one or many of these money-making strategies to turn their fun, informative blogs into a source of income.

Vegan bloggers can also make money by selling products they’ve crafted themselves.

You can charge for these products and services to generate money if you make an ebook, meal plan, online cookbook, print cookbook, vegan courses, or live cooking classes.

Some vegan bloggers even sell their own food, like vegan cookies or dressings.

How Much Do Vegan Blogs Make?

How much a vegan food blogger makes will depend on how much content they churn out and what money-making techniques they use.

Vegan blogs can make as little as a few hundred dollars a month.

But the most successful vegan blogs can generate over $10,000 every month.

On average, the consistent and successful food blogger can make around $3,000 monthly using affiliate marketing and product promotions.

Products to Promote and Sell on a Vegan Blog

Affiliate programs in the food niche are a great way for vegan bloggers to generate money from their blogs.

The most common products promoted on vegan blogs are cookbooks!

Some cookbooks are written by the blogger, while others are from other writers who allow the blogger to promote and sell their book.

Sparking an affiliate deal with tofu companies, plant-based meat alternatives, dairy alternatives, faux leather, health supplements, vegan cosmetics, and vegan alcohol can be successful.

Essentially, vegan blogs should promote and sell any products that would appeal to vegans!

Helpful kitchen gadgets that apply to the recipes you post can also be alluring to vegan readers who love to cook.

Best Vegan Blogs: 25 Examples

For some excellent inspiration, you should peruse these 25 extraordinary vegan blogs that exemplify how to run a successful vegan blog.

These 25 blogs use a variety of advertising and promotion techniques to make money while providing readers with delicious recipes, helpful advice, and a supportive community.

How Many Vegan Blogs Are There?

It’s impossible to count all the vegan blogs that exist!

But it’s safe to say there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of vegan blogs on the internet.

Some are super popular, while others are not well-known.

If you’re thinking about starting a vegan blog, check out 25 of the best vegan blogs below!

Vegan Blogs for Baking

If you’re a die-hard baker but struggle to craft delicious plant-based baked goods, these five blogs are the best vegan baking blogs to follow!

1. The Minimalist Baker

A screenshot of the Minimalistbaker Homepage

The Minimalist Baker is one of the most popular vegan baking blogs and features hundreds of scrumptious vegan recipes to satisfy your baking itch.

This vegan baking blog is so successful because the website has a clean layout that’s easy to navigate and mouth watering images of food!

There are subtle advertisements and a page where you can shop all of their promoted products.

2. Unconventional Bakers

screenshot of the unconventional bakers homepage

Unconventional Bakers is a wonderful vegan blog for people who want innovative and easy plant-based baked goods.

There are also plenty of no-bake recipes to make things even simpler!

The recipe pages are broken down into categories so it’s easy to find exactly what you want.

3. Beaming Baker

screenshot of the beaming baker homepage

The Beaming Baker is a diverse baking blog that highlights yummy vegan baking recipes.

Many recipes focus on nutrition and protein, so you can enjoy a sweet treat without feeling guilty.

This blog uses popup ads and uses some affiliate programs for vegan products.

4. Bittersweet

screenshot of the bittersweet homepage

The Bitter Sweet blog has all kinds of vegan recipes, but they got started with fabulous vegan baking recipes.

On this blog, you can find more than just cookies and cupcakes, you can find vegan recipes for bread, biscuits, rolls, and more!

This blog mostly promotes the author’s cookbook to generate money.

5. Vegan Baking Up High

screenshot of the vegan baking up high homepage

The Vegan Baking Up High blog is super straightforward.

It lists phenomenal vegan baking recipes, from sweet cakes to muffins to pies to yeast bread!

The blog has no pop-up ads or banner ads, making the viewing experience more pleasant.

Instead, promoted products are embedded in the content.

Vegan Blogs for Healthy Eating

If you’re interested in blogs that focus on healthy eating, check out these five fantastic blogs.

When following a vegan diet, it can be easy to choose the easiest, and sometimes least healthy, vegan foods.

But these vlogs can help keep your eating habits healthy and vegan.

6. Minimalist Vegan

screenshot of the minimalist vegan homepage

Not to be confused with the Minimalist Baker blog, the Minimalist Vegan blog is filled with inspiring articles and informative posts.

Unlike most vegan blogs, the Minimalist Vegan focuses on vegan news and tips, explaining how to eat vegan without sacrificing your health.

However, there are very few recipes posted here.

7. Vegan Richa

screenshot of the vegan richa homepage

One of the most successful vegan blogs for healthy eating is the Vegan Richa blog, where you can find a massive collection of healthy vegan recipes that focus on using plants and avoiding unnecessary fats and oils.

Find innovative ways to use tofu or turn your favorite dishes into a vegan delight.

8. Plant Based Juniors

screenshot of the plant based juniors homepage

Getting kids to eat healthily is hard enough, but only gets harder when adhering to a vegan diet.

Plant Based Juniors blog is run by two moms who want to help their readers create healthy and delicious meals that kids and adults alike will love.

They sell their cookbooks on the website to help parents.

9. Vegan Yack Attack

screenshot of the vegan yack attack homepage

The Vegan Yack Attack blog focuses on avoiding oils and unnecessary and unhealthy additions to vegan recipes.

This blog proves to people you can create delicious vegan meals without adding tons of salt and oil.

Plus, this blog helps you avoid processed products packed with harmful chemicals.

10. Oh My Veggies

screenshot of the oh my veggies homepage

The Oh My Veggies blog is all about vegetables! It has both vegan and vegetarian recipes, all of which focus on turning simple vegetables into extraordinary meals.

From coleslaw to peach cobbler to potato curry, you can find some unique and interesting recipes on this blog.

Vegan Blogs for Diet & Nutrition

For vegans who want to focus on balancing their diet and ensuring their body gets all the nutrition it needs, vegan diet and nutrition blogs are the best!

11. The Curious Chickpea

screenshot of the curious chickpea homepage

The Curious Chickpea blog aims to help vegans enjoy a balanced diet full of nutrients without compromising flavor.

The recipes focus on using plant-based meat alternatives in classic dishes without feeling like the meal lacks something.

If you want help using tofu, tempeh, and other meat alternatives, The Curious Chickpea is an extraordinary blog.

12. Your Daily Vegan

screenshot of the your daily vegan homepage

Your Daily Vegan is an informational vegan blog that helps people begin their vegan journey and understand how to follow a vegan diet without sacrificing diet and nutrition.

The blog sells vegan meal plans and guides to help you eat well and avoid non-vegan ingredients.

13. Pick Up Limes

screenshot of the pick up limes homepage

The mission of the Pick Up Limes blog is to make a nourishing plant-based lifestyle easy and accessible to everyone.

hey focus on nutrition and maintaining a healthy diet without breaking the bank.

Plus, they post tons of helpful articles for staying fit and healthy.

14. The Full Helping

screenshot of the fullhelping homepage

The Full Helping blog helps vegans get all the protein and nutrients they need without straying from a vegan diet.

While there are plenty of healthy vegan recipes, there is also an informative section on how to maintain nutrition while enjoying plant-based food.

15. Olive Wood Vegan

screenshot of the olive wood vegan homepage

The Olive Wood Vegan blog is about more than just vegan eating, it’s about clean eating!

This blog helps vegans avoid processed foods with sugar and chemicals, so they can treat their bodies well.

The website features recipes, an ebook, songs, and videos!

Vegan Blogs for Desserts

It’s easy to lure people into a blog when you post about pumpkin pie and fudge.

Check out the best vegan dessert blogs for sweet, plant-based treats.

16. Addicted to Dates

screenshot of the addictedtodates homepage

The Addicted to Dates, as they put it, post epic vegan desserts so everyone can enjoy delicious desserts on a vegan diet.

From cheesecakes to pies to cookies, you’ll find an incredible array of plant-based desserts on this blog.

With subtle banner ads and a clean interface, this is a phenomenal blog to use as inspiration.

17. Veggie Desserts

screenshot of the veggie desserts homepage

Like Oh My Veggies, the Veggie Desserts blog wants readers to harness the power of vegetables.

Desserts made from only vegetables may not sound so sweet, but the recipes on this blog will make you change your tune.

With vegetables, you can create simple desserts like rice Krispies or more complex desserts like kale cupcakes with orange icing!

18. The Raw Chef

screenshot of the raw chef homepage

This blog is unique because it focuses on raw ingredients, making dessert easier than ever.

The Raw Chef helps you create delicious vegan desserts without touching the stove or turning on the oven.

For vegans who want to try something new, this is one of the best blogs to follow.

Using only raw ingredients can be tricky, but with some practice and help from this blog, vegans can make dessert time super simple.

19. Fran Costigan: Queen of Vegan Desserts

screenshot of the fran costigan homepage

Fran Costigan is the queen of plant-based sweets.

Her website features free recipes for fruit desserts, frozen treats, puddings, and more!

The blog offers a subscription where you can get newsletters from Fran or order her stellar vegan cookbooks for desserts.

You can also find a few savory dishes on the website.

20. The Vegan 8

screenshot of the vegan 8 homepage

The Vegan 8 blog has loads of vegan recipes, but most recipes are for sweet treats!

Readers can try vegan snickerdoodles, ice cream, brownies, pudding, and more!

You can even learn to make vegan Nutella so you can enjoy that rich hazelnut flavor without the animal byproducts.

Vegan Blogs for Religion

The relationship between veganism and religion is complex and ever-changing.

Some vegan blogs offer tips for veganism and vegan recipes from a religious angle, allowing healthy eating and faith to intersect.

21. The Buddhist Chef

screenshot of the buddhist chef homepage

Buddhist beliefs often revolve around caring and respecting all creatures, so it makes sense that Buddhists adhere to and appreciate veganism.

The Buddhist Chef blog has loads of delicious vegan recipes, but the blog section has posts that consider the relationship between veganism and Buddhism.

They discuss the need for compassion for all, including animals.

22. VegParadise

screenshot of the vegparadise homepage

The VegParadise blog does not follow a specific religion

Instead, the blog focuses on the spirituality of veganism, treating the diet as its own religion and belief system!

This blog has a wonderful, supportive community that wants to use veganism to achieve world peace!

The blog can get a little intense, but many people love the beautiful message the blog aims to spread.

23. Vegan Society

screenshot of the vegan society homepage

The Vegan Society blog has an active discussion board that covers all topics related to veganism, including religion.

You can read about veganism through the lens of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and other faiths.

Learning how different faiths appreciate veganism and how veganism can help the world can give you a different perspective on this diet.

24. Vegan Grocery Store

screenshot of the vegan grocery store homepage

Some passages in the Christian Bible discuss Jesus eating meat or the Lord granting animals to humans as a gift to use how they see fit.

But the Vegan Grocery Store, a wonderful source of vegan products, works to debunk these beliefs and show how God would not want people harming animals unjustly.

The blog stands against consuming animals using Christian beliefs to back up the cause.

25. The Sensible Vegan

screenshot of the sensible vegan homepage

The Sensible Vegan blog is a Christian blog with tons of vegan recipes and tips.

Instead of focusing on how Christians shouldn’t eat meat, the blog discusses how God gifted humanity with so many nutritious plants that there’s no need to harm and consume animals.

This religious vegan blog is a wealth of information and fascinating perspectives on religion and veganism.

How to Become a Vegan Blogger

Does vegan blogging sound like the perfect hobby or job for you?

There is no reason you can’t start your own blog to discuss veganism, post fun recipes, and connect with other people in the vegan community!

Whatever your motivations for starting a blog are, it can be an overwhelming task, but you can do it!

Follow the steps below to become a vegan blogger and start making money doing what you love.

1. Determine the Direction of the Blog

One of the first steps to creating any blog is choosing a direction.

Do keyword research to uncover opportunities in the vegan blog world, such as the religion, dessert, or nutrition topics discussed above.

You need to know what direction you want the blog to go.

Will you mainly focus on recipes?

Or do you want to tackle and promote the ethics behind veganism?

Think about what kind of content you want to make and go from there.

2. Select a Niche

Knowing how to choose the right niche is valuable when starting a blog.

Try to find a niche you feel comfortable in that isn’t overrun by other blogs.

You can create a vegan blog focused on how to use tofu.

Or dedicate your blog to vegan breakfast!

Doing keyword research and perusing other vegan blogs will help you select the perfect niche for you to focus on.

3. Select a Name

Coming up with a blog name can be stressful.

You want something catchy and clear, so people can understand your blog at a glance.

Sometimes, the best blog name is simple.

The blogs with simple titles above, like Veggie Desserts or Your Daily Vegan, make it obvious what the blog is about.

But unique blog names, like The Curious Chickpea or Pick Up Limes, can be more memorable and differentiate you from other blogs in the same arena.

4. Select a Blogging Platform

Once you have a stellar name and know the direction of your blog, it’s time to choose a blogging platform.

There are several different blogging platforms available.

Browse the features and conditions of blogging platforms and choose one that caters to your needs and expectations.

Below are some of the top blogging platforms to check out.

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Medium
  • Blogger
  • Dropplets

5. Register a Domain

Once you choose your platform, it’s time to register your domain.

Research your option to choose the best domain registrar, and claim your desired domain as soon as possible.

Domain names can go quickly, so don’t put off this step.

6. Get Web Hosting

The next step is to get web hosting.

Web hosting allows you to have storage space on your website, so you can keep your posts, recipes, and other content organized and accessible.

We suggest managed WordPress hosting, as it is an efficient and reliable web hosting service that many bloggers and businesses trust.

7. Build the Blog

A few steps go into building a decent blog.

You need to select a style, add necessary pages, incorporate useful plugins, and more before you’ll be ready to start posting and making money.


First, choose a lovely theme that will capture the essence and mood of your blog.

Install a WordPress theme that matches the vibe you want your blog to exude.

Most vegan blogs have a light and airy vibe to mimic the clean-eating message they send.

But you can choose whatever theme you think will suit your content.


WordPress plugins can make your blog more efficient and easy to navigate.

There are many plugins to choose from, but we recommend a few.

Consider adding the following WordPress plugins to your blog to enhance it:

  • Yoast SEO
  • Gravity Forms
  • Jetpack
  • WP Smush

Essential Pages

There are certain pages every blog needs, no matter what topic you cover.

Below are some of the essential pages for your blog.

Your vegan blog can include discussion boards, recipes, and other content, but the following pages apply to almost any blog.

  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Subscribe page
  • Archives page
  • Disclaimer page

8. Produce Content for the Blog

Creating content for your blog is the fun part of the process!

Whatever type of content you want to post on your blog, whether it’s recipes, articles, videos, or advice, you’ll need to generate a few posts and upload them to your blog, so visitors have something to check out.

Before you launch the blog, you should try to curate at least two or three pieces of engaging content.

9. Launch the Blog Publicly

Launching a new blog is a little intimidating, but also exhilarating.

However, you won’t find success if you never launch the blog.

Once you’ve built your blog and created some content, it’s time to launch the blog, making it available to the public to view and visit.

10. Promote the Blog

There are a few ways to promote a blog.

You can post about your blog on social media, tell friends and family to check it out, or try to get other bloggers or influencers to post about it!

Any way you can get the name or content of your blog out there will help you find more success.

Similar Blogging Types to Check Out

If you like vegan blogs but think it’s not the right topic for you, explore different types of blogs that make money that might be a better fit.

Remember, you can always include vegan topics on your blog, even if it isn’t a blog dedicated to veganism.

1. Food Blogs

Food blogs are super popular; people always want tasty places to eat or new recipes to try.

If you consider yourself a foodie, start a food blog where you can review and discuss your favorite restaurants or dishes and become one of the best food blogs.

2. Cooking Blogs

Cooking blogs are always in demand, as many home cooks need help navigating the complex culinary world.

Whether you want to help people create meals in under 30 minutes or teach anyone to make filet mignon, a blog is a great way to reach people.

3. Recipe Blogs

Recipe blogs allow you to share your innovative and delectable recipes with the world.

If you think you’re excellent at combining flavors and creating unique meals, post your recipes on a blog, so everyone can enjoy your creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few frequently asked questions regarding veganism.

vector graphic showing an illustration of vegan blogs

Is veganism a thing?

Yes! Veganism, or the practice of abstaining from all animal products, is becoming a popular diet around the world.

People follow a vegan diet for different reasons, such as health, ethics, or sustainability.

Which country is vegetarian-friendly?

India is likely the most vegetarian-friendly nation, with many citizens abstaining from meat for religious and spiritual reasons.

Wrapping Up

If you want to start your very own vegan blog, don’t wait any longer.

It may seem like there’s a lot of competition, but if you choose the perfect niche and create quality content, you can become a successful vegan blogger and make money doing it.

Whether you have vegan recipes to share, advice to give, or topics to discuss, there is a place for you in the world of vegan blogs.

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