Website Design Tips You can Use Now and Forever

By: | Updated: March 25, 2021

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Some website design tips are no better than a simple fad. However, there are some tips that have lasted since the beginning and will continue to be relevant. If you want to design the perfect website, you need these tips to be a part of your design.

Whether you are a small business owner or somebody just designing a website for a hobby, the right tips will make the difference. Trends and fads fade and you will have to make changes when they do. However, when you use the following website design tips, you won’t have to worry about them going out of style.

Website Design Tips-Create a Positive User Experience


Not only will a positive user experience benefit your user, but it will also lead you to better search engine optimization. When Google updates the algorithm that ranks web content, they always have the user experience in mind.
People are always looking for ways to get what they need done easier, smarter and faster. When you provide a better user experience you will always be giving your visitors something they want.
It starts with how fast your website loads, which starts with the right hosting. FatCow website hosting is very fast and provides you with the first step towards a great user experience. You can also cut down on images, use minifying plugins, use caching plugin and many other tools to ensure your site loads fast.
Along with a fast loading website, you want users to understand what you offer within about three seconds. This is done by making your homepage great. Use plenty of titles and subtitles to make it easy to skim quickly.
Those selling products will want to use strong call to action phrases to help users understand what to do. This will help with conversions and will give your user some direction. You also want to keep the number of web pages a user must go through to make a purchase as little as possible.
Finally, if you don’t have a mobile friendly website, it’s time to get one. Without a mobile friendly site, you are not providing a positive user experience and you are losing valuable SEO points in the process.

Make your Site Readable


Another very important website design tip you cannot ignore is making your site readable. Trendy designs never trump readability. Many simple websites provides an easy to read experience and are preferred over trendy looking sites.
Making your site more readable starts by using a simple and clear font, such as Arial or Times New Roman. Avoid fonts that are not clear and easy to read.
You will also want to make sure you use a large enough font to make it easy to read. The difference between 10 and 12 is hue, but on a website, you may want to use size 14 for body text and 16 for subtitles and titles. This makes it easier for users to read your content
It’s also important to choose colors that are not too loud or too bright for your font. Make sure the color contrasts with the background so that it’s readable and avoid using colors that look like links for underlined text, unless it is a link.

Make your Contact Information Obvious


If you want to make sure customers can find you and contact you, put your contact information in obvious, easy to find places. Don’t hide it where nobody will look. This website design tip will never go out of style because many people search for your website specifically to call you, email you or get an address for directions.
The best place for contact information is the header, but high in the sidebar and the footer work, as well. You may want to put it in multiple places to ensure you users can easily find it when they need it. Start with super-fast hosting from FatCow hosting, then use the rest of the tips to ensure you provide a positive user experience, a readable site and obvious contact information.
If you want to make your website great this year, use these three website design tips. They will never go out of style and they will all trump any new fad or trend.


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