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The Top 7 Websites to Sell Businesses in 2023

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Selling a business doesn’t have to be a complex or overwhelming experience.

In fact, thanks to the myriad business marketplaces on the web, it can be downright enjoyable!

We’ve rounded up seven of the best websites to flip your business on.

Whether it’s a brick-and-mortar or fully-digital business, you’re sure to find a platform that suits your needs.

The 7 Best Websites for Selling Businesses in 2023

The websites below are the best places to sell your business for a tidy sum.

While most of them accommodate listings from physical and digital businesses, some are exclusively digital asset marketplaces.

1. BusinessesForSale.com

screenshot of the businessforsale.com homepage

BusinessesForSale.com claims to be “the world’s largest marketplace of 60,906 businesses for sale”.

The site was established in 1996, boasting a two-decade track record and 1,014,943 average monthly buyers who search its business listings for legitimate businesses they can buy.

Also, it facilitates franchise sales, so franchisors are free to list their franchises.

Business owners in over 130 countries list their businesses on BusinessesForSale.com, with some of the most popular business categories including hotels, farms, cafes, and websites.

The site has a directory of business brokers, accountants, M&A advisors, lawyers, and other people in the field who can help you sell your business.

You can list an established business on BusinessesForSale.com for one month, three months, or six months.

It provides a proprietary tool you can use to get a business valuation in five minutes.

Also, if you’re confused about how to sell your business, the website provides resources like guides and FAQs to help you through the process.

Key Features

  • It’s a huge marketplace where you can buy local and international businesses in over 130 countries
  • The site has two decades of experience facilitating transactions (established in 1996)
  • You can sell any business type (whether a physical or online business)
  • It has a free valuation tool

Bottom Line

BusinessesForSale.com is the website to use if you’d like to sell a business based outside the States.

The site is one of the largest international marketplaces for selling physical or digital businesses.

2. BusinessBroker.net

BusinessBroker.net is an excellent place to sell your US-based physical or franchise business online.

The site boasts a database of over 20,000 businesses and franchises for sale and has a directory of over 1,000 business brokers.

Also, its monthly traffic exceeds 200,000 visitors who comb the site in search of high-value businesses and business opportunities.

Established in 1999, BusinessBroker.net has a track record of facilitating transactions.

Some of the most common industries the small business owners who use the site operate in include senior care, health and fitness, and pet care.

You can list your business on the site for two, four, or six-month terms.

And its listing fees are affordable.

People who want to find businesses for sale in the US can search by industry, city, county, state, or price range.

Some of the top-searched businesses include convenience stores, laundromats, gas stations, pizza restaurants, websites, and online businesses.

And the site has a resource center that provides valuable information on how to sell your business online.

Key Features

  • BusinessBroker.net boasts 200,000 visitors a month, meaning you can tap into a large pool of potential buyers
  • You can sell websites, eCommerce stores, franchises, physical businesses, etc., on the site
  • It has a directory of over 1000 business brokers, meaning you can find one in your area who can help you sell your business
  • Its resource center can help the average business owner sell their site

Bottom Line

BusinessBroker.net is an excellent website where US-based business owners can sell their businesses.

Its track record, high monthly visitor count, and vast business broker network are indicators that you can sell your business through it.

3. Flippa

screenshot of the flippa homepage

Flippa is predominantly a marketplace for selling profitable online businesses.

You can sell everything from an eCommerce business (Amazon, Shopify, etc.) to a digital marketing agency, SaaS, or even a social media account.

As Flippa puts it: “If you have a URL, you can sell it.”

3.3 million people use Flippa to buy and sell digital assets.

The site has 312,497 buyers (at the time of writing) and has sold 273,184 listings.

You can list your online business for sale on the site for less than $30.

And if you’re selling multiple websites, Flippa’s team of experts can make the process more manageable.

Flippa has a free escrow service that safeguards transactions from fraud.

In addition, it has a tool that offers free instant valuations, which helps you value your business using historical data.

Businesses worth over $10 million can join its VIP Program for smoother transactions.

And it provides a free selling guide to help you sell your business.

Key Features

  • Flippa.com boasts 3.3 million users
  • It has an incredibly low listing fee (under $30 at the time of writing)
  • The site offers professional guidance for business owners selling multiple websites
  • Its escrow service protects against fraudulent transactions

Bottom Line

Flippa is one of the best sites for selling digital assets.

Its user base is huge, and it’s helped facilitate over 200,000 transactions.

Also, you can get listings up on the site for less than 30 bucks.

4. BusinessMart.com

screenshot of the businessmart.com homepage

BusinessMart.com is a business marketplace for buying and selling US-based businesses and franchises.

You can place confidential listings on the site that last for three months to a year, and its listing fees are incredibly low (as low as $20.99/month when you list for a full year).

Buyers can search by business category and location, and they can filter the results based on the asking price and time of listing.

Meanwhile, as a seller, you can use its business broker directory to find business brokers in your area.

And the site has a resource center that provides information on topics like how to form an LLC and secure small business relief.

Also, BusinessMart.com claims to have one of the most advanced franchise information systems on the web.

Some common franchise businesses you can keen to include brands in the food and drink, childcare, and automotive industries

Key Features

  • All listings placed on the site are confidential
  • It has incredibly low listing fees
  • BusinessMart.com has a business broker directory that connects you with business brokers in your area
  • Its resource center is excellent for new businesses

Bottom Line

BusinessMart.com is the site to visit if you want to list your business for sale in the US for cheap.

At the time of writing, its one-year listing fee breaks down to $20.99 a month, which is pretty good when compared to similar business flipping sites.

5. Empire Flippers

screenshot of the empire flippers homepage

Empire Flippers is another website geared towards the buying and selling of digital assets.

The site claims to have “helped people buy and sell $400+ million worth of online businesses” since its founding in 2012, and it publishes new listings every Monday.

In addition, Empire Flippers is a 2017 IBBA award-winning company, winning, among others, the deal-maker award.

This website is an awesome place to show your online business if you want to prevent copycats from saturating your niche.

When you list your business on Empire Flippers, it’ll hide your URL, keeping your niche under wraps.

In exchange, you pay a commission for the sale of your business (starting at 15% for businesses worth less than $700,000).

Crucially, Empire Flippers is a done-for-you service, meaning they help your site change ownership once the sale is completed.

The service includes migrating the site, contacting your web hosting company about the new owner, and other related tasks.

And it can provide you with a broker to negotiate the deal on your behalf.

Key Features

  • Empire Flippers publishes new listings every Monday
  • The site hides website URLs for all listings
  • It provides closed-transaction services like website migration
  • You can request a broker to negotiate a sale on your behalf

Bottom Line

Empire Flippers is for online entrepreneurs who want to sell their digital assets in complete privacy.

If there was one reason to list your asset on this marketplace, it would be because it provides after-sale services that facilitate the transfer of ownership between sellers and buyers.

6. BizBuySell.com

screenshot of the bizbuysell.com homepage

BizBuySell.com has one of the largest business-for-sale networks online.

Some of its partners include USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and BizQuest.com.

On its own, this website gets 15 million+ monthly page views.

However, when you list a business, your listing will be shown by the site’s partners as well. 

This website provides a business valuation report to sellers who list their business on it, and you can use the report to understand your business’s value.

It has a broker directory you can use to find a broker near you, and it provides a downloadable free guide aimed at sellers of small businesses.

Aside from businesses, you can also sell franchises, assets, and US-based business real estate.

Regarding the former, buyers can filter their searches for your franchise based on the startup capital required to launch, the industry, and the US State they’re based in.

Meanwhile, assets you can sell can be anything from a food processing plant to an airport.

Key Features

  • BizBuySell.com gets 15 million monthly visits
  • It provides maximum exposure for your listing through its vast partner network
  • All listings include a business valuation report
  • In addition to businesses, you can sell assets, franchises, and business real estate

Bottom Line

Consider listing on BizBuySell.com if you want maximum exposure for your business.

The site’s vast partner network makes it an appealing place to find a buyer.

And its 15-million-strong monthly visitor count is impressive.

7. BuySellEmpire.com

screenshot of the buysell empire.com homepage

Lead generation businesses, digital marketing agencies, Amazon Kindle businesses, a SaaS—whatever online business you can think of, you can sell it on BuySellEmpire.com.

This website boasts a 90% success rate, and some of the buyers that frequent it include entrepreneurs and private equity firms.

In addition, its success fees are among the lowest, going as low as 4% depending on the sale amount.

And you can speak directly to interested buyers should the need arise.

BuySellEmpire.com has a buyer/seller network that comprises over 10,000 businesspeople.

It maintains user trust thanks to stringent seller listing criteria, requiring documentation like a 1-3 year profit and loss statement (or similar document, depending on the business), and Google Analytics.

Also, it provides a free valuation tool for calculating your business’s worth.

Key Features

  • It has a 90% sales success rate
  • BuySellEmpire.com has some of the lowest success fees (as low as 4% on some transactions)
  • You can sell diverse business types, like lead generation businesses and digital agencies
  • The website has a 10,000-strong buyer/seller network

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a website where you can sell any type of online business imaginable, BuySellEmpire.com is that website.

Meanwhile, its low success fees, 90% success rate, and 10,000-strong buyer/seller network are deal sweeteners you won’t want to miss out on.

Choosing a Website for Selling Businesses – What to Look For

Here’s what to look for when choosing a website to list your business for sale.

  • Escrow: Websites that sell online businesses aren’t complete without escrow services that safeguard against fraud. These tools help establish trust between buyers and sellers, so keep this consideration in mind when selling your digital asset.
  • Monthly Visits: When selling a business, the more eyes that see your business listings, the better, therefore, place a higher priority on websites that have a high number of monthly visitors and users (at least 500,000 to 1 million).
  • Listing Fees: Finally, pay attention to listing fees. They’re usually either payable as a commission or monthly lump payments that keep your listing up for a couple of months to a year. Depending on your business’s value, the latter option may be more cost-effective.

Wrap Up

As the above roundup reveals, there are many places on the web to sell your business.

However, the sites worth considering should have a high number of monthly visitors and an escrow service to build trust between you and the buyer.

Also, if you can’t stomach parting with a percentage of the sale proceeds, it’s also worth considering the site’s listing fee system.

A monthly lump sum structure is ideal if you want to pocket the lion’s share of the profits.

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