Hello new friend! I’m so glad you’ve stumbled upon my website because that means two things:

1. You were looking for help with creating your Blogger or WordPress blog, and
2. You are ready to learn something!

My ultimate goal is to take the confusion and complication out of creating a blog and learning HTML and CSS.  All beginners start somewhere and I’m here to lend that helping hand. In addition to setting up your blog, I will also cover blog design tips, search engine optimization, social media and networking tricks, and lots more! For the latest posts, be sure to check out the blog.

This website was created for you. You can build a blog too! I’ve spent the past fifteen years or so creating websites and thought it was about time I passed on everything I’ve learned. You can read more about my own story here.

If you’re ready to dive in, keep reading!

Before you begin

If you’re just getting started with your blog, the first step is to choose a blogging platform. Blogger and WordPress are the most popular platforms, so be sure to check out my Blogger vs. WordPress post to aid in your decision. If you chose to go the Blogger route, learn how to set up your blog here. To read all about WordPress, go here.

Get a Domain Name

If you’re serious about your blog, the best thing you can do right now is register a unique domain name.  If you’re unsure about what a domain name is, it is your own unique website URL, such as www.myawesomeblog.com. You can read all about domain names and hosting here. If you are planning on using the self hosted version of WordPress, this is a must. You can register it at any provider (I prefer GoDaddy) or at the same time you register for web hosting (described below). If you’re going to be using a different freebie platform, you might be thinking, “Why do I need a domain name?”. I always recommend a blogger get their own WWW address regardless of their platform for various reasons:

  • You own it which means you can move it anywhere with you. If you decide to move off of Blogger or WordPress or decide that maybe one day you’d like to change your brand/blog to something a little different, you can do that easily.
  • It looks much more professional than something like http://myawesomeblog.blogspot.com — and shows that you take your blog seriously.
  • It’s easier for others to remember.
  • You can set up your own email addresses using the domain name to stay consistent (i.e. me@myawesomeblog.com).

Set up Web Hosting

If you chose to go the WordPress route, you will need to set up some web hosting, and a domain name if you haven’t yet. BlueHost offers affordable monthly rates and has a one-click WordPress install option. Just choose your package and when it asks you for your domain name, enter the one you would like to register, or enter the one you have already registered elsewhere in the “I have a domain name” box. Follow through with the checkout process. Once your hosting plan is set up, if you registered your domain name elsewhere you will need to link your domain name with your hosting account. Learn how to do that here.

If you chose Blogger, your blog is already hosted on the Google servers for you, so there is no need to purchase hosting to go along with your domain name. Instead, learn how to set up your existing domain name on Blogger.

SEO, Blogging Tips and Tricks

I will also cover search engine optimization and blogging tips and tricks on this site. You can navigate by using the menu in the left hand column!

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