Weebly Review: Make New Websites With Ease

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If you’re looking to show your business in the best light possible, designing a proper website is paramount. The first step of the process is choosing the best software for the job. To that end, you may have considered giving Weebly a shot.

But are there any better options on the market? In particular, how does Weebly stack up against a household name in the website building sphere – WordPress?

In this in-depth Weebly review, we’ll outline some crucial features and help you decide if WordPress is the best choice.

Which Software Is Easier to Use?

The main feature that makes Weebly so appealing is its simplicity. Like other popular website builders, it is dead simple to use and great for bloggers who are new to the industry.

Namely, all it takes for you to start building a webpage is to create an account, select your theme, and start dragging and dropping elements wherever you want. There’s no need for any coding knowledge to use its software.

On the other hand, WordPress is the go-to option for users who already possess adequate coding and technical skills. It’s also one of the best free blog sites that come with minimal expenses.

While it does have more to offer in terms of website design options, but accessing them can be quite complicated if you’re new to the program.

Additionally, before you start creating your webpage, you’ll first need to buy your domain name, website hosting, install the program, and add necessary plugins.

The Answer: Weebly is the clear winner when it comes to ease of use. You can start building a webpage as soon as you create an account, whereas WordPress requires much more preparation.

Where Can You Access More Customization Options?

Weebly has a large number of pre-set themes. You can modify certain parts of them using the editor, but only if you choose a theme that allows this function.

If you’re looking for more customization options, you need to know how to apply HTML and CSS to Weebly’s code.

As for WordPress, there are tens of thousands of themes created by many developers. You can choose to leave them in their current condition, but WordPress enables you to do so much more.

In particular, with the help of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, you can make pretty much any modification you desire.

The Answer: When it comes to customizing the platforms to cater to your specific needs, both programs have a lot to offer, but WordPress is more potent than Weebly.

Which Platform Has Better E-Commerce?

If you opt for Weebly, you get e-commerce features included in your program. You can easily set up your store, but only when you upgrade your plan will you be able to receive payments.

To enable them, you’ll need to choose Weebly’s Pro plan or anything higher than that. This is a typical added cost, as you’ll also be paying for ecommerce features if you were to choose Squarespace.

Weebly can provide you with all the basic e-commerce options you need. This includes inventory management and shipping tools installed automatically. Since it’s not very complex, it’s an ideal solution for small businesses.

E-commerce in WordPress works completely differently. More specifically, online sales aren’t enabled automatically. Instead, you’ll need to install a plugin, such as WooCommerce and all of it’s plugins, to start your online store.

Once your WordPress online store is operable, you’ll see that it’s much more flexible than Weebly’s.

As such, it’s much better suited for larger businesses and websites whose sole purpose is to make online sales (such as a dropshipping business). It has tons of useful add-ons, such as the ability to set your currency, shipping options, display reviews, and product ratings, etc.

The Answer: In this aspect of the WordPress vs. Weebly review, there isn’t a clear winner. Weebly is the more advantageous option if you’re running a small business or a basic online store, whereas WordPress is better equipped for larger businesses and proper online stores.

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SEO: Which Program Yields Better Search Results?

A big part of SEO in Weebly isn’t your concern. The optimization comes built-in, and the program handles a lot of the work on its own. If you’re looking to make some improvements, Weebly has many SEO tutorials you can choose from.

Regarding WordPress, you have two options available. The first one is to perform the SEO yourself. The other is installing an SEO plugin.

WordPress contains a wide range of SEO plugins at your disposal, but Yoast SEO is the tried-and-true option. Despite introducing some simplicity to WordPress SEO, it doesn’t sacrifice any of its prowess.

The Answer: Whether you’re doing the optimization on your own, or with the help of Yoast, you can accomplish much more in WordPress than in Weebly.

Where Can You Get Better Extra Plugins and Apps?

When you go to Weebly’s App Center, you’ll find hundreds of plugins and apps ready to boost your website with handy features. Best of all, adding them to your webpage is effortless and only takes a few clicks. On top of that, you can add most apps for free and get a premium version later if you want.

On the other side of the aisle, WordPress outperforms Weebly in terms of the sheer number of plugins and apps. As of now, you can check out more than 55,000 plugins in their Plugin Directory.

The only downside to this is that their quality can be questionable. When you consider their abundance, sifting through the plugins to find the one that meets your demands can be a nuisance.

The Answer: Even though WordPress includes a wider variety of plugins and apps, Weebly might be a safer option because their quality is much more consistent.

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Which Platform Provides More Reliable Support?

Whenever you run into a problem, you can always reach out to Weebly’s team for guidance. You can get their help by email, or give them a call during business hours. If you’re looking for some additional insight, other users in Weebly’s forums may prove to be a reliable source of knowledge.

Conversely, WordPress users largely depend on their community to resolve issues. This is helpful in many situations, but finding the solution to your particular difficulty can sometimes take a lot of time. If this fails, you should consider paying for premium WordPress support.

The Answer: Weebly provides much more dependable support services than WordPress. This is because their support system is centralized and is readily available 24/7. On the other hand, the community in WordPress can prove useful, but finding a sure-fire solution may require payments.

Where Can You Get More Favorable Pricing?

Weebly’s free plan costs no money and includes features for your personal use. However, you can’t set up e-commerce under this plan, nor can you get your domain. By getting it, you also agree to enable Weebly’s ads on your webpage.

The biggest advantage of upgrading to their $5 plan per month is the addition of your domain. Still, Weebly’s ads remain on your website.

For their Pro plan, Weebly charges $12 a month and ensures a free domain for a year along with $100 in credit for Google Ads, which is very helpful when running PPC campaigns. Also, you can set up basic e-commerce and there’ll be an option to get rid of the ads.

If you select their Business plan, you’ll get the same benefits (free domain, no ads, and e-commerce) but with more optimization options. This plan is perfect for medium-sized businesses and enables online sales at a larger scale.

As for the pricing of WordPress, the core functions are also free. Nonetheless, additional costs are bound to ensue if you want to make the most of this program. For instance, you’ll need to pay for additional hosting, your domain, framework themes, and services of other developers in some cases.

The Answer: Weebly comes out on top in the pricing category due to its transparency. You know the exact amount you need to pay from the start, while the costs in WordPress are unpredictable.

This Is How Both Programs Work – You Decide

All in all, you should go for Weebly if you’re taking the initial steps in website building. As we’ve already stated in this Weebly review, it will give you the proper guidance you need to create a functional webpage at a fair and transparent price.

But if you’re already tech-savvy, WordPress should be your go-to platform. It will enable you to achieve much more in terms of customization, design, plugins, and SEO.

If you feel like experimenting, try designing your webpage in both programs, and see if you get the desired results.

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