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By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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Cyber presence is imminent for all businesses and therefore, there is always the requirement of a well-crafted, professionally designed website that delivers the appropriate information to the potential customer.

At first, website designing was mainly a task done by professional website designers, of late the same has been taken over by rookies or non professionals, thanks to the various platforms that provide instant creation of websites.

There are many website design platforms that claim to provide hassle free web designing, yet they stand no where near Webydo, the newest and the best platform that lets one create a website without having to write a single line of code. Here is a review of the same on the many features that the platform offers:

Features of Webydo.com Review

Web Fonts

Often, designers need to use different fonts other than the ones provided by the designing platform. Webydo eases the process in this respect by providing web fonts by way of access to Google Fonts. This accessibility allows designers to use the 600+ free open source fonts that have been optimized for the internet.

The ability to use Google fonts is provided in the Webydo Studio menu in the font drop-down list. Users need to click on “Add Fonts” button following which Google Fonts can be accessed.

Drag & Drop

Being a highly intuitive website design platform, Webydo works on the WYSIWYG concept where you get what you see. This concept uses the drag and drop concept where the designers simply place pictures or captions as they want them to appear. Thus, there is no coding required and images can be placed immediately.

Code Free Web Design

With Webydo there is no need to have any knowledge of writing codes to design a website. The platform provides code free web designing as the designs on the platform get converted to the W3C valid code automatically. The user has complete liberty and control to publish the website without having to worry about the handwritten code or the DIY template.

The platform provides a sophisticated Design Management System that is used to design the website conveniently.

Cross Platform

The Webydo.com platform is the best site builder platform that enables users to design websites with ease across the platforms. Working on the WYSIWYG concept, the platform provides content editing that enables users to see and publish their website across different browsers and platforms in the format as they would appear on these platforms and browsers. The designers can then optimize to get the best results and be visible to a large audience.

Grid Generators

With Webydo, designers can be assured of accuracy in designing the websites. Webydo assures pixel by pixel, complete accuracy through the 960 Grid Generator feature, which provides a grid for each pixel enabling designers to design accurately.

Text Caption

Webydo provides some cool design elements which enable designers to design freely. Images can be enhanced by using the Text Caption feature of Webydo along with other tools such as layers windows, grid generators, smart guides and snapping tools. Shadows and strokes too can be added to images to bring vision to life.

Smart Guides & Snapping

Being an interactive and intuitive designing platform, Webydo provides such designing tools as the smart guides and snapping tools that enable customized forms and designs. Users can easily insert design elements such as galleries, menus, videos, images, widgets and animation in their websites.

Fast Pace Production

With Webydo.com, users can quickly create a website without having to worry about the code. There is no need to write any code as the designs created on the website are automatically converted to codes. Moreover, the platform is associated with Akamai to provide fast, reliable and the most stable servers.

Once the website is designed and published, the data can be uploaded quickly from any part of the world. The Content Delivery Network system of servers enables the fast uploading of data from anywhere.

Build Your Brand

With Webydo, users can build their brands for their clients. This is possible because of the Content Management System or CMS provided by the platform. The CMS enables users to alter, edit, delete, change or update any content as and when required. This gives the users the liberty to create a brand name and design websites as per the clients’ requirements.

In browsing editor
The in-browsing editor of Webydo enables users to edit the contents of the website easily. The editing tools provided by the platform enable the user to make changes as and when required. Replacing text, changing images, adding graphics or updating any other content is easily possible through the in-browsing editor of the platform.

Powerful Hosting Services

With Webydo, users need not to worry about hosting their websites separately, as the platform offers cloud hosting under its domain. There is no need to be intimidated by DNS settings, hosting setups, updating hosting options and adding domain names as the platform takes care of all these aspects.

However, those users that need to host their sites with their own domain names can take a monthly subscription plan from the company and get their website going online.

SEO and Site Management

An important aspect of website design is SEO and site management. Webydo.com takes care of this aspect as well and provides a SEO toolbox that enables users to create descriptions, page titles and keywords. Advanced SEO settings can also be used to get better site management tools.

E-commerce Widget

The E-commerce Widget is the tool for website designers that need to design e-commerce websites. The widget enables users to create websites that need to provide a payment gateway, shopping cart and various other things necessary for an eCommerce website.

The mentioned features of Webydo.com makes this site builder platform a great one. The platform is well suited for professional as well as new designers. Therefore, Webydo is rightly called the magic portal that lets one spin out a website in no time, without using any code. What did you think of our Webydo review?

by Brett Helling
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