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Weight Loss Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 25 Examples [2023]

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Weight loss blogging can be lucrative and creative.

However, learning how to start a blog can be challenging and may make you feel confused, unconfident, and discouraged.

Many factors come together when creating a weight loss blog.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about weight loss blogging and how you can be successful as a weight loss blogger.

The Best Weight Loss Blogs (Examples)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

What Is a Weight Loss Blog?

A weight loss blog is any blog that centers around the pursuit of losing weight.

A weight loss blog might focus on nutrition, foods, recipes, exercise, or target an age demographic.

Many successful weight loss blogs revolve around weight loss for those over 40, 50, or 60.

What Does a Weight Loss Blogger Blog About?

A weight loss blogger will likely focus on anything that involves losing weight.

Many weight loss bloggers will center their content around foods, nutrition, the best exercises for weight loss, or weight loss over a certain age.

Sometimes, weight loss bloggers might focus on showing the best products to help others lose weight and achieve the utmost success in their weight loss journey.

What Is Included on a Weight Loss Blog?

A weight loss blog will have many components to its content, including recipes, vitamins, and exercise.

There may also be plenty of auxiliary information that can assist in a weight loss journey.

1. Tips and Hacks

Tips, tutorials, and hacks are a big draw for many readers who want help in their weight loss journey.

Creative tips for preserving fresh fruit or innovative ways to get your daily allotment of vegetables are common topics in weight loss blogs.

2. Food Information

There is no shortage of data available on the internet about foods.

Weight loss blogs offer accurate information on the most delicious, healthiest foods and recipes to boost weight loss.

3. Workout Plans

Workout plans are a big draw for weight loss blogs since many readers want to know which exercise routines they can use to boost their weight loss and lose weight fast.

These plans offer readers a starting point to begin their exercise routines.

4. Product Reviews

Weight loss blogs are no strangers to product reviews.

These blogs will have a lot of content reviewing supplements, protein powders, and exercise equipment to help readers discover how to boost their weight loss journey and ensure success.

5. Vitamin Information

Macronutrients and micronutrients are vital parts of weight loss, and blogs may focus on offering information about these vitamins to help readers understand how much they need.

Vitamin information can include measurements, numbers, and sources.

Other Things That You Can Find on a Weight Loss Blog

Although the bulk of content on a weight loss blog will focus on food, nutrition, and exercise, there are other things that a weight blog will discuss.

For example, a broad weight loss blog may offer testimonials, meal plans, and other information readers can use to help in their weight loss journey.

1. Meal Plans

Meal plans may not work for all readers, but many weight loss blogs will have meal plans on their sites to help readers understand appropriate daily foods for weight loss.

Weight loss blogs may have different meal plans for various diets.

2. Weight Loss Plans

Weight loss plans can be more comprehensive than meal plans or exercise plans.

A weight loss plan may include all supplements, food information, vitamin intake, and exercise.

A weight loss plan can be complicated but may offer a weight loss blog plenty of traffic.

3. Muscle Building Information

Weight loss blogs are loosely related to muscle building and general fitness, meaning that weight loss blogs will likely have information on the steps to take after initial weight loss.

These blogs may have plenty of information on how to build muscle while shedding pounds.

4. Success Stories

Weight loss blogs will have a lot of success stories, testimonials, and first-hand accounts from others who have lost significant amounts of weight, gotten healthy, and managed their conditions.

Types of Weight Loss Blogs

There are five main weight loss blogging categories.

These blogs focus on targeted material that will likely keep their blog looking uniform, neat, and well-managed.

Although you can write on many topics, sticking to one overarching theme for your weight loss blog can help your blog maintain uniformity and consistency.

  • Weight Loss Blogs for Food & Nutrition: Blogs focusing on nutrition for weight loss will likely have plenty of recipes, food information, and vitamin studies.
  • Weight Loss Blogs for Working Moms: Blogs for working moms are likely to have tips, tricks, and hacks to make losing weight as a mother easier.
  • Weight Loss Blogs for Over 40: Blogs for those over 40 will likely focus on the best exercises and foods for those over 40.
  • Weight Loss Blogs for Over 50: People over 50 may be at risk for diseases related to excessive eating, and these weight loss blogs will focus on helping this demographic.
  • Weight Loss Blogs for Over 60: Weight loss blogs for those over 60 will help seniors get important information about bone health and wellness.

Do Weight Loss Blogs Make Money

Weight loss bloggers can make good money through their blogs, but it may take time, patience, and effort.

Additionally, some of the income that weight loss bloggers make may not come from their content but from collaborations and deals they make with other companies.

How Do Weight Loss Blogs Make Money?

There are many different types of blogs that make money.

Weight loss bloggers will make money in a variety of ways.

One of the ways weight loss bloggers make money is through the page views on their website, but most of their income will likely come from ads placed on the site.

Advertisers can purchase space on a weight loss blog to show off their products, and that money will then go to the weight loss blogger who allows the ad on their site.

Additionally, weight loss bloggers might collaborate with other companies to get a cut of sales that the company makes through exposure on the blog.

Finally, some weight loss bloggers might use Amazon affiliate links to make extra money through purchases made on Amazon.

How Much Do Weight Loss Blogs Make?

The amount that weight loss bloggers make can vary, but the most successful weight loss bloggers can make more than several thousand dollars a month.

On average, a weight loss blog can make several hundred dollars every month, making them a lucrative side hustle for those who want to use the blog to make extra money.

Products To Promote and Sell on a Weight Loss Blog

A weight loss blog might promote and sell dozens of products on its site.

However, these products are usually from companies that have worked with the blog owner to drive revenue.

Some of these products may include exercise equipment and brands.

Resistance bands and weights are the most common products for weight loss blogs to promote.

Other products that weight loss blogs may promote and sell include supplements like protein smoothies, bars, and multivitamins.

A weight loss blogger might make money through fitness affiliate programs by plugging sleeping aids and other wellness-related nutrients.

Best Weight Loss Blogs: 25 Examples

There are hundreds of weight loss blogs on the web, but several stand out more than others.

Some of the most popular, significant, and meaningful weight loss blogs have thousands of weekly readers who thrive on the tips, tutorials, and food information they provide.

How Many Weight Loss Blogs Are There?

With clean eating and leading an active lifestyle being more popular than ever, weight loss blogs are cashing in on the trend.

There are thousands or hundreds of thousands of weight loss blogs on the internet.

However, not all of them are successful, offer correct information, or garner interest.

Weight Loss Blogs for Food & Nutrition

Some of the best weight loss blogs focus more on food and nutrition than any other aspect of weight loss.

Although this is a specific niche, these blogs offer tons of accurate information and remain successful while maintaining a large audience of readers.

The Healthy Foodie

screenshot of the healthy foodie homepage

The Healthy Foodie is a blog that focuses on offering nutritionally correct information.

The owner of this blog used to lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

Now, she is dedicated to a plant-based diet, attempting to show the world how the right foods can make you feel better, live longer, and be happier.

The Lean Green Bean

screenshot of the lean green bean homepage

The Lean Green Bean is owned by a registered dietitian who believes in showing the world that food can be delicious and nutritious.

This blog offers recipes, information on eating a balanced diet made of whole foods, and the best hacks for making young children eat their veggies.

The Joy of Eating

screenshot of the joy of eating homepage

The Joy of Eating is run by a certified eating counselor who is dedicated to helping others eat right without damaging their relationship with food. This weight loss blog focuses on the quality of a meal rather than the quantity of a meal. This weight loss blog discourages the scale and urges others to focus on being happy and healthy.

Food Heaven Made Easy

screenshot of the food heaven made easy homepage

Food Heaven Made Easy was started by two best friends who love food but want to share healthy meals with those who have suffered from weight-related illnesses.

These creators love to cook and eat and use their blogs to share delicious recipes, cooking tips, and editorial advice.


screenshot of the powercakes homepage

Powercakes is a blog focusing on eating healthy food while living an active lifestyle.

This blog is run by a certified personal trainer passionate about helping others fuel their bodies with only the best, most beneficial ingredients.

However, Powercakes will have plenty of delicious dessert recipes available.

Weight Loss Blogs for Working Moms

Some weight loss blogs offer help, information, and support for working moms who may feel the need to lose weight.

These blogs are often kind and supportive regarding weight loss help with a gentle and loving hand.

They also focus on how to incorporate healthy living into a hectic schedule.

Diary of a Fit Mommy

screenshot of the diary of a fit mommy homepage

Diary of a Fit Mommy is a weight loss and wellness blog focusing on several components of health.

This blog will discuss diet, food information, fitness, and overall lifestyle while raising young children.

Diary of a Fit Mommy offers the best tips and tricks for staying fit and healthy while on vacation, battling cravings, and workout plans galore.

Stay Fit Mom

screenshot of the stay fit mom homepage

Stay Fit Mom offers a strong community of support for working moms who want to balance their weight loss journey and motherhood.

This blog offers the best nutritional information and a strong backbone for those who need emotional and spiritual support in their weight loss journeys.

Comeback Momma

screenshot of the comeback momma homepage

Comeback Momma is a blog run by a former personal trainer who has faced health concerns and vowed to live a healthy lifestyle in recovery.

She covers many topics, including food, recipes, health, fitness, and family life.

This blog aims to help mothers balance their weight loss journey with the demands of motherhood.

A Fit Mom’s Life

screenshot of the a fit moms life homepage

A Fit Mom’s Life is a weight loss and health blog that focuses on maintaining health and wellness while being a mother.

This blog has everything from tips, tutorials, and recipes to help a whole family remain healthy and happy.

This blog also has exercise information and mindfulness strategies.

The Fit Mother Project

screenshot of the fit mother project homepage

The Fit Mother Project targets mothers who are over 35 and want to balance their health and wellness with motherhood.

This blog covers many topics, including fitness motivation, muscle building, and nutritional information.

Like other blogs, this blog touches on success stories and nutrition for those over 40.

Weight Loss Blogs for Over 40

Dozens of weight loss blogs offer help, tutorials, and food information for those over 40.

These blogs may offer muscle-building information and weight help for those who still feel young at heart.

They tend to focus on changes that the body undergoes after 40 and specific foods and exercises that work with those changes.

Kelly Bailey Wellness

screenshot of the kelly bailey wellness homepage

Kelly Bailey Wellness focuses on weight loss through mental health and overall happiness.

This blog begs people to think about why they want to lose weight and urges readers to dig deeper into what they want from life.

Additionally, this blog offers plenty of accurate information about what happens to your body after 40.

Doctor K Weight Loss

screenshot of the doctor k weight loss homepage

Doctor K Weight Loss is a blog focusing on losing weight naturally without relying on protein shakes, pills, or calorie-burning.

This blog has been featured on multiple high-profile news outlets and other media.

Doctor K Weight Loss believes in losing weight without missing out on your favorite foods.

Organize Yourself Skinny

screenshot of the organize yoursel skinny homepage

Organize Yourself Skinny has dozens of articles on healthy recipes, meal prepping for healthy foods, and tips on enjoying foods you love, no matter your age.

This blog has resources for those over 40 that can help readers lose weight without missing out on flavor.

Eat This, Not That

screenshot of the eat this not that homepage

Eat This, Not That is a weight loss blog that covers healthy foods to eat instead of junk foods.

There are tons of resources on this blog for readers over 40, and many of these articles will help the target audience succeed in their weight loss journey.

Word To Your Mother Blog

screenshot of the word to your mother blog

Word To Your Mother Blog is a blog about losing weight using the keto diet.

This blog targets readers over 40 who want to make a lifestyle change and are willing to try new foods, recipes, and exercises.

What’s more, the owner of the blog is a living testament to the keto diet—she lost nearly 150 pounds with her approach to weight loss.

Weight Loss Blogs for Over 50

There are plenty of weight loss blogs for those over 50 since this age may come with a lot of stress, strife, and struggle.

Some readers over 50 might feel discouraged and think they are too old to embark on a weight loss journey, but these blogs prove this is untrue.

Over Fifty and Fit

screenshot of the over ifty and fit homepage

Over Fifty and Fit is a versatile blog that discusses how life changes after 50 and how to maintain health and wellness in those years.

Although this website is targeted at those over 50, other readers may find the information to be accurate and applicable to them, even at a younger age.

The Perfect Balance

screenshot of the perfect balance homepage

The Perfect Balance discusses everything about health and wellness.

This blog touches on motivating yourself, moving your body in any way possible, and using mindful eating to lose weight.

This blog creates content for those who are over 50 and want to shed some pounds.

Myo Fitness

screenshot of the myo fitness homepagee

Myo Fitness offers plenty of information for all ages but has a dedicated range of articles for those over 50 who want to improve their lives.

This blog discusses the best foods to boost calcium and other vitamins and exercises for bone health.

My Think Big Life

screenshot of the my think big life homepage

My Think Big Life is a blog about managing weight while honoring your values and limits.

While this blog might not focus on weight loss all the time, it has plenty of resources that those over 50 can use to live a healthy and happy life.

Masala Body

screenshot of the masala body homepage

Masala Body is a blog that focuses on giving yourself the things you like, encouraging moderation, and showing others that calorie counting isn’t the only way to lose weight.

Masala Body discusses sustainable weight loss methods for those over 50.

Weight Loss Blogs for Over 60

Weight loss blogs for those over 60 are common and will focus on gentle exercise and healthy foods to boost bone health and combat common diseases for older readers.

For example, weight loss blogs for those over 60 might touch on diabetes and other diseases that can be managed with proper diet and mild exercise.

Sixty and Me

screenshot of the sixty and me homepage

Sixty and Me is a blog that focuses on health-related issues that those over sixty might have.

In addition to health, disease, and illness information, this blog covers diet topics and exercise.

This blog also has plenty of testimonials from those who use their workout and meal plans.

Beaupre Coaching

screenshot of the beaupre coaching homepage

Beaupre Coaching is a weight loss blog that focuses on kicking bad habits and replacing those bad habits with healthy eating, regular exercise, and overall wellness at any age.

This blog also touches on self-love and other topics to help readers feel motivated.

My WeighLess

screenshot of the my weightless homepage

My WeighLess offers online weight loss programs that can help those over 60 lose weight without fuss or fight.

This blog offers plenty of resources on how to lose weight at any age but focuses on providing information for those who want to boost their health in their 60s and beyond.

The Senior List

screenshot of the senior list homepage

The Senior List is a blog that discusses everything seniors need as they get older, including healthy foods and weight loss.

This blog is run by a company that wants to offer resources for those who need guidance and information.

Dr. Weil

screenshot of the dr.weil homepage

Dr. Weil is a blog run by a certified medical doctor discussing weight loss for seniors, healthy foods, supplements, and other things that seniors may need to stay healthy.

This blog also offers a revised food pyramid and healthy meal plans.

How To Become a Weight Loss Blogger

Becoming a weight loss blogger can be challenging and will require a lot of attention, focus, and patience.

Although it may be hard, these steps will help you figure out the best way to jumpstart your weight loss blog and get started with becoming a successful weight loss blogger.

Determine the Direction of the Blog

The first step to creating your weight loss blog is to determine your direction and motivations for starting a blog.

Decide what you want your blog to be focused on and what topics you want to cover the most.

Do keyword research to uncover opportunities that best fit the direction you want to take your blog in.

Select a Niche

When you’ve decided on the direction of your blog, you’ll need to select your niche.

A niche is the main category you will focus on in your blog, and it can be challenging to figure out how to choose the right niche.

Consider what facets of weight loss blogging you’re most interested in and choose a niche from there.

Select a Name

Figuring out the right name is vital, but coming up with a blog name can be challenging.

Consider thinking up creative spins on the name, topic, or category of your blog.

Anything can work as a blog name as long as it captures your attention and makes you excited to build your brand.

Select a Blogging Platform

There are dozens of different blogging platforms available, and choosing the right one can be a challenge.

Consider your needs and the offerings of the platforms on the market.

Which platform best aligns with your needs and desires for your blog?

Pick a blogging platform that has almost everything you need for success.

Register a Domain Name

Getting a domain name is a big step to getting your weight loss blog off the ground.

Determining the best domain registrar can be a big decision, but there are plenty of offering online.

Consider what you need from a domain registrar and choose one that has everything you need.

Get Web Hosting

Web hosting is the place in which you choose to host your blog site.

Choose the best place to host your website by browsing the options online.

Although there are many options, we suggest managed WordPress hosting to kickstart your weight loss blog since it has plenty of customizable options and hosting support.

Build the Blog

When you have decided on the best registrar, web hosting service, niche, and name for your blog, you’ll need to build the blog.

This can refer to any themes you may find the most appealing for your blog, plugins for social media and other pages, and choosing which pages you need the most on your blog.


Building and customizing your blog will mean choosing how the site looks.

The look of your blog depends on the theme you choose.

You can install a WordPress theme if they are your web hosting service, and this can be an easy way to make your blog look exactly how you like without being fussy over specifics.


Plugins are vital components of creating a customized and unique weight loss blog.

Plugins can help you modify your blog and give it personality and individuality from the other weight loss blogs on the market.

Many WordPress plugins will allow readers to easily and quickly access other parts of your blog without fuss.

Essential Pages

You’ll need to choose the essential pages for your blog and add them.

Essential pages can be anything you think are necessary for your blog and may catch the attention of your readers.

Some common essential pages include a contact page, an about page, and a home page.

Produce Content for the Blog

The hardest part of starting and maintaining a weight loss blog is creating content for your blog.

This will likely require you to remain consistent and form a schedule that allows you to produce content that readers enjoy regularly.

You’ll want to have between three and five articles on your blog when it launches.

Launch the Blog Publicly

When you have some content written and ready for your blog, you can get ready to launch the blog publicly.

Launching a new blog is challenging, and you may become easily discouraged if you don’t see a lot of views within the first few days, weeks, or months.

However, launching it is only the first step.

Promote the Blog

You likely won’t see much activity on your blog without proper promotion, marketing, and advertising.

There are plenty of ways to promote a blog without paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in ad fees.

You can take to social media, tell friends and family, or engage with others in the same category or niche as your weight loss blog.

Similar Blogging Types To Check Out

Weight loss blogging is similar to many other types of blogging, including those that focus on health and blogs about healthy foods.

The following topics are closely aligned with weight loss blogging and may share a similar audience.

1. Fitness Blogs

Fitness blogs may be broader than weight loss blogs since they will focus on overall fitness.

This overall nature means that a fitness blog might have content ranging from the best gym workouts to the best-powdered proteins on the market.

This wide range may not appeal to everyone but likely shares a similar target audience.

2. Paleo Blogs

The Paleo diet is similar to other health-related blogs because it focuses on nutrition and wellness through food.

Paleo blogs will rarely touch on exercise or other fitness-related blogging.

Instead, these blogs will likely be full of recipes, food information, and diet tips to help those who are on the Paleo diet.

3. Health Blogs

Health blogs are also broad and may contain a lot of overarching topics.

Because health blogs don’t have one singular topic in the field, they may attract a large audience, but that audience may not read very often.

Still, health blogs will offer high-quality information about the disease, illness, and prevention.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are the most common questions that weight loss bloggers are asked, and they can help you figure out where to get started with weight loss blogging.

vector graphic showing an illustration of weight loss - next to which are the words

What is the #1 most effective way to lose weight?

There is no one best way to lose weight.

However, a good rule of thumb is that the calories you burn in one day must be greater than those you eat.

This can be done in many ways, but the best way is to eat fruits and vegetables.

How many pounds do you have to lose in order to see a difference?

Most people won’t notice a difference in their bodies until they’ve lost between ten and 20 pounds.

However, the less you weigh, the more noticeable the weight loss will be.

Someone who weighs over 200 pounds may not notice weight loss until they’ve lost 20 pounds.

Wrapping Up

Weight loss blogs can be a good way to make money while producing content that you enjoy.

Weight loss bloggers often cover topics related to health, wellness, nutrition, food, exercise, and product reviews.

For example, some weight loss bloggers might write about the best resistance bands or the best spices for weight loss.

Other blogs that weight loss bloggers might enjoy include those focused on the Paleo diet, overall fitness, and health.

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