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Wedding Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 25 Examples

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According to research, up to 62% (4.9 billion) of the world’s population depend on the internet to find information, socialize, and shop.

This growth has also changed the wedding space.

Today, almost all couples depend on the internet to find information, suggestions, tips, and ideas about weddings, multiplying the growth of wedding blogs.

Are you passionate about nuptials?

You may want to embrace wedding blogs and make money doing something you enjoy.

The Best Wedding Blogs (Examples)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

Wedding Blogs for Entertainment and Venue Inspiration

What Is a Wedding Blog?

Wedding blogs are online magazines with thousands of alluring wedding content, updated frequently to offer useful tips and ideas to brides and bridesmaids.

They are platforms where people share their thoughts, ideas, inspiration, and information concerning weddings to inspire and inform soon-to-be couples.

What Does a Wedding Blogger Blog About?

There are different types of blogs that make money online.

If you have a soft spot for weddings, then wedding blogs make an effective way for you to hack the space.

Topics to blog about include:

  • Tips and ideas about venue, dressing code, color palette, decoration, and food
  • Different types of weddings (vintage, classic, LGBTQ, etc.)
  • Wedding planning tips and ideas

What Is Included on a Wedding Blog?

The more readers and followers you have, the more revenue you get, and your business will be more successful.

But, you only get readers if you have the type of content that piques their interest.

Here are some items wedding blogs should include.

1. Answers To Most Frequent Readers’ Questions (The FAQ)

While planning your content ideas, consider the questions you’ve mostly received from readers.

Also, you can run a social media poll to understand some of the concerns of your readers.

Then, form a thorough Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ) blog to provide the answers.

For questions requiring in-depth explanations, we suggest writing blogs explaining them.

2. Venue Suggestions in the Locality

Provide reviews on the wedding venues available in the neighborhood.

One of the most common worries of a couple is finding a perfect location.

Providing a run-down of the wedding venues in the community, including details like the booking process, capacity, and why the place is unique, will be extremely helpful to your readers.

3. Ultimate Guide Posts

Providing an ultimate guide on how to find a solution to the problem will benefit your reader and you.

They can be guides on common and uncommon issues that couples face before, during, and after a wedding.

Consider topics like planning for photo sessions, dealing with wedding distractions, or planning for an elopement.

4. Do’s and Don’Ts of Seeking Various Wedding Services

Are there lessons you learned from your wedding or a friend’s? Your readers will highly appreciate it if you help them avoid mistakes at their weddings.

Among your content ideas, incorporate different dos and don’ts of various wedding stages and services.

These could include dos and don’ts of hiring event planners, choosing a venue, etc.

5. Create and Share a Cheat Sheet, Reference Guide, or Checklist

Create a comprehensive checklist or cheat sheet with all the answers couples want.

Some of the most common topics we suggest include:

  • Bridal shower checklist
  • Registry checklist
  • Decor checklist
  • Planning checklist
  • Outfit checklist
  • Event day checklist
  • Reference guide for fun photo ideas for an after-party shoot

Other Things That You Can Find on a Wedding Blog

Apart from the above pieces, most wedding blogs also contain:

  • Interviews: Bloggers typically interrogate newlywed couples and post the conversations. That’s a great inspiration to soon-to-be-wed couples.
  • How-to articles: These guides could be about any topic and offer brides and grooms answers and procedures for most of their concerns.
  • Bridal dress and makeup tips: You can also include some useful tips and ideas for bridal dresses or makeup.
  • Honeymoon destination tips: Suggest the best honeymoon destinations worldwide and why they’re special.

Types of Wedding Blogs

While learning the ins and outs of how to start a blog, you also need to spend some time finding out the options you have as a wedding blogger.

There are different types of wedding blogs, each with its unique content choice and direction.

Some of the options available include:

  • Wedding blogs for attire and style: They talk about different wedding attires, styles, and options for various couples.
  • Wedding blogs for proposals: Produce blogs with tips, venue suggestions, the best ring choices, and different vendors for couples looking for a romantic way to propose.
  • Wedding blogs for venue and entertainment inspirations: They offer suggestions, inspirations, and ideas around the venue and entertainment niches.
  • Wedding blogs for wedding planning: These types cover everything around wedding planning, from venue choice to budgeting and other tips.
  • Wedding blogs of DIY weddings: They offer information for crafty couples who want to take full charge of their wedding.

Do Wedding Blogs Make Money?

Making money is among the top motivations for starting a blog.

And, the dream isn’t far from reality, especially if you want to focus on wedding blogs.

The wedding business is currently worth over $61.9bn.

Thus, the options to make money blogging about weddings is endless.

There are services to promote, products, to sell, and more.

How Do Wedding Blogs Make Money?

With sufficient time, effort, and dedication, bloggers can make good money writing about weddings worldwide.

However, it’s not an overnight success.

Making good money blogging requires sufficient effort and takes time.

Some of the top ways wedding bloggers make money include:

  1. Using Ads: Ad networks like Adsense are some of the ways wedding bloggers can make money passively.
  2. Promoting businesses directly: You can also sell brands on your website by creating a vendor’s section for them, listing them on your sidebars, or promoting them on social media.
  3. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing involves offering products and services from vendors and receiving a commission for every purchase through your link.
  4. Selling your products: You can use your blog to market your products and services if you have any.

How Much Do Wedding Blogs Make?

Most bloggers earn up to $50,000 yearly from Ads alone.

The fact that you can combine all the money-making mechanisms in a single blog means endless potential.

The richest bloggers globally are worth over $200 million.

Products To Promote and Sell on a Wedding Blog

Do you have any wedding-related niche products wedding couples can use before, during, or after their big day?

You can use your blog to market and get customers for your products.

Also, you can help brands find clients and get a commission on every purchase.

Some of the leading products you can sell on your wedding blog include:

  • Wedding Photography: Do you have a passion for photographs? Then you may want to market your skills to brides and offer your photography services during their weddings.
  • Wedding Cakes: You can bake wedding cakes or help other brands sell their pieces through your blog and earn commissions.
  • Do you have a gift store? Then we recommend using your wedding blog to market your packages.

Best Wedding Blogs: 25 Examples

Couples are constantly perusing the internet for information, tips, and inspiration to make their weddings perfect.

If you want to explore this, creating a wedding blog is an excellent direction to take.

To get this right, you may want to see what other top-ranking blogs are doing, learn how they do their businesses, and borrow a leaf from them to help you create your blog.

How Many Wedding Blogs Are There?

There are several types of weddings, and every couple wants their own experience to be unique and memorable.

For that reason, bloggers have coined several focus points for their websites, birthing several types of wedding blogs.

Here, we’ve collected some top-ranking wedding blogs in every category to give you insights.

Wedding Blogs for Proposals

Marriages begin from courtship, a proposal, and then the actual wedding.

Thus, several spouses seek information on the best venue, proposal rings, or ways to propose to their partners.

Do you have passion and taste for places and inspiration for romantic proposals? Here are some blogs to check out.

Love Inc.

screenshot of the love inc. homepage

While Love Inc. focuses on inclusivity in the wedding space, this online magazine offers sufficient proposal information.

We love it specifically for having comprehensive sections for different types of readers.

Also, you can check the blog’s cool wedding videos, galleries, vendor guides, real weddings, and LGBTQ sections.

Pretty Pear Bride

screenshot of the pretty pear bride homepage

Pretty Pear Bride understands the uncertainty and how overwhelming planning and having a wedding can be to couples.

Thus, the blog focuses on helping to-be-wed spouses build their self-esteem, gain confidence, and proudly be themselves before, during, and after their weddings.

The blog also has a beautiful plus-size wedding section and a proposal unit that helps couples develop awesome ideas to plan their engagement and more.

How They Asked

screenshot of the how they asked homepage

You can already guess what the How They Asked blog is all about from the name.

This blog is an efficient tool for learning and sourcing inspiration on what wedding proposal websites should contain.

It comes fully packed with popular proposal stories, videos, advice, and questions.

The Perfect Proposal

screenshot of the perfect proposal homepage

The Perfect Proposal is passionate about helping couples find inspiration, get advice on the best proposal destination, renew their vows, and plan their engagement.

You can use the Perfect Proposal to gain inspiration on building your brand around proposal wedding blogs.

The Yes Girls

screenshot of the yes girls homepage

The Yes Girls have been around for over 12 years providing posts and services regarding wedding proposals.

They’ve invested in more than 4000 events throughout the world and even offer proposal coaching.

Wedding Blogs for Entertainment and Venue Inspiration

Entertainment and venue selection is among the most crucial parts of any wedding.

Every couple wants to make this day memorable for them and their guests.

Thus, they want to get the best recommendation on venues, sufficient advice on entertainment, and suggestions on how to make their wedding memorable for them and their guests.

Here are some of our picks.

Woman Getting Married

screenshot of the woman getting married homepage

Woman Getting Married receives monthly traffic of over 400,000 brides looking for suggestions on the best wedding venues in various states.

The blog has a beautiful wedding dress inspiration section, making it a great source of inspiration for more than venues.

Their comprehensiveness in reviewing the locations makes them a go-to blog for most to-be-wed couples.


screenshot of the peerspace homepage

Peerspace is an excellent haven for brides looking to do their wedding in unique, budget-friendly venues, away from the typical church settings.

They have suggestions on several unique venue settings, including outdoor gardens, speakeasies, and more.

Peerspace is a great platform to consider for inspiration if you want to focus on venue wedding blogs.

Rustic Wedding Chic

screenshot of the rustic wedding chic homepage

Have you ever considered yourself a wedding blogger focusing on perfect rustic weddings?

Rustic Wedding Chic focuses on everything around this topic.

They have venue suggestions for couples who want to add a rural character to their marriages and have the perfect answers to the most common questions about such locations.

My Wedding Songs

screenshot of the my wedding songs homepage

My Wedding Songs is an exclusive example of what an entertainment wedding blog entails.

They serve their followers with trendy song lists from professional DJs and have suggestions on where to find the best wedding entertainers.

Wedgewood Wedding Blog

screenshot of the wedgewood wedding blog homepage

Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center is a one-stop haven for all couples’ needs on reception venues and other helpful information.

Unlike most blogs, Wedgewood Wedding Blog considers the needs of newlywed couples and offers them various suggestions on where and what to do after weddings.

Check their website for inspiration on wedding venues and entertainment suggestions.

Wedding Blogs for Attire & Style

Do you love wedding dresses? Then starting an attire and style wedding bog will be a great decision to match your passion.

Here are some style and attire wedding blogs to draw your inspiration.

La Belle Couture Weddings

screenshot of the la belle couture weddings homepage

La Belle Couture Weddings is an excellent example of a wedding website that focuses on beautiful wedding gowns.

They have a shop which offers some of the best couture dresses.

They also have a section focusing on wedding photography and other services.

Bridal Musings

screenshot of the bridal musings homepage

Bridal Musings, a UK-based wedding blog, offers everything you need for style and attire inspirations.

Since its inception in 2011, Bridal Musings has provided couples with the best sources and fashion suggestions to make their weddings memorable.

Some of their focus items include suggestions on the best vendors for wedding rings, dresses, shoes, and other accessories.

Green Wedding Shoes

screenshot of the green wedding shoes homepage

The Green Wedding Shoes delivers on its promise of giving couples the inspiration for a fashionable wedding and beyond (as their tagline says).

While the blog focuses on bohemian kinds, The Green Wedding Shoes is quite versatile and draws various styles from movie-themed and seasonal weddings to make their suggestions unique and outstanding.

Style Me Pretty

screenshot of the style me pretty homepage

Since its inception in 2007, Style Me Pretty has offered its readers quality fashion tips, advice, and vendor suggestions.

They cover everything, from décor and themes to wedding gowns, rings, and more.

Once Wed

screenshot of the once wed homepage

Are you passionate about helping new couples plan unique, elegant, and natural weddings?

The Once Wed blog is your main point of reference.

This style-savvy wedding blog remains in the hearts of several brides for offering excellent suggestions and wedding dress inspirations when they need it most.

Wedding Blogs for Wedding Planning

Weddings only happen once in a lifetime, and every couple wants to make the day perfect and memorable.

They take no chances with the various details and go the extra mile to ensure that everything runs as flawlessly as possible.

Our editors ran through the internet and ranked some of the best wedding planning websites you may want to read for planning inspiration.

They include:

One Fab Day

screenshot of the one fab day homepage

Couples need a trusted platform for premium wedding planning advice and recommendations.

And, no platform matches One Fab Day’s quality for the to-be-weds in Ireland and the UK.

They have endless resources, with a handful of wedding planning checklists, tips, and more.


screenshot of the unbridely homepage

Unbridely believes that every couple’s dream is to be unique and unpretentious at their weddings.

Thus, the blog offers amazing tips and suggestions to make every wedding special and functional.

They also have a TV show, plus thousands of other resources in their blog to push their agenda of unique and stress-free wedding planning.

 Offbeat Wed

screenshot of the offbeat wed homepage

Offbeat Wed focuses on making the wedding planning process easier and stress-free for clueless soon-to-be-wed couples.

It has several wedding planning spreadsheets and checklists to kick off the process.

Also, they have planning guides, templates, and other resources to do the heavy lifting for these couples.

With Offbeat Wed, brides don’t have to worry about the vows, venue, and more.

Junebug Weddings

screenshot of the junebug weddings homepage

Junebug Weddings is here to make couples comfortable about their decision and make planning for a wedding one of the most straightforward and most flawless processes.

They have thousands of comprehensive wedding planning resources, a list of trustworthy vendors, and planners you can trust.

With their aesthetic layout and comprehensive nature, Junebug Weddings has a lot you may want to explore when building your brand.

Martha Stewart Wedding

screenshot of the martha stewart wedding homepage

Martha Stewart Wedding has all the innovative ideas, elevated inspiration, and professional advice to help couples plan their weddings successfully.

They have sufficient information on assisting brides in planning everything, from venues, cakes, flowers, dress codes, invitations, and more.

Wedding Blogs for DIY Weddings

DIY wedding blogs contain tips on wedding planning, shopping ideas, decoration tips, and how to keep everything on a low budget.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can design a blog that helps your readers follow the hands-on way of planning and executing a wedding.

Here are some of our top inspiration blogs.

The Budget Savvy Bride

screenshot of the budget savvy bride homepage

Jessica Bishop’s The Budget Savvy Bride is famous for helping to-be couples plan their weddings without breaking the bank.

The blog focuses on some of the best ideas spouses need to keep their wedding costs minimal while still having a fabulous day.

It’s fully packed with some exciting free printables, money-saving tips, a directory, and DIY projects.

A Practical Wedding

screenshot of the a practical wedding homepage

A Practical Wedding offers its readers some of the industry’s best tips, guides, and informational blogs on how they can plan and execute a practical wedding.

It has a vendor’s section, DIY projects, spreadsheets, real wedding examples, and other valuable tips and advice to help couples.

DIY Bride

screenshot of the diy bride homepage

DIY Bride is a pride to crafty, unique, and stylish couples who want to take charge of everything during their wedding.

It has valuable tips, ideas, and advice on how spouses can get the wedding of their dreams, regardless of their style, budget, or level of craftiness.


screenshot of the ruffled homepage

Ruffled is an excellent choice for couples who want some souvenir wedding experience.

The blog has everything couples need to plan and craft their weddings, including planning guides, a directory, DIY wedding guides, and more.

Also, their Recycle Your Wedding platform offers couples an efficient way to dispose of and get second-hand wedding items in good condition.

100 Layer Wedding Cake

100 Layer Wedding Cake is another excellent resource for couples who want to go the DIY way for their weddings.

This blog started as a collaboration of three friends and designers, Amanda Dawbarn, Jillian Clark, and Kristina Meltzer, to help DIY couples find tips and ideas for planning and crafting their weddings.

How To Become a Wedding Blogger

If you’re still following, you’re likely interested in becoming a wedding blogger.

The first step will be to create a wedding website (blog).

You can create your blog using a wedding website builder or start the process from scratch.

Here are the ten steps to follow.

Determine the Direction of the Blog

The wedding blog examples above must have given you a hint about what you want to write about.

Reading them lets you know what other blogs are writing about and how to build yours.

We suggest you do keyword research to discover opportunities in your topic of preference.

Select a Niche

The wedding industry is quite broad.

Thus, we suggest you build your brand around a single idea and explore everything it relates to.

A niche lets you make your brand recognizable to your audience and gives you a direction on where and how to package your efforts.

Blogs on choosing the right niche are valuable if you don’t know what to do.

Select a Name

A name is one of the most crucial parts of a website.

If you’ve never considered it, now is the best time to think about what you would want to call your blog.

When coming up with a blog name, ensure that it’s memorable and in line with your site’s content.

Platforms like Bust a Name and My Vocabulary are effective for finding unused and interesting word combinations within your niche that you can use.

Select a Blogging Platform

Before you start creating your blog, you’ll need a blogging platform.

Different blogging platforms are available online, with free and paid options.

While free versions may seem cost-friendly, most of them have limitations you may not be ready to deal with.

Thus, conduct your research, read about the differences, master the advantages and disadvantages of each, and make your decision from the point of knowledge.

Register a Domain Name

With your domain name ready, you’ll need to register it, so it’s secure for use.

While some domain hosts offer the service, you’re better off purchasing the domain name from a different platform.

Search for the best domain registrar online and buy the name.

But, it’s worth noting that this may cost you some bucks on yearly subscriptions.

Get Web Hosting

With your blogging platform and web name ready, the next step is to find reliable web hosting for your blog.

Web hosting refers to the web server (online purse) in which all the files and content will reside virtually.

It’s essential to ensure that the company you trust with your web hosting is reliable and has good reviews from previous customers.

We suggest managed WordPress hosting.

Build the Blog

With everything in place, it’s time to start building your blog.

WordPress websites are often the most recommended across the industry because they’re easy to create and customize.

Check your WordPress dashboard to see the edits you need to make, and follow through to create your blog.

You’ll need to add themes, activate plugins, add security features, and more.

If you find the whole process hectic, this WordPress.

Tv video guide will walk you through it.


The next step is to install a WordPress theme.

Remember that wedding blogs are visual and mostly designed to entice brides.

Thus, we suggest you choose an option that’s rightfully enticing to the gender at this initial stage and make it visually appealing.


Plugins make up an essential part of every blog’s health and safety.

While building your blog, ensure that you activate all the necessary WordPress plugins and those necessary for wedding blogs.

Some top considerations include Akismet, W3 Total Cache, and Yoast SEO.

Essential Pages

From your WordPress, you’ll be able to customize the website and create all the essential pages for your blog.

While things like an “About US” may be necessary for all wedding blogs, some parts like “Vendors” or “Our Products” may be available in some while absent in other blogs, depending on the focus of the website.

Analyze your goals for the website, and create all the essential pages you’ll require.

Produce Content for the Blog

With the blog ready and almost complete, we suggest you start producing content.

Content is the engine that drives the success of your blog.

Thus, you should spend some quality time creating content for your blog.

Ensure it’s high quality, and make the content pieces concise and helpful.

For best results, consider longer articles over short ones.

However, don’t compromise quality over length.

Launch the Blog Publicly

The next step should be to launch the blog and making available to the public.

Take some time to confirm that everything is set before launching a new blog.

You should consider if your blog has all the essential pages, whether all security features are in check, the SEO plugins, etc.

Promote the Blog

Your blog has everything it requires, contains some pieces of content that your readers can find, and is already public.

Congratulations on keeping pace up to this point.

Now it’s time to promote the blog and start thinking of ways to monetize it.

There are several ways to promote a blog.

You may want to use social media, partner with more established blogs, or join communities where your audience spends time.

Similar Blogging Types To Check Out

Wedding blogs are some of the most common websites you can use to make money.

However, the options are endless.

Here are some website options you may want to explore, depending on your passion.

1. Beauty Blogs

Beauty blogs cover everything, from makeup tips to skincare, hairstyle magazines, and more.

If you’re passionate about beauty, then this is a field you may want to explore.

Among our top beauty blogs to check out include Lisa Eldridge, A Model Recommends, etc.

2. Design Blogs

Design is an interesting topic, especially if you’re passionate about the technical part of creating stuff.

We suggest you try these blogs if this is your area of expertise or interest.

Here are some design blogs to check out.

3. Craft Blogs

Craft blogs are among the top-ranking websites for making money in 2022.

If wedding blogs aren’t your thing, you may want to explore more about the blogging topics and try out craft.

Checking some craft blogs online will give you an idea of what to write about.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing an illustration of two people getting married with the big block text

That’s it for wedding blogs and how you can make money writing about a topic you enjoy.

Before concluding, we found it fulfilling to add answers to some frequently asked questions here.

Who is the most well-known wedding influencer?

There are several wedding influencers worldwide, and their recognition varies depending on the focus platform.

However, Emily Newman, the founder of Once Wed, has been featured in some of the world’s most renowned publications, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and BRIDES, as one of the best wedding bloggers.

How do wedding blogs get featured?

You can get your blog featured in one of the world-class publications by writing for them and requesting the opportunity to write for them.

Go to your favorite publication’s application page, email, or LinkedIn and inquire about their guest posting policies; if you qualify, pitch and write a blog for them.

Wedding Blogs: A Wrap-Up

Voila! You have all it takes to start one of the biggest wedding blogs on the internet and earn money promoting brands and products.

However, you only yield from the knowledge you’ve got by taking action.

Start your blogging journey today, and we assure you that, with sufficient effort, you’ll be glad you did in the future.

Do you have any questions or comments you want to share with us?

Talk to us here.

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