Web Hosting Reseller Plans – Are they Good?

By: | Updated: March 28, 2021

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Affordable web hosting reseller plans are available aplenty. With all of the websites out there that are running with managed web hosting services, yours could be one of them.

You can then have an immensely and entertaining website that your visitors can’t wait to return to. All the while you can focus on your business and growing your customer base while a web hosting reseller plan manages the day to day operations of your website.

This will keep your website running smoothly and flawlessly with little to no work on your part. Typically you will only need to offer creative input and any changes you would like made to the appearance or interactivity of your website.

This ultimately lends itself to the success of your business as a whole. With the confidence that a quality and engaging website brings you soon will find that your business continues to grow as you spend less and less time trying to expand your customer base.

This is what managed hosting services bring to the table, and any business could truly benefit from it. The question is, do you want the high cost services of a world class web hosting firm or rather save some money and have a reseller who uses the host you find the most appealing.

You can then save a good bit of money when you compare the cost of managed services from a hosting provider to a reseller host. These savings can be quite significant depending on the level of service you need from either party.

Simply put, the more assistance you require the more costly these services become. This is the case for most any service provider regardless of the medium and reseller web hosting is no exception to this.

So, if you want your business ventures to be successful, a website is most assuredly in order. And if you need to spend the majority of your time focused on the daily operations of your business, the best web hosting reseller you can afford is on the list. Once you have acquired these services you can get back to concentrating on growing your business on all fronts.

Web Hosting Reseller

There are several web hosting firms that offer reseller hosting for those who wish to be a reseller web hosting provider. The master reseller hosting firms will be readily available to those who need all day every day.

It is safe to say that you will easily find massive amounts of web hosting reseller plans offering their services to anyone in need of them. The sheer number of available reseller plans is staggering when you think about it. The real struggle is finding one that is widely accepted as trustworthy and capable business operators.

You want to insure that the reseller you choose has a proven and successful track record in this field. This is where the use of a website or reseller hosting review comes in very handy to say the least.

Through these reviews we can take a closer look at the web hosting reseller we have in our sights and make absolutely sure that they are the right pick for your needs. This is very important because many hosts reseller will offer these services in a contracted format.

Meaning, unless you are given a money back guarantee and act within the stipulated guidelines, you will be stuck with this inadequate reseller for the duration of your contract. This is why I stress greatly reading customer ratings and review websites to fully vet the individuals vying for your business before simply siding with the most eager or like- minded reseller you find on first glance.

List of Affordable Web Hosting Reseller Companies in USA

Many reasonable web hosting companies exist in USA. These companies are well known in offering affordable web hosting services. Not only a skilled personnel but a newcomer also benefits by plans provided by these web hosting companies in USA.

All these companies have quality customer service support for solving the queries of their clients.

Here is the list collated by us.

1) JaguarPc Web Hosting Reseller Plans

Providing premium services at reasonable prices is the motto of this company. They provide a data of 300 GB or an unlimited one with a money back guarantee. Templates are included in their plans.

This company is one of the most reasonable among other web hosting service providers. Other programming languages and apps which are included are Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Rails and so on.

2) Network Solutions-Web Hosting Reseller Plans

With this service provider you can build your plans and get your web hosting done with less than $12 per month.

Millions of customers can make good use of their money with the packages. They are in this field since 1979 and offers website hosting not only in USA but in other countries as well.

It includes domain hosting with all apps and updated programming languages. Their packages include unlimited bandwidth and a money back guarantee for one month.

3) Register.com Reseller Hosting

Register.com has its customized and tailor-made package starting with less than a dollar. Within this amount, they include website templates, lots of crucial apps and an unlimited data quota up to 300 GB.

Their comprehensive packages and hosting plans is beneficiary for trainees or newcomers. Register.com has a money back feature for 30 days.

4) Hub.com

If you want to setup your domain quickly then Hub.com is one of the well-known web hosting service providers. The charges are a little more than other companies cited above.

Hub is an online service provider company that provides tailor-made packages and money back guarantee up to 90 days. They provide unlimited bandwidth as data quota and package starting with $1.99.

5) GoDaddy Web Hosting Reseller Plans

GoDaddy facilitates web hosting plans starting with $1.99 with registered domain names and money back guarantee anytime and any day. It is a prominent company which offers unlimited data or up to 100 GB to its customers.

6) JustHost Reseller Hosting

Whether it is a small business or big one, the owner will not want data disaster. Online storage with safety matters a lot. Premium and cheap plans is what is needed by professionals. These include domain hosting with latest programming languages and themes like WordPress and many more.

Their plans start from $2.25 with unlimited data space and trustworthy uptime guarantee. There is an option of getting anytime your money back.

7) FatCow Reseller Hosting

According to customers, FatCow.com makes hosting convenient with most recent programming languages, free templates and a guarantee anytime.

The space that FatCow.com provides is either unlimited or 100 GB as per your plan. Their packages start from $3.15.

8) BlueHost Reseller Hosting

BlueHost came into being around 1996 as a web hosting company. BlueHost facilitates unlimited hosting of email accounts, file transfers, hosting space and domain hosting.

Once you are linked with them and their package in USA, you get access to free instant set-ups, site builder or templates and also free domain names. They are also into designing of software and hardware for an improved cPanel, protection of resources and Shell Access.

The packages of BlueHost start from $19.49/month onward.


So, if you are one of the millions of people worldwide who has a business that will benefit greatly from the addition of a website why put it off any longer? You could already have the best reseller hosting provider for your buck, executing their top quality website design and management skills for your website.

This will provide your business with the steam it needs to charge forward and realize its full potential. This will ultimately lend itself to your resounding success as a business and website owner.

Take the time to review and find the right web hosting reseller plans. The business you bring success to could be your own.

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