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4 Accurate Website Value Calculators (Ranked and Reviewed) 

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Whether you plan on selling your website or want to know the value of your digital asset, a website value calculator can be a useful tool in your stack. 

It can help put a price tag on your website and compare it against your competitors.

Besides price labeling, it provides several other functions like checking your site’s speed, Alexa rank, backlinks, etc. 

And while the degree of accuracy towards estimating your website worth is vital, we’ll discuss four of the best website worth calculators with high-accuracy calculation in this roundup. 

What Is a Website Value Calculator?

In one sentence, a website value calculator, also known as website worth calculator, estimates the selling cost of your site. 

It does this by checking through your site’s features, analytics, and domain value when you enter your website URL. 

Then, a website worth calculator produces a detailed report based on its analysis and your all-time earnings from sources like Google Adsense, and other popular display networks. 

Why Is a Website Value Calculator Important? 

A website worth calculator might not seem like much, but it provides a lot of benefits. 

For one, it can help you learn about areas to modify on your website, like UI/UX design, site speed, and the like. Also, it can help you work on a better competitive strategy by showing you vital competitor data in just one click. 

Furthermore, it helps you learn about your site areas that make you stand out. 

Do You Need a Website Value Calculator? 

While there are several other ways to calculate the estimated value of your website, this tool helps you:

  • Estimate your site’s true value to a higher degree
  • Create a detailed report that can be used during sales
  • Compare competitor site value 
  • Check your domain name value
  • Check your website’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Improve site features by implementing suggestions from the reports. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Website Value Calculator

There’s an increasing number of website worth calculators available on the block. 

So here are some things you can consider when choosing the best accurate website value calculators: 

Your Needs 

Before searching for the best website valuation tool, it’ll help to understand why you need one in the first place.

If your goal is only to check your website’s monetary value, like statistics for daily ad revenue, value calculators can handle that.

However, if you need something more, like checking quality backlinks for search engines, you might have to search for a more specialized service. 


A report is what follows after checking your website value. 

Depending on the tool, you can get detailed reports about your monetization channels, Alexa rating, backlinks, and keywords. 

You can easily get a good deal on your website sales with detailed reporting.

So, it’s best to understand what format the tool uses for reporting or if they provide detailed and easy-to-read information.


Most website value calculators offer free calculations for your site, such as traffic sources, daily visitors, and page views.

However, you’ll need to subscribe for a small fee if you need advanced features and reports.

Depending on your needs, you can choose what package is best.

Seller’s Platform 

Calculating your website’s value is the basic feature of a value calculator.

Some services include a marketplace, where you can list your site for sale after checking its value.

So, if you aim to sell your website after checking its value, you can search for services with a marketplace.

Best Website Value Calculator: Our Top 4 Picks

Here’s a detailed review of the four best website value calculators with high accuracy.

1. Website Outlook – Top Choice

A screenshot of the website outlook homepage

Website outlook is not just a website worth calculator but a webmaster tool for analytics. 

The site boasts of checking your website against 20 different metrics.

Here are some of them:

  • Basic stat: Backlinks, Alexa ranking, Page authority, and Domain Authority
  • Website info: Meta tags, HTML tag analysis, HTTP header response, code-to-text ratio
  • SemRush Metrics: SemRush rank, website traffic checker and cost, top keywords in Google SERP
  • Keyword Analysis: Top search terms and their Google SERP positions
  • Organic Competitor: Top 10 websites competing on Google SERP
  • Social Popularity: Share count from top social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.
  • Network information: Server IP address, DNS records, ISP
  • Whois Record: Domain contact and registration details

What We Like About Website Outlook

  • Comprehensive website analysis
  • Free reports 
  • Easy-to-use site
  • Doesn’t require an email to get the report

What We Don’t Like About Website Outlook

  • For basic use only 
  • No seller’s platform

Website Outlook vs Other Options: How They Compare

Website Outlook is our top choice because of its comprehensive analysis compared to other website value calculators.

It shows you metrics that you can usually find in multiple tools, making it an all-inclusive platform. 

Is it Worth Using? 

Website Outlook will be a productive tool if you need an in-depth analysis of your website yet need something basic and easy to read.

2. Value My Website – Best for Digital Business Models

A screenshot of the value my website homepage

Value My Website claims to offer some of the best website worth valuations in the market.

They use a custom algorithm that utilizes a weighted score system that checks the valuation methods used by major website brokers.

In simple terms, Value My Website checks your website worth based on monetization, marketing strategy, profitability, owner involvement, and organic traffic

This makes it a valuable tool for web-based business models like ecommerce, SaaS/SaaP, Content/Blogs, Affiliate, etc. 

What We Like About Value My Website

  • Step-by-step checking process
  • Detailed reporting 
  • Applicable to several business models 
  • Professional usage
  • Offers advice on what areas to improve on your website

What We Don’t Like About Value My Website

  • Requires email to get a report 
  • No seller’s platform

Value My Website vs Other Options: How They Compare

Value My Website offers an all-around service that works for several digital businesses.

Unlike other services that value your website based on monetization, it checks other factors like the owner’s involvement and marketing strategy.

Is it Worth Using?

We can recommend Value My Website if your sources of revenue extend beyond Amazon FBA or Adsense.

Their services will work best if you get income from dropshipping, membership subscriptions, or other non-basic revenue sources.

3. Site Price – Best for Value Analysis

A screenshot of the site price homepage

Site Price uses an algorithm designed to calculate a website’s value based on its estimated daily visitors, daily advertisement, daily pageviews, domain age, and many other factors.  The service uses several metrics that make it possible to provide the best value analysis. 

Here are some of its key metrics: 

  • Daily Unique Visitors: estimated using sources like Alexa, Ad Planner, Quantcast, and Compete.
  • Monthly and Yearly Ads Revenue
  • Moz Links 
  • Majestic Referring Domains
  • Majestic Referring IPs
  • Moz DA
  • Semush Links 
  • Alexa Backlinks 
  • Majestic External Backlinks
  • Moz PA
  • Website Speed 
  • Alexa Rank 
  • SemRush Rank 

What We Like About Site Price 

  • Comprehensive value analysis 
  • Free reporting 
  • No email request

What We Don’t Like About Site Price

  • Poor site design 
  • No seller’s platform 

Site Price vs Other Options: How They Compare

Site Price uses several metrics to calculate your site’s value. Compared to other services, you can get a full statistical report for your site without entering your email address. 

Is it Worth Using?

Site Price will be your best choice if you need a service that doesn’t just calculate your website’s value but performs quality value analysis against several metrics. 

4. Empire Flippers – Best for Classics

A screenshot of the empire flippers homepage

Empire Flippers is an Inc. 5000 company that boasts the number one curated marketplace for buying and selling online businesses

Its classic platform makes you feel like a king of an empire as they grace your screen with top-level professionalism. 

Calculating your website’s value is the least of its services.  It offers you a dashboard to monitor your stats on the go and a whole section dedicated to providing you the quality learning resources. 

What We Like About Empire Flippers

  • Neat website interface
  • Market place 
  • Profile creation for your sales tracking 
  • Free transfer of digital assets after sales 

What We Don’t Like About Empire Flippers

  • Basic reporting 
  • More of a marketplace than a calculator. 

Empire Flippers vs Other Options: How They Compare

Empire Flippers come with a unique angle by offering you an option to sell your websites.

Compared to other services, it has worked with big names in the online space and will have the audience to sell your site fast after valuation. 

Is it Worth Using?

If you’re looking to sell your site after valuation, Empire Flippers will help you through the entire process, including transferring your digital assets.

Wrapping Up 

Website value calculators can help you put a price tag on your website in just one click. 

They also offer insights into your competitor’s position and how to make your website better. 

Using the best website value calculator can ensure you get quality and accurate analysis, website improvement suggestions, and the means to sell it off faster. 

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