Ways On How to Start a Fashion Blog

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Ways On How to Start a Fashion Blog

Combining a love of fashion with blogging can be a great way of making money doing something you enjoy. If you like staying up to date with the latest trends, then running a fashion blog could be a great opportunity.
It is also extremely satisfying to manage a blog that inspires other people and helps them to enjoy the world of fashion. The huge popularity of the best fashion blogs shows that there is a huge appetite out there or this kind of site.
Of course, fashion is just one of a wide range of different subjects that you could choose to write about. So, why should you look to start a fashion blog rather than write about something else?
The fact is that there are a lot of points to take into account before you get started. Bearing that in mind, let’s take a look at how to start a fashion blog and whether it could be the perfect decision for you.

Ways On How to Start a Fashion Blog

Why Start a Fashion Blog?

The first thing to consider is why you want to get into this niche in the first place. Do you live and breathe fashion? Have you always wanted to share your insights and style tips with the world?
If this is your dream then there is a good chance that you read a lot of fashion blogs and magazines anyway. Perhaps you already have a reasonably clear idea of what you would like to write about and what your style will be.
If so, this is a great start, as you will be familiar with the subjects covered and the type of language used. You will be keen to get started and discuss the latest trends if this is something that interests you a lot.
Of course, you don’t need to make your new blog about something that you are personally interested in. There are plenty of successful bloggers who have decided to simply create a site based on whatever would make them most money.
So, maybe you want to create a fashion blog just because it seems like a good business move. It could be that you have seen that fashion bloggers make a good living and receiving great gifts from the brands that they promote.
Either of these approaches is fine. There is no reason to believe that you need to be a lifelong fashionista to start your own blog about style and the latest trends. The important point is that you need to be sure about why you are doing this.
If you want it to be a sound business decision then you will need to do some research into the niche. You will want to see how other fashion blogs make money and how you can emulate them. Will you be comfortable running a blog in this niche and using the sort of language that is commonly used?
On the other hand, if you are already a keen follower of other fashion blogs then you will already have an idea what it is all about. This can help to get you started more smoothly and with less delay.
However, you may need to understand more about the mechanics of running a blog in this case. You may get a lot of pleasure out of writing posts but there is more to it than that.
You will also need to dedicate time and energy to your SEO work and to marketing your blog, so it isn’t going to all be about writing fashion pieces.

Create a Mission Statement or Goal

What are you aiming to do with your blog? Apart from the business benefits and the personal satisfaction you should be aiming for, it is good to have a mission statement that reminds you what you are about.
A mission statement is something that can also show your readers at a glance what you aim to do. You might decide to put it in a prominent place on your site so that every visitor sees it when they enter.
Most good mission statements are fairly short and snappy. Even more important is that it needs to be clear and to the point. This shouldn’t be a rambling statement or incredibly detailed, but rather a brief summary of your overall goals or ideas.
Do you want to help others to understand more about fashion? Are there certain barriers or restrictions that you want to break down? Do you have special knowledge or expertise you want to share? Is there a common problem you think you can solve?
There are many different things you could cover in this mission statement. If you have thought through clearly why you want to find out how to start a fashion blog then it should be a lot easier to write this short statement. If you haven’t thought about it yet then now is a great time to get started.

What Will You Write About - Ways On How to Start a Fashion Blog

What Will You Write About?

Perhaps the biggest challenge when starting a fashion blog is that of planning what you will write about. This is true of any type of blog, to be honest.
The thought of producing fresh, interesting content every day can be enough to put off some newcomers before they even get started. Perhaps you worry about whether you will be capable of writing regular articles that people want to read.
Yet, if you turn this issue on its head then it can become an exciting new part of your life. The thrill of exploring new subjects and turning them into high-quality blog posts should be something that adds to your life rather causing you stress or frustration.
Once you get into a good rhythm it should be relatively easy to find new subjects to discuss. You can check out other fashion blogs or look to see what is happening in the news. A quick check on the Google News aggregator will show you a number of fashion-related stories every day.
If you are struggling for inspiration, try taking someone else’s content and rewriting it in your own words. You could combine the ideas behind 2 or 3 different articles into something new and unique.
There are sure to be other days when you feel more inspired to write something personal that comes completely from within you.
A great starting point for this is to create some categories that you can fit your articles into. Take a look at other fashion blogs and you will see categories such as “style advice”, “shopping advice”, “fashion shows, “women’s fashion” and a lot more.
What subjects are you most interested in? If you can constantly write about the stuff that gets you excited then it is going to be a lot easier to get your blog up and running.
You will want to make sure that you also leave yourself enough scope to get a lot of variety. No matter how much you love writing about fashion shows or going shopping, you will need to be able to write about a number of other things to keep it interesting.
A great way of approaching this is to combine your love of fashion with another subject. Would you enjoy writing about fashion and travel or fashion and food, for example?
This sort of combination can give your blog a very personal feel as well as offering you the opportunity to create a unique perspective.
You should also try to stay ahead of the field. For instance, what big fashion shows are coming up soon? What world-famous celebrities are thinking about launching their own brand of clothing? Who is the next big fashion icon going to be?
If you can add content and get it highly ranked on Google before anyone else then you will reap the rewards eventually. Copying what other people have already done is sometimes necessary just to keep your content topped up. However, the results will be far greater if you can become a leader rather than a follower.

Find a Good Blog Name

A catchy name can help any blog to grow and attract new readers. This is something that is likely to stick in people’s mind more easily, meaning that they can go back to it at any time and also tell their friends about it.
Will you go for a simple name that captures the essence of your fashion blog in a word or two? Or perhaps you will opt for a cute play on words or a name that causes people to raise their eyebrows when they first see it. Maybe you will choose a pun that makes readers groan or an inspirational phrase that sets their spirit soaring.
You will want to see whether you can get hold of a cheap or free domain for the name you have in mind too. You don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about names only to find that you can’t find a domain to match your final choice.
There is no harm in being inspired by the names of other blogs about fashion. However, you should avoid simply copying another name.
If you see a name that you really like then play around with it to see if you can find a similar but different name that suits you and that won’t lead to accusations of plagiarism.

Think About the Style and Design of Your Site

Think About the Style and Design of Your Site - Ways On How to Start a Fashion Blog

One of the most crucial factors in how to start a fashion blog is the question of the website design. This is a huge factor in any type of blog but it takes on even more importance if you are focusing so heavily on aesthetics and your own good taste, as you will in a fashion blog.
Ideally, the design of your blog will help to show how stylish and trendy you are. On the other hand, using an old-fashioned or low-quality design will make people immediately doubt how fashion-conscious you really are. Should they really trust the style and advice of someone with such an ugly site?
If you are going to use WordPress as your blogging platform then you will want to take your time when assessing the different templates available. There is an abundance of excellent designs on here, so there is no reason to rush into using one.
By this stage you should be looking to tie all of the elements of your blog together too. A classy site design should complement the overall vision that you have in mind and the subject matter you are going to be dealing with.
You can either choose a free template or pay for a classier premium design. If you are starting on a tight budget then it probably makes sense to choose one of the many free options. After that, you can always switch to a paid model later on if your blog takes off.

Hone Your Writing Style

Are you looking forward to the moment when you first start writing your blog posts? For some bloggers, it is this idea that most excites them, while others see the actual writing as being a sort of necessary evil.
If you are concerned about the writing aspect then don’t keep putting it off. You can start writing right away without necessarily publishing the results, just as a way of finding your voice and honing your style.
To get started you could look at some other fashion blogs to see what kind of writing they feature. Do you prefer the cool and humorous approach or would you feel more comfortable writing in a friendly, cozy way?
There are many different ways of writing a blog and you should look for one that fits your personality. You might find that it comes to you naturally or you may have to work at it until you find the perfect style.

Start Adding Interesting, Varied Content

Start Adding Interesting Varied Content - Ways On How to Start a Fashion Blog

One of the great things about fashion blogs is they tend to be filled with lots of varied, fascinating content. This is good news when you are looking for something to read on someone else’s blog but not so good when you need to find a way to quickly populate your own site with lots of high-quality content.
You need to get a decent amount of posts online in order to give your visitors a reason to hang around. It is a good idea to have a mixture of different subjects to give it the feel of a varied blog that covers a lot of ground.
You could add posts of different lengths and include photos and videos. If you aren’t keen on doing all of this yourself then you could outsource the work, which should let you get the content ready quickly.
Once you have enough content to get started with, it is time to start adding new posts regularly. You should always be sure that you have some fresh content either ready to post or scheduled to post automatically.

Add Your Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content is a phrase used to describe a blog’s key articles. These are the posts that you most want people to see.
This is typically timeless content that is very well-written and easy to understand. It is the kind of article that usually explains something important or that just about every visitor to the site is going to be interested in.
Take a look at what cornerstone content is used on other fashion blogs. Can you see what their main articles are and why they are so important to the site?
Your cornerstone content could be a set of “how to” articles or it could be timeless pieces of fashion advice. The secret is to make the writing as impressive as possible, so that these are attractive pieces that keep on appealing to a variety of readers.
These are also usually the articles that are ranked highly for SEO purposes, so think carefully about the keywords and phrases you want to use in here.
After that, you should consider whether you want these pieces of content to be the first items that every visitor to the site sees on your home page.

Conclusion: Enjoy Running Your Blog

Enjoy Running Your Blog - Ways On How to Start a Fashion Blog

We all have different reasons for wanting to run a blog. You may be keen on starting a fashion blog because you love following the latest trends or because you want a flexible business that inspires you. Whatever the reason, you will want to enjoy the experience as much as possible.
Thankfully, being a fashion blogger is terrific fun if you go about it in the right way. The research you need to do will largely be down to reading other fashion articles and maybe watching some videos on the subject.
If you find the right voice for your blog then writing should also become pretty effortless over time. By marketing your blog on social media and replying to comments you should also get involved in some wide-ranging and intriguing debates about fashion with your readers.
All in all, by choosing to start a fashion blog you will be giving yourself the chance to enjoy a running successful online business that brings a huge amount of fun to your life.

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