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vidIQ Free Trial: Length, What’s Included and How To Extend

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Finding free trial options nowadays can be difficult as many companies omit the feature.

Some companies include an excellent free trial plan, while others add next to no valuable features to their free option.

VidIQ includes a free trial for their plans and has a free plan option for those not wanting to spend money.

Is vidIQ Free or Paid?

VidIQ is mainly a paid app with three paid plans and a free option.

The free trial comes with a reasonable amount of features depending on which option you pick.

While the paid options include far more options and features, the free option is an excellent way to test the waters with vidIQ.

Does vidlQ Have a Free Trial?


The free trial is an excellent way to try out their premium features helpful in content creation and provide important insights regarding your channel.

To sign up with the app and use the vidIQ free trial, you need a credit card to be able to use the free trial.

Get the most out of the 30-day free trial, as you are only allowed one free trial per account.

How Long Is the vidlQ Free Trial?

The free trial lasts a whole month, providing ample time to get a feel for the app and the features it encompasses.

It is vital to use the app daily, as it offers features with a daily limit.

Does vidlQ Require a Credit Card to Activate a Free Trial?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to create a new account and use the free trial unless you have an available unused credit card.

How Much Is vidlQ After the Free Trial?

If you continue using vidIQ after the free trial ends, the first paid option starts at $7.50 a month and provides plenty of new features that help you create content.

Their recommended boost plan starts at $39 a month, promising to increase your views on your new videos by providing SEO analytical tools as video SEO can help your videos rank better on the platform.

What Comes With the vidIQ Free Trial?

The vidIQ trial has many essential features that will benefit your content creation journey and make tasks easier.

The free trial comes with generated daily ideas to boost creativity and competitor tracking to know what your competition is up to and how well it is going.

Features You Can Test With a Free Trial

Free trial features are discussed below.

1. Daily Ideas

With AI, vidIQ can provide you with ideas for your new video.

Conjuring up your next video idea can be exhausting for some or mundane for others.

You might not necessarily require the daily ideas feature from vidIQ, but it will be a good idea to use the ideas as a base to improve on and create creative content based on them.

All daily ideas are tailored for your channel to be relevant and are creative approaches to new video ideas.

With the free plan, there is a limit to three daily ideas a day; you get more depending on which paid plan you choose.

2. Tracking Your Competition

Keeping tabs on your competitors helps you stay in the loop.

VidIQ will do this for you and alert you when one of your competitors produces a video that performs exceptionally well.

You can select your main competitors and have vidIQ monitor their channel.

On the free plan, vidIQ limits you to three competitor tracking alerts a day.

3. Trend Alerts

Knowing what video types are trending is essential to producing relevant content that performs exceptionally well.

The trends alert tool can adjust to only alert you of ongoing trends relating to your specialty.

The feature will alert you when a trend relating to your field is on the rise, allowing you to capitalize on the movement.

The free plan limits you to only one trend alert per day.

The feature is not as configurable as the paid plans, but it still offers helpful insights into current trends in the algorithm.

4. Views Comparison

View comparison provides an in-depth comparison between a video of yours and any other on YouTube.

You can compare how specific videos perform to any other video and see how other videos perform in their first couple of hours or weeks.

Comparison can also be performed between your videos, pointing out what works best and what does not.

5. Live Stats Bar

If you have ever felt the data and stats offered by YouTube are lacking, vidIQ provides a beefier version.

Stats are accessed faster and displayed in an organized manner.

You can create graphs showing how your videos perform for the last hour, day, or week.

Having all your data organized will help provide insights into which videos perform best and which do not.

VidlQ Free Trial Limitations

The free trial for vidlQ is restricted to the Basic plan, so you won’t be able to try out the higher-valued tier features.

Is vidlQ Customer Service Included With Free Trials?

Yes, you will have all the access you need to test out the service like if you were paying for the service.

All paid plans include live chat support, which is superior as it is faster.

Basic plans are limited to email support, meaning responses will be slower and more frustrating.

How to Claim a vidIQ Free Trial

To claim your vidIQ free trial, all you need to do is sign up on their website.

Click on a plan option on the vidIQ Plans page to start your free trial.

There is only one special requirement to be eligible for the free trial.

You need to add a valid credit card to start your free trial.

Without a credit card, you will not be able to use a free trial.

You will not be charged any fees until the end of your free trial.

To get a free one-month trial with any plan, you need to insert the following promo code ‘maytheviewsbewithyou’ to get your free month.

This promo code works for the first two paid options, saving you $7.50 or $39.

How Do I Get The Most From My vidIQ Free Trial?

Using the app daily is the best way to get the most out of your free trial.

Using all of your daily ideas, competitor tracking, and trend alerts will ensure that you are getting the most out of any plan with vidIQ.

How Can I Make My vidlQ Free Trial Last Longer?

After 30 days, a person would need to start paying if they wished to continue using the service.

However, if the user chose to use a new email and credit card, they try the trial again if they weren’t able to make the most of it during their initial trial.

Does vidIQ Automatically Charge Users After the Free Trial Ends?

Subscription services with vidIQ are renewed automatically, meaning that once your free trial has ended, vidIQ will charge you for the next period to continue with the service.

Since vidIQ is a recurring subscription service, it functions by charging users automatically once their old plan has expired.

This also includes a free trial.

Can You Cancel vidIQ After the Free Trial?

Cancellation is possible and will prevent you from being charged once your trial ends.

This is great for those wishing to try a trial version of a paid plan without paying.

How to Cancel a vidIQ Free Trial

To cancel your free trial and prevent your card from being charged, you need to change your plan.

You need to change your upgrade to the basic option, which is free.

By having the free option as your plan, you will not be charged once the free trial has ended.

You can alternatively choose a cheaper plan if the expensive plans contain features you found irrelevant.

To change your plan, you must log into the vidIQ web app.

After logging in, click the account settings button on the top right.

Then, select the billing section, and you can freely change your plan there.

You can also access the billing section immediately by scrolling down in the web app and clicking the bottom button labeled “Manage your plan.”

How to Remove Card Details From vidlQ

Alternatively, if you wish to remove your card details, the section for it is under billing where you can alter your plan.

The section is called “Card Details”, this is also where you can update your card information.

Is vidIQ Worth Paying For?

VidIQ has features that can make certain aspects of content creation easier.

Our vidIQ Review goes into detail regarding all of what the app has to offer and compares the price plans together.

Depending on the size of your channel, you might want to pick a plan accordingly.

For newer channels, testing the free basic plan might be beneficial and help you grow and create content that is more relevant to your viewers and the algorithm.

Larger channels will benefit from the more pricey plans, as they bring many features that help big channels stay in the loop.

What to Expect From a vidlQ Subscription

Video SEO software helps you find content that is trendy and unique.

It is worth asking yourself a few questions before subscribing to a plan option from vidIQ, such as if your videos are relevant or if you have many videos that do not perform as well as others.

If you also struggle to find relevant video ideas or have difficulty determining if topics do well or not.

Any algorithm on a video platform can be frustrating to understand and stay up to date.

VidIQ will regularly alert you on trending topics related to your field of content, helping you find what videos might perform exceptionally well for views.

While there are many video search engines, if you primarily focus on YouTube, vidIQ might be worth considering.

What Is a Free Alternative to vidIQ?

Between all the competition vidIQ has, TubeBuddy is worth a mention.

They have a free trial feature just like vidIQ, and they offer features that are competitive with vidIQ.

Their starter plans are cheaper than vidIQ and offer lots of useful features such as productivity tools and video SEO.

Other Ways to Save on vidIQ Pricing

There are a few ways you can save a few dollars when it comes to using vidIQ.

1. VidIQ Promo Codes

There is an available promo code for a discount on vidIQ that allows users to get a free month’s trial on their plan.

Using the promo code “maytheviewsbewithyou” gives users a free month on their vidIQ plan.

This gives you a free 30-day trial on the plan you picked, allowing you ample time to get a feel for the app and know if it will be a good fit for you.

2. VidIQ Discounts

To enjoy 15% off your next payment, use the promo code “PREMIEREGAL”.

Also, use code ‘WELCOME35’ for a 35% discount on 12 months on Vid Pro & Boost plans.

3. VidIQ Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials

There are currently no active Black Friday or Cyber Monday special deals at the moment.

A good place to check is their Twitter page, as they have previously posted Black Friday deals before.

Is There a vidIQ Student Plan?

There are no plans for students on vidIQ, there is a free option, however.

Other Free Trials to Check Out

There are a few other notable free trial apps that are worth a look at.

1. Semrush

The Semrush free trial comes first to mind, and their free version offers keyword research and site audit as well.

There are also other features such as social campaigns that allow you the ability to examine your competitor’s social media and provide helpful information on how you can improve your own.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs free trial is a great option as it offers lots of tools that are completely free to use.

The starting plan begins at $99 a month, which can be an expensive investment for some to make.

The app offers its free tools for use without any time limit, so smaller Youtubers may benefit from the unlimited service.

3. Tableau

Another notable option is the Tableau free trial, which provides users with lots of essential features that are worth consideration.

Tableau has only one plan for individuals called Tableau Creator, which costs $70 a month.

This app is worth a try for those that focus more on making decisions backed by data.

The app allows you to create statistical summaries with ease and has an easy-to-use dashboard that features click and drag functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the FAQ regarding vidIQ.

Which is better, vidIQ or TubeBuddy?

Both platforms offer great advantages and provide lots of great features.

The best way to know which is better is to use their free trials.

How do I pay vidIQ?

You can use a credit card or PayPal, though note that using PayPal will make you unable to claim the free month’s trial.

Wrapping Up

VidIQ is a great app to help you potentially boost your views and provide convenient features to help with your content creation journey.

The app provides daily ideas to always provide you with creative ideas for your next video.

You can still use their free basic plan, which still contains helpful features for starting YouTubers.

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