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6 Best Websites For Remote Jobs In 2022: Ranked & Reviewed

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Your dream of working at home and attaining more flexibility can become a reality today.

Read on for six of the best websites for remote jobs in 2022.

The latest Google trends indicate a rapid increase in people researching remote jobs over the last decade.

Freelancing is a dream that can be a reality today, given the several places you can look to find your ideal job.

Freelance writers are in high demand.

Fortune 500 companies like Merck, American Express, and Dell are constantly looking for workers to fill their growing talent needs, either full-time or part-time.

These companies operate exclusively online, meaning you can enjoy working at home while making money from your talents.

We compiled six of the best websites for remote jobs to help you land your first gig in 2022 after you start freelancing.

Keep scrolling to know more.

How Do You Find a Remote Job Online?

There are several answers to how to get a remote job as a freelance writer, mobile apps developer, sales manager, graphic designer, etc.

Here are some of the most popular places to start looking for suitable remote job opportunities.

Remote Jobs Websites

The growing interest in remote working saw the introduction of websites for remote jobs worldwide.

Today, there are no limits to the number of freelance websites from which you can meet your ideal clients and find your dream jobs.

Keep scrolling because this is the main focus of this article.

Job Boards

Apart from the websites, some employers post job vacancies on job boards and other recruitment agencies.

Pro Blogger is a perfect example of a remote work job board, especially for those who want to be freelance writers.

Social Media

Given the high number of people using social media today, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms should be among your top priorities in your job hunting.

Create social media freelance profiles to show any potential employer among your connections that you’re available for jobs.

Alternatively, you can join related social media communities or use the platform’s search box to find jobs.

Remote Job Newsletters

Getting online jobs like website design or transcription has become as easy as signing up for a newsletter and receiving the vacancies right into your inbox.

Check online for some of the top-rated providers in this category.

What To Look For on Remote Job Websites

You could be ready to begin job hunting now that you know where to search.

After all, the ability to work from anywhere is what makes a freelancer, a freelancer. 

Here are some tips worth knowing while you go freelance job hunting.

Make Sure It’s Legit

There are several websites for remote jobs you can sign up with today and start pitching for jobs.

However, only some sites available online are credible enough.

Do due diligence to establish whether the site is legit and worthy of your trust.

No Application Fees or Other Such Payments

Some platforms charge hefty application fees and other penalty charges, which can easily cut into your earnings.

You’re better off with a platform that doesn’t charge application fees or at least one with reasonable charges.

Check That It Doesn’t Take a Cut of Your Salary

Some websites for freelance jobs charge registration fees, others a monthly subscription, while some deduct the dues from your paycheck.

Always check the fees for each platform to see how they operate and ascertain that they charge no costs or that the prices are reasonable.

Easy to Apply

The last thing you want to struggle with is an unintuitive website with an unclear registration process that eats into your productive time.

A site that’s easy to use and apply means more productivity and ease in accessing your funds.

What Are the Best Remote Job Websites?

Remote job websites allow you to land your favorite job and work from anywhere you are.

Here are some of the top-ranking remote job websites we reviewed and ranked, starting with the top pick.

1. FlexJobs

screenshot of the flexjobs homepage

With a massive list of over 50 job categories, you can relax knowing that Flexjobs will help you land your favorite gig.

The website is easy to use, displays no annoying ads, and scrutinizes all listings to ensure legitimacy.

Apart from the typical freelance writing, photography, and graphic design, FlexJobs also contain some unique job categories like fashion, math, economics, and wildlife.

Also, the listings specify the required experience levels—from entry-level to premium.

Join the platform today and get the chance to pick among the 20,000 work-from-home job postings.

However, you’ll have to pay some fees to access the services on the site.

Here are their weekly, monthly, and annual plans.

  • Weekly: $6.95
  • Monthly: $14.95
  • Quarterly (3 Months): $44.85
  • Annually: $179.40


  • Thousands of hand-screened job postings (no scams)
  • Easy to filter jobs, from part-time to full-time remote offers and more
  • No deductions on your earnings
  • It has more advanced filters to land you the best gig that matches your skills and preferences.
  • It has listings from some of the world’s most reputable companies
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Helpful customer service representatives


  • There’s no free package
  • No free trial
  • There’s no feedback
  • The pay rate isn’t indicated on the listing

2. SolidGigs

screeenshot of the solid gigs homepage

SolidGigs boasts a streamlined job-hunting process with a significant focus on contract-based and gig-styled freelance jobs.

This job website scours through hundreds of job boards to send you the 1% of gigs that match your preference to your inbox.

With the monthly membership fee, you’ll get access to a vast reserve of resources, including interviews, templates, courses, and more tools to help you pitch high-profile employers, write better proposals, hack interviews, land better freelance jobs, and negotiate better rates.

SolidGigs has a partially free trial for the first month (at $2).

The fee then moves to $19 monthly and may increase or decrease as long as you stay signed into the service.


  • Premium, highly filtered jobs
  • It has a convenient pricing structure
  • Allows for off-platform growth
  • Saves you time
  • It’s easy to start using


  • It only works for individual freelancers

3. JustRemote

screenshot of the remote homepage

JustRemote allows you to find full-time or partial remote jobs across various industries, including web design and development, writing, customer service, social media management, etc.

They operate worldwide and offer freelance jobs that don’t require you to work from any specific location.

Alternatively, you can filter through the listings to find jobs closest to your locality.

Even better, the site added a paid service, JustRemote Power Search, which allows you to join their personalized job listings and get more opportunities that aren’t among the listings but are actively recruiting.

To get started, choose your preferred remote job and whether you need full-time or partial employment.

JustRemote’s paid service goes for $12 monthly.


  • Offers an affiliate program
  • Has a helpful search criteria
  • High-quality curated job listings
  • Numerous job opportunities


  • Offers no money-back guarantee

4. Upwork

screenshot of the upwork homepage

Upwork is among the most popular websites for remote jobs in 2022.

The platform boasts around 12 million freelancers, with 5 million employers, listing over 3 million freelance opportunities annually.

Upwork is a hub for all freelance skills and talents below the sun.

Create an account today and start pitching for blog writing opportunities, website development and design, graphic design, mobile app development opportunities, and more.

The chances are diverse, and the platform connects you with small and giant companies like Dropbox, Zendesk, Microsoft, etc.

Creating an Upwork account is free and doesn’t restrict users from any location.

However, the platform will deduct 20% from your earnings until you reach a specific limit, after which the percentage will reduce.

The platform allows you to work directly with your client after building a stable relationship.

You can narrow your search by browsing through curated marketplaces on Upwork rather than scrolling through all the jobs on your dashboard.


  • Several remote working opportunities
  • You stand a chance to get hired immediately if the client loves your proposal
  • It has a simple payment algorithm
  • A higher rating means more jobs
  • You can find high-paying remote jobs too


  • They charge higher fees
  • Landing the first client can be tricky
  • Some jobs are poorly rated

5. WeWorkRemotely

screenshot of the wework remotely homepage

WeWorkRemotely divides its job listing into categories: business management, customer support, programming, product jobs, copywriting, etc.

It comes with an easy-to-use and intuitive website, with over 130,000 telecommuting users monthly.

It’s among the first websites for remote jobs and remains among the largest in the industry, with over 2.5 million visitors monthly.

Also, WeWorkRemotely connects you to big-name employers like Amazon and Basecamp.

You can also find helpful resources like lists of remote companies you can find jobs from or check the top 100 remote firms employing and applying for the positions.

Unlike other job sites, WeWorkRemotely doesn’t require you to open an account with your skills and resume.

Spot the job you want, press the apply button, and it will lead you to an application page.

The platform is also free, and anyone anywhere can use it to find jobs.


  • No account signup or registration fees
  • Hundreds of remote jobs are updated weekly
  • A significantly large community with over 150,000 users
  • Suitable for both experience levels


  • Clients can’t see your profile, so you have to reach out
  • It can be challenging for new users to find the most recent listings

6. Working Nomads

screenshot of the working nomads homepage

Subscribe to Working Nomads for free today and start receiving curated daily or weekly remote job listings in your inbox.

The site also has color-coded job categories for easy navigation, especially if you don’t love emails.

Working Nomads has several opportunities across different niches.

However, development jobs are the majority, making the platform ideal for software engineers.

You can also use the search button to filter your results to full-time or partial employment, marketing gigs, sales, management, etc.


  • Several new job postings across various niches weekly
  • No signup or registration fees
  • An intuitive website with powerful browsing and search features
  • Helpful customer support


  • Job listings change weekly

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at some of the FAQs concerning remote jobs.

Where can I work remotely?

Remote jobs allow you to work from anywhere, depending on your role.

Telecommuting remote workers, for instance, can work a few days at home and visit the office some days.

This type of work will demand that you stay closer to the job to ease commuters during the days you report to the office.

You can choose other freelance jobs that allow you to work anywhere worldwide.

Is FlexJobs worth the fee?


Paying the fees unlocks your access to the complete listing information, job posting email notifications, a support system, and skill testing courses highlighting your expertise on your profile.

You can also add your work samples and resume to your profile to attract more employers and access several resources to familiarize yourself with remote work tools.

Websites for Remote Jobs: Wrapping Up

Websites for remote jobs help you find your ideal employment opportunities across various niches and industries.

FlexJobs, one of the top-ranking websites, comes with several advantages and perks that make your job search journey easier.

On the other hand, WeWorkRemotely has more beautiful features and benefits, making it the best option for free remote job websites.

With the knowledge in this article, you have no more room to give excuses apart from taking action and starting your earning journey.

Do you have any questions or comments concerning the websites we’ve listed here?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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