What are the Top WordPress Themes for SEO in 2015?

By: | Updated: April 5, 2021

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Choosing the right theme for your WordPress website isn’t always easy. Sometimes you have to make sure you strike a balance between design and SEO. However, with the top SEO-friendly WordPress themes for 2015, you won’t have to worry about striking a balance.

Eleven 40 Pro Theme


This theme is completely optimized for SEO and provides one of the best choices for any WordPress blog. It works on the Genesis Framework, which is built on HTML5 to make it even better.
The design of the Eleven 40 Pro Theme provides a mobile-responsive option and plenty of flexibility. It will adjust to fit all screen resolutions, as well. Overall, this is one of the best themes you will find for WordPress when it comes to design and SEO.

Magazine 3-Column Theme


The Magazine Theme from Themify is one of the better choices for bloggers. It provides plenty of SEO benefits and is fully optimized for WordPress. The theme is completely retina and responsive ready, which means it will work on all devices, even the retina screens of Android or iPhone.
The theme comes with 6 color skins, Mega menus, footer menus, 7 post layouts, 6 sidebar options and more. It’s packed with features and gives you the perfect choice for a magazine-style layout.

Schema WordPress Theme


If you’re looking for the fastest loading theme for WordPress, Schema is the right choice. It’s fully responsive, has a built-in review system, includes dummy data and it’s ultra-fast.
Schema provides many SEO benefits with the fast loading configuration and the fully optimized options. It’s pre-configured for rich-snippets, which make it possible to increase your CTR on the search engines. The lightweight code makes it one of the top choices for any WordPress website.

NewsTimes WordPress Theme


The NewsTimes Theme for WordPress is another great choice that combines SEO and design. It comes from MyThemeShop and provides a pixel perfect design with ultra-responsive features. The HTML5 and CSS3 make this a great choice for SEO.
This theme features a powerful option panel, very fast load times, social media icons, schema tags and more. It also has a built-in reviews system and provides many SEO benefits allowing you to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Pixeldom Theme for WordPress


The Pixeldom Theme is a great choice for those looking to use Adsense and gain better SEO. This premium WordPress theme is optimized for SEO and provides a responsive design with a wide layout. It loads at very fast speeds and comes Adsense-ready.
The theme also features a fully coded responsive CSS and provides plenty of customization. It will show up on all devices perfectly and can even increase your Adsense CTR.
All of these themes are great for WordPress. They all provide an excellent choice if you want to mix both design and SEO into one theme. For the small cost of one of these WordPress themes, you will gain many benefits you simply cannot get from a free theme.


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